Top 10 Best USB-C Portable Power Banks In 2018

In the current world, USB Type C is becoming the recommended standard charging and connectivity technology among the latest released and future smartphones, laptops and gaming devices. On the other hand, most smart devices with this new USB-C ports normally won’t be able to stand the constant heavy use. Hence, USB-C portable power banks have become one of the most important accessories for smart devices’ owners.

Since there are so many options of USB-C portable power chargers available out there, it is important to pick the right one with the best power capacity. Below is a compilation of top ten portable power banks equipped with USB-C quick charge solution for maximum compatibility and future usability. These USB-C portable power banks deliver the best charging performance with a robust, dependable build quality alongside a great selection of features.

10. Vinsic 20000mAh Power Bank.

Vinsic 20000mAh Power Bank.

The Vinsics 20,000mAh portable Power Bank is an excellent value power bank that is well designed and sturdy to serve tablets’ and smartphones’ owners who are to spend some days away from the mains power. This ultra slim battery pack back up comes with a quick charger, USB Type C, and Smart USB outputs to serve all smartphones. The key features and pro functionalities of the Vinsic 20000mAh Power Bank are:

Universal Compatibility

With two input ports, the Micro USB and USB Type-C; and three output ports, the USB Type-C, Smart USB and QC USB – this high capacity Vinsic charger is universally compatible with almost all devices in the market. This unique and ergonomic Vinsic design promotes fast charging and recharging; in fact, the quick charge output can charge your phone up to 72% within 30 minutes.

SIX Security Protection

The Vinsic 20,000mAh Power Bank is equipped with protection mechanism for short circuit, over-temperature, input over-current, excess voltage, excess current and ripple control. For more safety, it is made using quality materials and has a top grade chip and battery alongside its reliable 18-month warranty.

Digital Display

The easy-to-read digital screen displays the remaining charge capacity on touching the screen lightly.

This Vinsic power bank allows you to charge two devices simultaneously; with outputs rated at 5W and 10.5W- you can comfortably charge your tablet and smart phone. However, it is important to note that you should not charge your device and recharge the power bank at the same time.

9. Samsung Fast Charge 25W Battery Pack

Samsung Fast Charge 25W Battery Pack

The Samsung Fast Charge portable power bank has a sleek design reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S7. This backup battery is typically meant for owners of Samsung devices. It supports the company’s proprietary fast charging standard. With a capacity of 10200mAh, it can pack a lot of power for multiple charges and extended use. Its sleek design and fast charging benefits make it appealing to any Samsung phone owner. Some of its key features are:

High Speed Charging Compatibility on Many Devices

For Samsung devices that support Fast Charging (5V/2A output), this power bank charges the battery up to 50% in roughly 30 minutes. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 makes it compatible with even more devices.

Multi-LED Power Indicator

It has four LED power indicators that blink during charging but shine solid when it is fully charged. On the right is a status button that allows checking the battery status.

Remarkably Compact

The built–in Samsung lithium ion batteries give an optimal charging experience for both Samsung and non-Samsung devices. It is also capable of pass-through charging, meaning you can charge it while charging your phone or tablet.

8. iMuto 16750mAh USB-C Portable Charger

iMuto 16750mAh USB-C Portable Charger

The iMuto portable charger is one of the most compact USB Type-C portable power banks for iPhones, iPads, Nexus, Pixel, Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry Tablets and more. It is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch after performing a system upgrade. The main features of iMuto portable charger are:

Monster Capacity and Compact Size

With a capacity of 16750mAh and built in lithium ion batteries, it can safely serve you for long. It’s two way USB allow fast charging and recharging.

IM-Power Technology

This power bank can detect your device intelligently and charge it at the highest speed possible. It also turns on or off automatically when connected or disconnected.

Digi-Power Technology

A unique digital display technology that shows the exact remaining power.

Multiple Smart Protection System

It protects your device from short circuit, overcharging, over-current and over-voltage. This keeps your mobile devices and wall charger safe.

7. Heloideo 5000mAh Dual USB Ports Portable Power Banks

Heloideo 5000mAh Dual USB Ports Portable Power Banks

This ultra slim power bank from Heloideo has several ports, meaning it can be compatible with a wide range of USB-C and Type C devices. Equipped with a built in AC plug, this USB-C portable power bank won’t bother you to look for an AC adapter. It also makes use of various charging features to make it much safer for use. Among its key features are:

Broad Compatibility

It has a built in cable that can directly charge USB-C and Type-C input devices. With this cable, you do not have to use the charging cable for your Huawei Mate 9, Huawei P10, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 or Xperia XZ. For iPhones, iPads and other Micro USB devices, use the regular external port

Fast Charging Support

The 5000mAh li-ion polymer battery will meet your complete needs for charging your devices. The USB ports allow fast charging for up to three devices simultaneously.

User-Friendly Design that Gives You Four Integrated Functions

Intelligent power management, UL certified, power short circuit protection and overload protection for safe charging. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

6. Eighty Plus 10000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Universal Portable Charger

Eighty Plus 10000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Universal Portable Charger

The well-built Eighty Plus 10000mAh portable power bank is designed for both Quick Charge and USB-C compatible smartphones. With its slim, stylish design and Aluminum alloy housing, this power bank is made of 10000mAh Li-Polymer battery cell that can serve phones, tablets, MacBook and many other devices. The package also comes with a USB-A cable, micro USB cable, USB Type C Cable and the user manual. The key features of the Eighty Plus power bank include:

Fast-Charging Capabilities

The Quick charge USB 3.0 provides maximum charging power at high speeds. It also has a two-way quick charge input such that it can fully recharge the 10000mAh in only four hours. It also complies with the international airports regulation of a maximum power bank capacity of 10,000mAh

Safe to Use

It has an in-built smart chipset that protects your wall charger and devices against overheating, overcharging, over-voltage and over-current.

