Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Reviewed In 2017

Good toilet paper is comfortable to use, soft, durable and doesn’t clog sewer pipes. It ought to tear easily along perforations and ultimately offer value for your money. But unless you have a very keen eye on details, figuring out which is the best bathroom tissue isn’t so straightforward. That brings us to the purpose of this article – to help you get toilet paper that offers the most bang for your moola. And without further ado, here are the top 10 best toilet paper based on what customers say.

10. Panda Ultra Premium

This bathroom tissue from Panda is two times thicker and stronger than standard toilet tissue. It is incredibly soft to offer the comfort you and your family will love. Its rolls go on and on, meaning fewer changes. Plus, it boasts two-ply quilted sheets. In essence, that means fewer trips to the store and by extension saving your time. Panda Ultra rolls have gone through rigorous tests to ensure that your toilet remains septic safe and clog free. This pack comes with 176 sheets per roll.

09. Georgia-Pacific Angel

Its makers say Georgia-Pacific is the best bathroom tissue for office and commercial use. Reviews from users paint the same picture. This one features two plies for superior strength and more absorbency. It is one of the few embossed bathroom tissue on the market. Georgia-Pacific also complies by the EPA, CPG standards to guarantee a safe environment. Get this toilet paper and help treat your customers and employees with comfort and softness. It will certainly give a positive impression to your patrons and tenants too.

08. Cottonelle GentleCare

The Aloe and Vitamin E used to enrich this toilet tissue makes it one of a kind. It is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin which means everyone in your house can use it. Cottonelle also features the exclusive CleanRipple to get you cleaner. The SafeFlush Technology prevents clogging to give you peace of made. In short, by using this toilet paper, you get a fresh feeling combined with the cushiony comfort you can hardly find with standard bathroom tissues.

07. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Tissue

Because of the materials used to make it, Scott Rapid is the best toilet paper for boats, buses, and RVs. It breaks up four times faster than most bath toilet paper for ease of use. Its quality is not in question as is its ability to keep the environment safe – the Forest Stewardship Council certification proves it. Those who’ve used Scott Rapid say its ultra soft and durable. It is the bathroom tissue to take with you on a road-trip or camping expedition.

06. Georgia-Pacific Envision

If you have a large family, you need to check out this bathroom tissue. It is long lasting and quite inexpensive. The Georgia-Pacific Envision toilet paper is made using recycled material and is adequately thick to get the job done. It tears cleanly and won’t stick to your hands on skin. Homeowners say its rolls take lesser space in comparison to most tissue brands. Plus, the sheets are remarkably light and easy to work with. They are sufficiently large as well.

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05. Charmin Bath Tissue

Charmin understands that the best bath tissue should provide nothing short of ultra softness. One that front, their toilet paper scores remarkably well and is beyond “good enough.” It feels cushiony against the skin, and you don’t even have to fold it. And with four times more absorbency, you will use less tissue, saving money in the process. The Charmin bath tissue has undergone testing in Roto-Rooter plumber’s homes to ensure that it is septic and clog safe. Now, that’s a premium product from a serious manufacturer!

04. Bounty Select-a-Size

The name says it all – this bathroom tissue is available in various sizes so that you can choose the right size of roll for your family. It comes in a range of beautiful prints to bring in some sense of fun while keeping everyone clean. Bounty is two times more absorbent so you can use less tissue and still get the same results. Besides, it features a quick pick upper so that you can concentrate more on cleaning instead of tearing. Each pack comes with 158 sheets.

03. Scott 1000 Sheets

These are arguably the best bathroom tissues if you’re on a budget. As you may have already guessed, you get 1000 rolls with each pack. That translates to fewer roll changes and more value for your money. And it doesn’t matter how many times you flush down the toilet it will never clog your pipes. If your schedule involves a lot of traveling, you need Scott 1000 in your bag or car. It breaks faster, bringing forth the convenience you’d want when on the go.

02. Angel Soft

Angel Soft makes it easier to take care of your family. It is the best toilet paper to purchase if you have little kids running around in your home. It offers a perfect balance between strength and softness to take care of your toddler’s need. You also get 60% more sheets than most brands, making it an excellent choice for your pocket. Angel Soft is flushable and unscented allowing you to use it on sensitive skin. In the meantime, its 2-ply construction means that it is eco-friendly. Each pack comes with 48 double rolls which equate to 96 regular rolls.

01. Quilted Northern

With 7,000 + reviews and a notable 80% approval from users, Quilted Northern is possibly the best toilet paper for your money. It features a luxurious emboss and is silky smooth, something you won’t get with standard toilet paper. It has three layers of sheets to keep you spotlessly clean and the gentleness you’d expect from a high-end bathroom tissue. And just so you may know its manufacturer has been in business for more than a century. That tells you that can rest assured of quality and high performance. After all, customers think the same way too!

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