Top 10 Best Wiper Blades Reviewed In 2017

When your automobile’s windshield wiper blades start to wear out, it is time to make a replacement. Of course, the best wiper blades ought to offer a reliable performance and months of use. Most importantly, they should contour to the windshield’s shape. We scour the market, pit various reviews and bring you a comprehensive list of the most in-demand wiper blades. Ideally, we want you to save time analyzing the multitude of brands on the market. Better yet, we seek to help you buy from the point of information.

10. Bosch Insight Wiper Blade

From Bosch laboratories in Germany comes a wiper blade that promises superior wiping performance and longer life. Due to the exclusive internal tension screen, you can look forward to consistent pressure with every swab. And if you reside in snowy areas, it may be comforting to know that this blade’s hybrid construction reduces ice deposits in joints. Installing the Bosch Insight is a breeze using the double locking connector. Even in the harshest of weathers, this wiper will likely outlast your car’s original equipment.

09. Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Wiper Blade

The Michelin 8522 boasts smart hinge joints that enable the entire blade to grip the windshield securely. There’s also a cover that protects it from getting clogged with ice, snow, and debris. Even more enticing is the fact the ends have a unique suspension that curves as per the shape of the windshield. The EZ-lok connector system ensures seamless replacement. The Michelin 8522 easily outperforms its closest competitors, making it one of the best pair of wiper blades for money.

08. Bosch 22OE ICON Wiper Blade

While the Bosch 22OE is remarkably affordable, it is also one of the most innovative wiper blade on the market. It is resistant to heat and ozone degeneration. In fact, it can last up to 40% longer than most blades. It also has a patented beam design complete with a shielded connect for optimum visibility in the extreme of weathers. At high speeds, the 22OE will remain in place, aided by the flexible asymmetric spoiler that uniformly distributes downward force across the windshield. And, the spring arch technology guarantees a custom-contoured fit.

07. ANCO 31 Series Wiper Blade

If you’re looking for a convenient yet inexpensive wiper blade, look no further than the ANCO 31. For less than ten bucks you can get your hands on this blade that has proven to be highly effective. It features a vented bridge coupled with a high-performance polymer to guarantee OE function and fit. You can choose between 10 and 28-inch lengths depending on the size of your car’s windscreen. The ANCO 31 offers streak-free wipe attributed to the rubber compound used to make it. Check it out!

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06. AERO Premium Wiper Blades

These wiper blades from Aero will take you through winter, summer and any other season in between. There’s constructed using long-lasting materials for all-year use. The uniquely blended rubbers give you a smooth, chatter-free, clean wipe. Besides, it sports an exclusive aerodynamic design that significantly reduces noise, drag, and wind lift. These are perfect direct OEM replacement blades that give surety on fitment and quality. Just remember to remove protective covers over the blade edges before you install them on your vehicle.

05. Valeo 900268B Frameless Wiper Blade

The Valeo 900268B comes with ergonomics aerodynamics such as the built-in spoiler high-speed performance. They boast the pioneering Tec3 advanced rubber technology for quiet operation and extended life. Regarding blade to windshield pressure, these match the best wiper blades. They have remarkable 1500 + pressure points for optimum visibility irrespective of the weather. Indeed, the no metal superstructure translates to less snow or ice deposits. Simply put, the Valeo 900268B is a high performing, all-season wiper blade.

04. Bosch Clear Advantage Wiper Blade

Yes, this wiper blade will give you a “clear advantage” when it counts. It promises consistent wiping to keep you windshield free of debris, dust, snow other materials. It has a graphite coating to reduce noise when wiping. As you’d hoped it comes with a pre-mounted multi-adapter to facilitate easy installation. The bracket beam design brings forth an outstanding all-weather performance. Nonetheless, while the Bosch Clear Advantage will work in most vehicles, you need to check it is compatible with your model.

03. Rain-X RX30222 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

The Rain-X RX30222 scores pretty well in durability credited to its steel galvanized steel frame. It won’t rust or corrode, unlike standard blades. The natural squeegee rubber is resistant to heat, salt or snow. Thus, the wiper won’t tear, split or crack providing months upon months of use. With its multiple pressure points and embedded friction reducers, you can rest assured of a steak-free wipe with the RX3022. The wide bayonet blades arms add on its efficiency.

02. Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade

One of the most reviewed wiper blades, the Latitude offer nothing short of satisfying performance. It is flexible with a firm grip due to the rubber-encased substructure. The Contoured design applies even pressure across the windscreen for a chatter-free wipe. In less than ideal weather conditions, you can trust the Latitude’s aerodynamic spoiler to reduce drag and wind lift. Plus, the ice-resistant frame increases the wiper’s adherence to the windshield. In essence, this means better visibility in extreme driving conditions and an extended wiper life.

01. Bosch 26A ICON Wiper Blade

With 3000 + customer reviews to its name and a notable 4.3 stars rating, the Bosch 26A is undeniably the best wiper blade for most car owners. But, hype aside, you’ve gotta love what is has to offer! First off, it will last up to four times longer when pitted against other premium blades. Its ability to keep your windshield clean is unrivaled thanks to features such as the beam design and the arching spring. This blade has customized precision fit and is resistant to ozone deterioration.

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Note – replace your wiper blades every six months for optimal performance.

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