Top 10 Best Yoga Meditation Cushions Reviewed In 2017

Best yoga meditation cushions should offer comfort and help you maintain the proper posture. You may think that sitting on a blanket or an ordinary yoga mat is economical, but the truth is, the benefits of using a yoga meditation cushion are numerous.

This brings us to the next point – why would you need a yoga meditation cushion?

Benefits of Yoga Meditation Cushions

Helps You Get into the Right Meditation Posture

You have to be in the proper position if you’re to get the most out of your meditation session. While the flexibility of your knees and hips determine the ability to sit or kneel in any posture, you have to be comfortable. A meditation cushion offers the type of support you need to sustain the right position.

Promotes Proper Spine Alignment

Whether you’re sitting in half lotus or full posture, a firm foundation is essential during meditation. Your spine ought to be erect with the lower back curved in. The upper back should be curved out slightly, the neck curved in so that you form an “S” sitting position.

By design, yoga meditation cushions raise your hips and upper body so that your legs can rest comfortably. That way, you have above average flexibility and can assume a posture that’s easy to maintain as you meditate.

For Comfort

It doesn’t matter which posture you assume during meditation; you have to be comfortable. You can get all the body support and a firm foundation, but without getting comfortable, you will achieve much less out of your session.

Yoga meditation cushions help you achieve the level of comfort you need to keep your mind focused and to prevent distractions caused by physical discomfort.

What Should You Look for in a Meditation Cushion?

You certainly would want to get the best yoga cushion. Be sure to look out for the following characteristics as you narrow down your options.

Portability – A times, you may have to meditate outside your home. Choose a cushion that you can bring with you to the beach or meditation gym.

Durability – You want a cushion that can last for relatively long. Ensure that you select a meditation cushion that can retain its shape and firmness for long. A pillow with cotton blend would make an excellent choice.

Hypoallergenic Material – If you have sensitive skin or are allergic, a hypoallergenic pillow will serve you best. Opt for one made of organic materials. Make sure that the outer cover is 100% environment-friendly preferably with cotton or hemp. The filling material should be non-toxic as well.

Here now are the 10 of the best yoga meditation cushions on the market.

10. Sattivic Path Premium Meditation Cushion

Get this beautiful cushion available in rustic colors and start your meditation sessions on the right footing. It is filled with organic buckwheat hulls to give you optimal support and alignment for your spine. And, the beauty of it is that you can choose between Rondo and Normal sizes depending level of comfort you’re looking for.

The Sattivic Path sports a unique handle design, so moving it from one location to the other isn’t much of a problem. Plus, you can adjust the amount of buckwheat more so when you want to embark on deeper medication.


If you’re looking to shift from your zipper meditation cushion, the Sattivic Path is an excellent alternative. It sports a velcro opening to endure more pressure over time, way better than a zipper. It won’t leak the filling material which by extension means that it will last for hundreds of sessions to come.

9. Gaiam Zabuton Meditation Cushion

Gaiam is tantamount with everything balance and health. This cushion is super comfortable, making it a brilliant addition to your yoga meditation class. It is the unit to go for if you’re cash strapped and don’t want to compromise on quality. Choose between teal, purple and black to electrify your yoga sessions.

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The Gaiam meditation cushion features a flexible, microfiber removable machine washable cover, complete with an inner cushion top. The body comes with cotton foaming for your comfort. Meanwhile, the exterior zipper allows you to customize the filling as per your preference.


The Gaiam brings an extra boost of comfort to your meditation sessions. It will take away the intensity of pressure on your back, knees, and ankles. In simple terms, with this cushion as part of your yoga regimen, you’re sure to get into the right mode for the relaxation of soul and mind.

8. Trevida Organic Meditation Cushion (Black)

This unit from Trevida is part of our best meditation picks for a reason. For starters, the brand knows that once a yogi, always a yogi. In effect, this means that whether you meditate once a week, month or day, you can rest assured that this unit will handle your needs for at least five years.

This meditation pillow is hand crafted for better spinal alignment and improved breathability. Be sure to use it to bolster flexibility for positions such as warrior or elevation while you relax. With natural buckwheat filling, the Trevida is safe for your skin. It will also contour to your body’s shape for proper alignment.


The Trevida meditation cushion brings forth effortless back support. It promises less pain as you adjust to various yoga positions. The large pleats work to increase its durability which translates to value for your money. You can bet that won’t disappoint!

7. Peace Yoga Meditation Cushion

The look good, feel good maxim holds true for this cushion from Peace Yoga. It looks beautiful and zen-like and doesn’t fall short when it comes to offering your body support when meditating. Besides, it can also double up as a yoga block. Talk about win-win!

The Peace Yoga professes to help you get a boost from hard floors while reducing the intensity of stress on your joints. It works to ensure that your limbs don’t get numb as you meditate. The grab and go handles increase its portability.


