Top 10 Best Wheelchairs Reviewed In 2017

Designed to help the elderly and the sick to move around indoors and outdoors, wheelchairs are comfortable and lightweight accessories that improve the experience of users significantly. The padded and ergonomic seats that they have are comfortable and designed to orient the body naturally. Frames are sturdy, lightweight, and designed to support a lot of weight, while their smooth-rolling wheels ease usage on both smooth indoor surfaces and rugged outdoor ones. Even though several novel models are available, the top 10 best in 2017 are:

10. Drive Medical Silver Sport

Drive Medical Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair

Featuring a lightweight sports grade design with composite Mag-style wheels and a durable carbon steel frame that does not bend nor break over time, this Silver Sport wheelchair from Drive Medical is among the best. To keep users a comfortable as possible, the seat offered is ergonomic, padded to orient the body naturally, and has non-irritant nylon upholstery that is very easy to clean. Arms are comfortable and extendable (180 degrees) for optimal support while its elevating leg rests maximize comfort further. Buyers also get a padded headrest that minimizes the risk of neck pain when seated for long hours, rear anti-tippers for stability, and push-to-lock wheel locks that maximize the user’s safety.

9. Drive Medical Super Light

Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair with Carry Bag

Forget about the heavy wheelchair that received as a present. If you depend on your wheelchair for everyday commute, this Super Light (19 pounds) model from Drive Medical is easy to ride. The folding aluminum frame buyers get eases storage and transport while its padded high-back seat is not only durable but also has innovative flip back arms that you can set to maximize support/stability and fold away to maximize flexibility. Wheels are large and manufactured using a composite material that lasts long while the shoulder strap and carry bag on its frame offer storage for personals.

8. Drive Medical Cruiser III

Drive Medical Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair

The Cruiser III from Drive Medical is a durable black-themed wheelchair with a lightweight carbon steel frame (36 pounds). Its nylon-upholstered seat is comfortable, ergonomic, and has a plethora of novel accessories including a two padded flip arms and seat rail extensions that benefit the elderly. Wheels are large (20 inches) and smooth rolling while its adjustable seat depth (16-18 inches) and sturdy dual axel design benefit individuals of all stature. Both front casters (8-inches) swivel for better maneuverability and have reliable precision sealed bearings that last long.

7. Medline K1 Basic

Medline K1 Basic Wheelchair

This Basic K1 wheelchair from Medline is a durable and feature-rich travel accessory for with an adjustable (46 cm x 41 cm) 8-inch wide x 16-inch deep seat that maximizes user comfort. The desk length arms offered are comfortable, sturdy, and designed to better the experience of users. Its elevating leg rests better support further while its comfortable upholstered body (nylon) lacks pressure points that might irritate users over time. Medline K1 Basic is durable, affordable, and has a foldable frame that supports up to 300 pounds.

6. Drive Medical Aluminum Transport Chair

Drive Medical Aluminum Transport Chair

Manufactured using lightweight aluminum that does not weigh down users as steel or other materials, this transport chair from Drive Medical is a fun-to-use red-themed wheelchair with a comfortable nylon upholstered seat with a supportive back and an easy to clean surface. Operation is simple. The large composite wheels (8-inches) that it uses are durable and maintenance-free, while its padded armrests are comfortable, supportive, and have unique fold back designs that ease access. You also get an ergonomic seat height (19-inches), a comfortable seat depth (16.5 inches), and an impressive 300-pound capacity.

5. Medline Aluminum

Medline Rear Wheel Aluminum Transport Wheelchair

With this aluminum wheelchair from Medline, you get a lightweight wheelchair with a durable and powder coated frame that supports up to 300 pounds. Wheels are large (12-inch rear), smooth rolling, and work well on all terrain. Construction is sturdy while the breathable nylon upholstered seat that buyers get has a comfortable 19-inch x 16-inch design with permanent full-length arms that maximize stability. This wheelchair weighs only 22 pounds and has functional safety features including swing away footrests and loop-style hand brakes that offer instant stopping power.

4. Drive Medical Fly Lite

Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Recommended for the elderly and individuals recuperating from invasive surgical procedures, the Fly Lite from Drive Medical is an ultra-lightweight black-themed transport wheelchair with a fold down back and frame that eases storage. Its seat is a comfortable high-back model with a built-in seat belt that maximizes user safety. The seat also has an adjustable height system that you can customize to complement your stature, a handy carrying pocket (mounted on its back), and a plush nylon upholstery that does not require a lot of effort to clean. Drive Medical Fly Lite has an admirable 300-pound weight capacity.

3. Drive Medical BLS18FBD-ELR

Drive Medical BLS18FBD-ELR Blue Streak Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms and Elevating Leg Rests

Ranked among the top 10 best wheelchairs in 2017, this blue streak wheelchair from Drive Medical is not only aesthetic but also has a lightweight and functional design with a 250-pound weight capacity. The powder-coated frame offered is long lasting. Leg rests and its seat elevate for optimal support and comfort while its upholstered seat also has comfortable padding and flip back armrests that improve support when in use. Tires are smooth and made of durable and maintenance-free rubber while its large seat (16 x 18 x 19.5-inche) fits adults and youths of various stature.

2. Medmobile Self-Transport

Self Transport Folding Wheelchair with Footrests, Solid Castors and Large Rolling Rear Wheels

Are you dependent on your family members to push you around indoors or outdoors whenever you are going about your everyday activities? To get your freedom back without sacrificing comfort or personal safety, this Self-Transport wheelchair from Medmobile is a worthy alternative. Light (49 pounds) and with solid caster wheels (8-inch front and 24-inch rear), operation is simple. Its footrests are comfortable and swivel for easier maneuverability while its sturdy frame has a well-welded and finished design that support up to 250 pounds. Buyers also like its comfortable black-upholstered (nylon) seat.

1. Drive Medical Steel

Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Featuring fixed full arms, a comfortable 19-inch seat, and an attractive silver vein finish that does nor chip nor loses its aesthetic appeal over time, this transport wheelchair from Drive Medical tops our list. Its frame and body are light, durable, and built to support up to 250 pounds. Wheels are large and durable, while its foldable backrest and frame ease storage and transport.

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