Top 10 Best Tool Storage Racks Reviewed In 2017

Best tool storage racks will help you work safely and efficiently, in an organized manner. But, that’s not the only reason you need a tool chest. We list down why it is essential to own a garage tool storage kit.

Why Do I Need a Storage Rack?

  • It allows you to store your tools in a convenient location, readily available when you need them
  • You have peace of mind knowing that you have safely and securely tucked away
  • Storing your tools in a rack significantly minimizes the risk of damage
  • An organized tool chest reduces the time you spend on tasks

Judging from the above, it is evident that any serious homeowner ought to have a tool storage cabinet. However, your quest for the best tool storage rack starts by knowing what you want even before you spend your cash.

Important Points to Remember When Shopping for a Tool Storage Rack:

How Much Storage Do I Need Today?

You may have lots of tools to store, but you don’t need to buy everything at once. If you’re on a tight budget, you may decide to go with a rack that can accommodate what needs storage immediately. Of course, you can expand it in the future. In other words, do an inventory of your tools before making a purchase.

Where Will I Keep the Rack?

Will you be keeping it in your garage or basement? Or would you rather have it in your main house? Ultimately, you want to keep your tool storage rack in a convenient location where it’s easy to move it from one point to the other.

In essence, this consideration helps you determine the size of the rack. You don’t want to end up with something so big that it can hardly fit in your storage space. Also, you don’t also want to buy a small tool cabinet that can barely accommodate your needs.

How Many Drawers Should the Storage Rack Have?

This boils down to the tools you want to store. If you have hand tools, you’re better off with a unit that has more shallow drawers and lesser deeper drawers. It is worth noting that the more the drawers a rack has, the easier it is to keep your tools organized.

Armed with these tips, it’s now time to look at what the market has to offer. Below are the top 10 best tool storage racks at the moment.

10. Monkey Bars Yard Tool Rack

Keep your yard tool structured with this tool rack. It can handle up to 20 yards tools, making it an ideal option for a middle sized household with lots of landscaping to do. And, that’s just a tip of what it brings forth.

Key Benefits:

Easy to Install

You will only need four screws and two studs to have the Monkey Bars in place. It comes with a user’s manual, which means that you can still set it up even without prior experience. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you will certainly love this rack.


Opportunities are endless with the Monkey Bars storage rack. It allows you to hang an assortment of tools including leaf blowers, hedge clipper, weed eaters, rakes. You can even dangle a wheelbarrow. How about that!

9. Stalwart Rolling Storage Rack Tower

If you have long handled tools, this could as well be the best storage rack for your needs. It can as well accommodate small handled garden tools and extension cords. We take a closer look at what makes it stand out.

Key Benefits:

Well-thought-out Front Slots

The Stalwart Rolling has a unique design that provides room to store tools head down. That way, the top doesn’t get heavy as you load the rack. In the meantime, the integrated wheels allow for easy relocation whether outdoors or in the garage.

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Robust Construction

The last thing you want in a storage rack is a flimsy design that can scarcely handle your tools. That shouldn’t be a problem with the Stalwart Rolling. It comes with a sturdy plastic frame that’s resistant to rotting and rusting. It won’t peel too, which makes it ideal for outdoors.

8. Keter Compact Tool Storage Rack

First things first; the Keter can handle up to 44 tools – not bad for a moderately priced tool storage rack. It sports recycled resin materials, which by extension means that it’s safe for the environment.

Key Benefits:

Better Handiness

The Keter tool storage rack can hold both long and short handled gardening tools. It has a bottom grid with grooves and front loading slots to carry everything from a sweeping broom to a watering can. There also an extension cord holder and two hooks.

Space Saving Design

As stated, one of the most important considerations to make before you spend your money on any tool rack is where you will keep it. This one has a compact against-the-wall caddy design. It will, therefore, fit into most spaces.

7. Rubbermaid Long-Handle Tool Storage Unit

The Rubbermaid promises months upon months of use. And, as you may have already figured out from its name, it will serve you well if you use for long handle tools. Cleaning it is also a breeze, and it will only take you five minutes to have it in place.

Key Benefits:

Large Capacity

When it comes to handling a plethora of tools, the Rubbermaid is among the best tools storage racks. It has over 36 tools slots and an additional 15 slots to handle brooms, shovels, and rakes. There are also 18 more slots for smaller tools.

