Top 10 Best Wrestling Shoes In 2018 – Durable & Comfortable

The best wrestling shoes are the ones that are durable, comfortable to wear and most importantly with enough traction to keep you stable in the ring. Any wrestler, seasoned or amateur swears by them because he knows that balance can break or make a match.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for wrestling singlets or kids wrestling shoes, you must pay attention to quality. Choose shoes with a rubber outsole and a breathable upper material for comfort. To bring you closer to finding a pair that is worth your money, we review the best wrestling shoes on the market.

10. Adidas Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Pretereo III Wrestling Shoe

The Pretereo III is a perfect combination of innovation and durability. With an Olympics-style outsole and a one-of-a-kind upper, it is a wrestling shoe to behold. It is lightweight and ready to use right out of the box.

Sticky Rubber OutsoleReinforced Ankle Zone
Remember when we talked about stability? any wrestling shoe for sale should offer a universal grip in every direction. Of course, the Pretereo III is one of the best pair of wrestling shoes when it comes to keeping you stable around the ring.
Ask any wrestler, and they will tell you that the support your heel gets is vital if you’re going to topple your opponent. On that front, the Pretereo III scores remarkably well thanks to the shatterproof ankle zone. The lace up design is indeed a plus.

9. Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoe

This wrestling shoe is a game changer, whichever way you look at it. It blends the advanced outsole concept with seamless upper construction. The forefront sports synthetic leather for increased breathability. Meanwhile, the maximum grip outsole guarantees to give you the foundation you need.

TPU OverlaysTaller Construction
These combine with the integrated mesh to keep the upper looking smooth, seamless and durable. The small ventilation holes will keep your toes dry and comfortable. Be sure to count on the V-shaped foil for incredible heel support, grip and cushioning.
The Adidas Impact is relatively taller than most wrestling shoes on the market. That way, it provides better ankle support and snug fit. The solid outsole has wrestling-oriented Drive Zones and Radial Curve contour for superior performance and traction.

8. ASICS s Omniflex-Attack V2.0 Wrestling Shoes

ASICS s Omniflex-Attack V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

If you’re an elite boxer, the Omniflex-Attack V2.0 is for you. An innovative piece of sports gear, this pair seeks to revolutionize the world of elite wrestling shoes. It has a stretchable upper to contour to the shape of your feet. And, the ankle closure and zipper system are adjustable to add a stylish touch to the shoe.

Octopod OutsoleLightweight Construction
This is the one thing that makes the Omniflex-Attack V2.0 one of the best wrestling shoes. A never-seen-before design, the outsole features distinctive tracking zones for superior grip and sensational performance on any mat.
The Omniflex-Attack V2.0 is incredibly light. In fact, you can roll it into a little “ball.” It is laceless with an adjustable X-strap configuration to ensure that your mid-foot is secure every time you step into the ring. This shoe is impressive to say the least, check it out!

7. Adidas Mat Wizard Wrestling Shoes

Adidas, with the help of Mat Wizard and David Taylor, bring you a wrestling shoe that assures to give you an edge of the mat. It exemplifies comfort, speed, and performance. And, to give you more choice, you can opt for blue, black and gray shades.

Breathable Upper MeshOne Piece, Molded Outsole
You don’t have to worry about your feet getting all sweaty during the match. The Adidas Mat Wizard will take care of your comfort with its masterful mix of flexibility, style, and simplicity. Just put it on and get going.
The rubber sole provides an exceptional grip. Better yet, the integrated EVA wedge cushions your feet so that you can achieve a better attack stance in the ring. And, if you’re scouring for cheap wrestling shoes, the Adidas Mat Wizard could as well be your best bet.

6. ASICS Dave Schultz Classic Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Dave Schultz Classic Wrestling Shoes

Keep the legacy of Dave Schultz alive with this classic wrestling shoe from an industry leader. It embodies everything the Olympic gold medalist stood for, in a simple, ultra light design. The suede upper leather and the long shaft combine to give you superior flexibility at any angle.