Apart from what has mentioned above, this portable power charge also come with four-dot power level indicators to show the battery status and the ability to automatically detect plugged in devices without intervention.


5. Jackery Titan S 20100mAh USB-C Portable Banks

Jackery Titan S 20100mAh USB-C Portable Banks

This power bank from Jackery, a leading global supplier of power solutions has a 30W Total Output, Qualcomm Quick Charge capability and a USB-C Port for MacBook, Samsung, Nexus, Nintendo switch and more. With enough power capacity to charge your phone or any other USB-C device for a whole week, it can charge three devices simultaneously. Some of the features that make the portable Jackery power bank unique are;

Ultra-High Capacity of 20100 mAh

This massive capacity is enough to charge your device several times and share it with friends. It also supports Pass-through charging.

USB Type-C Input and Output

It makes it possible to easily and quickly power up MacBook, Nintendo Switch and other USB Type C devices.

Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge Technology

It charges compatible devices 75% much faster. As well, the Jackery exclusive Smart Fit technology, makes it possible to provide non-Quick Charge devices with universal full speed charging.

Sleek Design

Premium Aluminum Material has been use for casing for protection, durability, and sturdiness of the power bank.

4. AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger

AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger

The Aukey 30000mAh portable Power Bank with Quick Charge 3.0 is a high-capacity battery with great features for laptop recharging. It has USB-C and two USB outputs to charge a wide range of devices. Its main features include:

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

It is designed to charge devices up to four times faster than the conventional charging. It is powered by the Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) technology. This improves its efficiency to a higher level than Quick charge 2.0. It is also compatible with all USB connector types from Type A to Type C.

Turbo Recharge at 5V 4A

It can recharge faster by simultaneously plugging in the USB-C and micro USB for a combined current input.

AUKEY Entire Protect

The power bank has an advanced circuitry and other built in mechanism that safeguards your devices against overcharging, overheating and excess current.

Other features that you may need to look at before getting this device are its compatibility with an array of devices such smart phones, tablets, photography and headphones, and its battery LED indicator which is convenient to check the battery status.

3. RAVPower 26800mAh USB C Power Bank

RAVPower 26800mAh USB C Power Bank

The RAVPower 26800mAh USB C Power Bank is a dramatic improvement from other previous models with its great charge capacity and power delivery 2.0 support. It can be used to power USB Type C devices including laptops, smartphones, Nintendo Switch and MacBook. For optimal performance, this RAVPower portable charger the right mix of features which include:

Portable MacBook Charging through Type-C Port

It does not require the Standard Apple charger to use power your MacBook including the latest models.

Maximum Power with Maximum Capacity

With a total capacity of 26800mAh, you have enough power to fully charge your devices severally.

RAVPower iSmart Charging Technology

The power bank ports are designed with iSmart charging technology to automatically detect connected devices, identify the charging input and match the device with the required current. For more safety and efficiency, it makes use of an Advanced Panasonic IC chipset.

Faster Charging and Recharging

The charger provides a type-C output of roughly 30W to ensure you charge your devices faster. The input can recharge the 26800mAh battery in just 4.5 hours.

2. Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh USB-C Portable Power Banks

Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh USB-C Portable Power Banks

The Presto power bank offers a manageable power capacity of 10,400mAh with Quick Charge 3.0 Technology for iPhone 7/7 Plus, Nintendo Switch 2017, Galaxy S8/S8+ and other USB-C devices like Nexus 6p/5x, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, and LG G6. This U portable charger from Presto has several unique features including:

Remarkably Compact

It is one of the smallest high-capacity portable power banks. It provides almost four iPhone 6s charges or three Galaxy S6 charges. Not many charger packs of this size can provide such a high capacity. The charger has a very powerful charging and recharging speed through quick Charge 3.0 and USB Type C.

Solid, Stylish, and Safe Design Structure

It has a smooth ebony varnish, a LED battery level indicator, and an advanced circuit protection mechanism. In fact, its charger shuts down automatically when an overload or short circuit occurs.

1. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Portable Charger

The Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD portable power bank is a new release and currently Anker’s highest capacity portable charger. This Anker product comes with a 30-Watt USB-C charging port alongside two standard, high-speed USB charging ports. It has an impeccable build quality and excellent service making it a top recommended power bank for charging your Nintendo Switch, laptop, or gaming device. The key features of this power bank include;

Triple-Speed Recharge

The PowerCore+ 26800 PD uses the 27 watts wall charger to fully charge in just 4 hours. Surprisingly, this is three times faster than all other portable power banks of this capacity.

Superior Safety

It is designed using the Anker’s MultiProtect technology that combines short circuit prevention, surge protection, and other safety features to ensure you and your are devices safe.

Huge Capacity and High-speed-Charging Technology

26800mAh capacity is enough to comfortably power your mobile devices for a whole week. In addition, it is designed with advanced technology for fast charging.

Other features that make this portable charger great include a solid and sleek build, 10-position charging indicator and reliable customer support from Anker.

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