Extension Cord Wrap

Storing tools with power cables can be tricky. However, the Rubbermaid has a cord wrap to keep such tools smartly organized. In effect, this means that you can safely store your electric weed eater or even a power trimmer.

6. Suncast Rolling Tool Cart

This tool storage cart is in a class of its own – literally speaking. For starters, it is one of the few units with a steel core to hang almost every other gardening tool. To keep it simple, it has enough space to carry all the tools you need to so that you don’t have to make multiple trips to keep your yard clean.

Key Benefits:

Convenient Build

The Suncast Rolling Tool Storage Cart boasts back to back slots. In essence, this means that you don’t have to remove one tool out of the way to access another. The design ensures that storing and removing your tools is a hassle free experience.

Stability and Mobility

The Suncast Rolling is a heads-down rack. This gives it a low center of gravity for extra gravity. Thus you can rest assured that your tools will stay in place until you need them. It is easy to move around too. As for those who may be concerned, this cart can hold 20 large and 20 small tools.

5. Holeyrail Garage Organizer

If you’re looking for garage organization ideas, the Holeyrail will give you some. This is not your typical garage shelving unit but rather an astounding piece of hardware.

Key Benefits:

Ability to Hold Heavy Gardening Tools

For a unit that goes by the name Garage Organizer, you can expect a little more than average. It comes with ¼ peg hooks to hang your ladder, shovel, hoe and most weighty tools. In fact, you will get the most out of this unit if you 1/8 inch pegs.

Patented 10 Pegstrappers

To ensure that the Holeyrail offers what it promises, it features remarkable 10 pegs trappers to lock the hooks into place. The best part is, this tool storage rack is available in two 4-foot sections that you can place in various locations within your garage.

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4. Anybest Tool Rack Storage

Judging by its design, the Anybest is, without a doubt, one of the best garage tool storage racks on the market. The maker of this unit had the user’s needs in mind and is perhaps one of the most convenient racks you can get. Here’s what we mean;

Key Benefits:

5-Position Wall Organizer

The Anybest rack professes to make storing your handheld tools a simple affair. It lets you hang them in five different positions against your wall. You also get six foldable hooks for mops. This unit can hold up to 11 tools.

Intuitive Rolling Balls

The Anybest seeks to hold your tools securely. On that front, it comes with rolling balls that will automatically adjust to each handle’s thickness. By extension, this translates into a firmer grip. And, you can release your tools by lifting the handle.

3. Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

Rubbermaid makes a return into our top 10 best tool storage racks list, this time with the Deluxe Tower. One thing that out rightly catches your attention is its ability to handle up to 40 tools and the casters for fluidity. As you’d expect, this one works for long handled tools.

Key Benefits:

Easy Mobility

For a storage rack the size of Rubbermaid Deluxe Tower, you’d presume problems when trying to move it from one place to the other. However, that’s not the case. This unit comes with built-in caster so that you can transport it from one location to the other with relative ease.

Maintenance-free Resin Frame

A tool storage rack, by design, is bound to get dirty and may need repairs once in a while. The Rubbermaid Deluxe Tower though is different. Once you have set it in place, you have to do is to wipe it occasionally. You won’t have to deal with rust, peel, rot or dent.

2. Plano Molding Corner Tool Rack

If you want to store your tools without taking a lot of space, this rack is an excellent option. It is compact, and you will fit in your garages ‘or house corner. As you may have guessed by now, it works well with long handled tools.

Key Benefits:

Five-Star Performance

The Plano Molding Tools rack may be compact, but it will catch your attention to know that it can hold a full-size weed wacker. Also, it has 10 slots for small handle tools. And, it is available in dark green and white shades to match your interior décor.


A regular maintenance routine is an integral part of keeping your tools storage rack at its best form. This one has a washable frame to guarantee years of use. Be sure to warm the water and use soap to get rid of dirt.

1. Plano Molding Rectangular Tool Rack

Plano Molding Tool Rack has a rectangular mold and is relatively bigger than some other models in today market. It can hold long and short handle tools, which makes it ideal if you’re looking for a little extra versatility.

Key Benefits:

Easy to Use

If you’re just trying out with tool storage racks, you may want to pick this unit. It is inexpensive and will accommodate a substantial amount of gardening tools. The extension cord holder gives you an assurance that it is indeed robust.

Straightforward Assembly

You don’t need any tool to have this tool rack in place. All you need to do is fix the separate pieces, and you’re good to go. The disassembly process is easy too. Now, that’s convenience at its best!

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