The Peace Yoga Meditation Cushion is organic with the right pliability and balance of firmness. Its buckwheat hulls come sealed within individual pouch for quick removal and insertion. And, it is available in a multiplicity of vibrant colors to pop off some color to your meditation sessions. If you’re looking for a good yoga cushion that’s easy to maintain, this unit makes a classy choice.

6. Waterglider International Meditation Pillow

This pillow is a thing of beauty – literally speaking! The Twill cover delivers a sleek look allowing you to think beyond the mediation practice. The superior cushioning makes it a perfect option if you’re after more padding. Of course, the microbial filling will keep bacteria at bay.

One thing that sets this meditation cushion apart from its competitors is the crescent shape. It enables you to tuck your feet closer to the body, lessening the pressure on the ankles. You’ll also love the strategically placed zipper under the handle when adding or removing hulls.


The Waterglider International meditation pillow is in a class of its own. It is unique in every way, from the design to the shape. It will blend in with a range or interior décor (depending on the color you choose) and give you months upon months of service.

5. Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow

If the shape of the pillow that we’ve just reviewed doesn’t do it for you, this is an equally good alternative. Any yogi, expert and beginner alike will love the round shape and the masterful cushioning for a softer landing if you tumble during meditation.

This yoga cushion comes with eco-friendly material. In effect, that means that anybody can use it whether with sensitive skin or allergens. And when it’s time for cleaning, remove the fill and throw the cover into your machine washer.


This cushion is not only a green product but also an excellent unit for all levels of yoga and meditation. The cotton fabric is sturdy while the buckwheat material will indeed prop up your spine irrespective of the meditative position. In simple terms, it has everything you’d want in a premium pillow.

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4. YogaAccessories Meditation Cushion Pillow

You don’t have to feel the hard floor under as you take the crescent lunge position; not with this cushion from YogaAccessories as part of you meditating gear. It sports a florid pattern to set you in the right mood every time you meditate. And because its cushioning raises the hips, you can maintain stable and comfortable positions including cross-legged sitting.

If you have any doubts that the YogaAccessories pillow can deliver what it promises, you may want to know that the outer cover is tightly sewn to handle the filling material. Even better the hull is densely packed to give this cushion a robust yet soft construction.


If you want to bring a little flair into your meditation classes, YogaAccessories is just the right pillow for your needs. It features a luxurious silk cover, and a zippered opening tucked between pleats. And, the beauty of it is that you can change the height and the firmness as you like.

3. Peace Yoga Zafu Round Pillow Cushion

Peace Yoga makes a second appearance on the best meditation cushion list, this time with this no-frills unit. Available in an array of colors from Burgundy to Green and Gray, it seeks to prevent sore muscles, and aching bones get in the way of your sessions.

Optimize your meditation minutes as you soak in the pliability, balance, and firmness that this cushion brings forth. You can use it on hard floors at home or gym. It will align your spine while easing the stress on your knees, ankles, and hips.


This yoga meditation cushion’s design guarantees to help you ease your mind and allow positive energy to flow smoothly and freely within your body. You won’t have to turn when adjusting your position so that your spirit can soar. To top it off, it comes in different shapes to align to your body needs.

2. Bean Products Meditation Cushion

If you have back pain, knee ache or any other injury that may compromise your physical ability to get into a meditating position, you need to view this cushion. It is extra thick and could turn to be what you’ve been craving. It will help you move between motions without subjecting your body to unnecessary pressure.

Choose between oval and round shape based on your partiality. The ergonomic design allows deep and long meditation sessions while supporting your pressure points. Other benefits include less sit bone pressure, reduced ankle stress, relaxed spine alignment, and elevated hip level.


The Bean Products meditation cushion is riveting and robust. It weighs a mere 10 oz so that you can transport it around with ease. Meanwhile, the duck fabric and the eco-friendly hemp material enable you to use it every day. Also, you can quickly perk up the firmness by refilling your cushion through the zippered opening.

1. Seat of Your Soul Meditation Cushion

Seat of Your Soul, the makers of this cushion did put some work when crafting. This is the kind of pillow you need to swing into deeper meditation in no time. From easing strain to supporting your spine and bones, it has it all!

With 100% natural buckwheat or cotton stuffing, you’re sure of its durability and sturdiness. This meditation cushion will mold to your seat, for pivotal, personalized comfort. And because it is handmade, you can bet that it boasts transcending attention to detail.


This unit rightly deserves a place among the best yoga cushions. It is a first-class pillow that offers nothing short of value for your money. It is hard-wearing and can last for years with proper maintenance. To put the icing on the cake, every purchase comes with mindfulness eBook to help you make the most out of your cushion. Now, that’s without a doubt thought-provoking!

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