Minimalist BuiltExtreme Flexibility
If you like to keep it simple, the ASICS Dave Schultz Classic is for you. With almost nonexistent additions, it focuses on helping you gain as much advantage as possible over your opponent. This is the shoe to go for if you’re advanced wrestler who wants to take his footwork on the mat a notch higher.
Moving around the ring with the ASICS Dave Schultz Classic is effortless. The 360 Degree Stitch-Down construction gives it a robust feel which further translates to durability.

5. ASICS Ultimate 3 Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Ultimate 3 Wrestling Shoes

Dan Gable, the wrestling figure that inspired the design of this wrestling shoe, never let up. Well, this pair has all the features you need to keep the pressure on your opponent, irrespective to the pace of the match. It is meant to help you “hustle” your way to winning your match.

Enhanced Medial Arch SupportCompression –Fit Bootie System
The ASICS Ultimate 3 is without a doubt one of the most high-quality performance wrestling shoes you can get on the market. It has a well thought out design that perfectly merges style and technology. With these shoes on your feet, you will be ready when the first whistle blows.
The ASICS Ultimate 3 boasts a form-fitting and soft upper material that will keep your feet feeling comfortable and with a tight snug. It has better traction than most wrestling shoes, thanks to its outline PU traction pods.

4. Adidas Adizero XIV Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Adizero XIV Wrestling Shoes

The Adizero XIV may have a lofty price tag, but it is one of the best wrestling shoes if you’re after high-tech, elite level performance. A relatively new entrant into the market, it is a premium pair with unmatched dexterity. It “fits like a glove,” in the words of a previous user.

Jake Varner Inspired DesignedWelded Upper
Varner is one of the most dominant forces ever to set foot in a wrestling ring. The Adizero XIV has the same tenacity as the wrestler. The engineered upper mesh makes it ridiculously comfortable with an excellent grip on the mat. Some of the best wrestlers on the planet have tested it, and all vouch for it.
The Adizero XIV has a smooth upper to make escapes easy. It also sports a simplified outsole to ensure that you find your ground quickly on the mat. Get this quick-drying wrestling shoe, and you will be on your way to deflecting takedowns and picks.

3. Adidas Speed 4 Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Speed 4 Wrestling Shoes

The Adidas Speed 4 is one of the most sought after youth wrestling shoes. Yes, if you’re just learning the ropes and want a lightweight pair with high velocity, this is an excellent option. Simple, sleek and stylish is the best way to describe it.

Single Layer MeshSupportive TPU 3 Stripes
The Adidas Speed 4 is extremely breathable. In fact, you can wear it during a longer training session and still keep your foot feeling fresh. And to top it off, it features a clean-looking strap that works to secure the laces at the top.
This shoe’s design allows you to try out various ranges of motion and traction depending on the pace of the game. It enables greater mobility and quickness on the mat. With its increasing popularity, the Adidas Speed 4 is certainly a pair to watch.

2. ASICS Snapdown Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Snapdown Wrestling Shoes

If you have wide tootsies, you need to view the ASICS Snapdown. This is the perfect shoe for anyone having a hard time finding a pair that can accommodate their long toes. Besides, it is arguably the best mid-level wrestling shoe on the market.

Full-Length Outsole

One thing that sets the ASICS Snapdown apart from its competitors is the wresting-specific serradial traction pods for grip and flexibility. It is adaptable as well. When you’re not on the mat trying to knock out your competitors, you can use it for martial arts or weightlifting.

Quality and Value

Everything about the ASICS Snapdown is about giving value for your money. From the robust build to the synthetic skin suede upper, you can’t go wrong with this pair especially if you’re a professional wrestler.

1. ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoes

The ASICS Matflex 5 is the best wrestling shoe, hands down. It will accommodate the needs of any wrestler, whether seasoned or beginner. Furthermore, its reviews speak for themselves with the gum rubber sole coming out as the most loved feature.

Entry Level PriceSupport When You Need It
If you don’t have the money to spend and don’t want to compromise on quality, the ASICS Matflex 5 is your best bet. It offers great comfort and support that rivals one of the high-end shoes. In other words, this is a wallet friendly wrestling shoe with an outstanding performance.
Never doubt the ASICS Matflex 5 when it comes helping execute your best moves. Its traction is impeccable and breathability iconic. Perhaps, the best way to experience what it brings provide is to try it out!

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