Top 10 Best Sun Hats Reviewed In 2017 – Getting Ready For Summer

Outdoors, especially during sunny hot days such as during the summer, are a great fun nearly everybody wants to enjoy. However, as brilliant as the sun makes outdoor activities, it also poses danger to your face skin health with its harmful UV rays. To ensure that your face and head are well protected against the elements, choose your favorite hat from the following top 10 best sun hats in 2017. They are conveniently designed and made with high-grade materials for a comfortable experience and secure fit.

10. Camo Coll Outdoor Boonie Hat

Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat Summer Sun Hats

Made of 100 percent quality polyester material that is soft and comfortable to wear, this is a great pick for those who need a high quality and stylish sun hat. It provides UPF 50+ excellent sun protection, has anti-UV properties, and is well vented to keep your hair feeling cool. It further features adjustable drawstring for a secure fit, particularly convenient during windy days. It is ideal for summertime hiking, gardening, camping, and other outdoors.

9. Dorfman Pacific Mens Rush Straw

Top 10 Best Sun Hats

This is a perfect model of a lightweight summer hat. It is made of natural straw fibers tightly woven for keeping your eyes protected from the sun but also features a mesh area for allowing airflow to keep you cool. It features a water-resistant finish that prevents it from soaking in water, making it ideal for summer bathing fans or fishing escapades. Fishing, gardening, hiking, beach lounging in the summer sunshine, you name it; the Rush Straw hat by Dorfman Pacific keeps you looking stylish while guarding your head against the UV sun rays. Coming in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, it is quite comfortable to wear.

8. Wallaroo Victoria Sun Hat

Wallaroo Women's Victoria Sun Hat - Lightweight and Packable Straw Sun Hats

Made of 100% high-grade polyester, this is a great sun hat from Wallaroo Hat Company. Designed for women, it features a 3.5-inch brim, internal drawstring for secure fit, and comes in a range of great colors to satiate different customers’ tastes. It is a lightweight hat that packs easily into your backpack, making it hassle-free to carry on travels and outdoor activities. it is made of 100 percent poly-straw that is easy to wash in water, and has a very durable design. It protects your face and head against harmful UV rays while you adventure the outdoors on sunny days, helping keep your skin healthy and youthful.

7. Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

This is a versatile sun hat featuring a removable and also adjustable skirt that excellently shelters you against harsh sun rays, and you can remove it if you need just ball-cap coverage. It is made of lightweight but high quality fabric that provides UPF 30+ sun protection, and has mesh side panels for proper aeration to your head. It also features an external cinch-strap for allowing a customized fit, while the included chin cord ensures secure fit when you venture to windy outdoors.

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6. Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

The Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons offers summer outdoor enthusiasts a signature hat style. A high popular sun hat around the world and uniquely designed, it provides almost weightless UPF 50+ sun UV protection thanks to its patented and innovative design. It has appropriate ventilation, offers customizable fit, a wide 4-inch front brim, 3.75-inch sides, and 7.5-inch quality neck flap. It merits being a great pick for sun-conscious outdoor fans.

5. Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat

Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat

With a medium brim snapping up Aussie style, the LTM6 Airflo Hat by Tilley has a 0.75-inch quality polyester mesh in the crown which keeps you feeling cool and comfortable during sunny hot days, while protecting your face and head from the harm of UV rays. It is made of 100% supplex Tilley Nylamtium, a premium lightweight nylon that is water and mildew resistant. The fabric is also approved to block up to 98% harmful UVA/UVB rays, providing UPF 50+ rating. It further has a dark underbrim for floatability and glare protection, and a chin strap for secure fit.

4. Scala Women’s Big Brim Hat

Scala Women's Cotton Big Brim Hat

Ranking among the best models of sun hats today, the Scala Big Brim Hat is an ideal choice for women who want to protect their heads well while adventuring during sunny days. It is made of top-grade 100 percent cotton, and provides a UPF 50+ rating, protecting you against UV sun rays. It is both practical and stylish, making you look classy as you adventure. It has an adjustable inner drawstring for ensuring a customizable and secure fit.

3. Tilley Endurables T4MO Eco-Airflo Hat

Tilley Endurables T4MO Eco-Airflo Hat

The T4MO Eco-Airflo by Tilley is a certified organic quality cotton and broad-brimmed sun hat that is breathable and very lightweight. Its wide down-sloping brim ensures great protection against sun, with a UPF 50+ UV rating. It further has a 0.75-Inch mesh panel in the crown, providing great ventilation during hot days. It is made of toxic-free organic cotton, and features soft fabric for comfortable use, yet has a rugged suede finish for elegance.

2. Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Whether you are logging time along the trail, in the garden, or down the river or beach, this Sombriolet sun hat by Outdoor Research keeps your face and head superbly protected against the sun and the heat. It is a lightweight model that integrates SolarShield construction with polyester/nylon blended fabric providing UPF 50+ sun protection. Moreover, its appropriately features vents in the crown, together with sweat/moisture-wicking mesh lining help keep you feeling cool and dry throughout the day.

1. Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

With UPF 50+ rating to shield out 98 percent of dangerous UVA/UVB rays, and emblazoned with the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of approval, the Bora Bora Booney II is certainly more than your normal sun hat. It has an Omni-Wick sweatband and a mesh vent panel for keeping you feeling cool and prevents sweat from rolling into your eyes. It dries fast, giving you the freedom to go swimming with it on. It has an adjustable toggle that provides customizable fit to your head. Again, it features an adjustable chinstrap for secure fit.

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Sun hat models are in countless numbers on the marketplace today. However, you need the best product that provides great value for your money, and you are guaranteed to get exactly that when you choose your favorite from the above highlighted top 10 best sun hats available today.

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