Top 10 Best Stability Balls Reviewed In 2016

Popular in gyms and office environments, stability balls are versatile accessories that come in handy in several ways. For people who do Pilates, balance, and several other core strength workouts, for instance, stability balls support the body well to help users do safer and fulfilling workouts. They are also comfortable, are good substitutes for traditional office chairs, and have well-finished bodies that last. To get the best of the best in this niche, our picks of the 10 best balls in 2016 include:

10. Santulana Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball By Santulana, Anti-burst, Free Pump - Stability Ball for Pilates, Core Strength, Balance and Fitness, Swiss Ball for Physio; Sitting Ball for Healthy Posture. Low Odor. 65cm. Lime-green.

Perfect for improving core strength, doing Pilates, and use in commercial environments such as offices, this exercise ball by Santulana is a premium work and workout accessory with an anti-burst body that serves users well for long. Measuring 65cm in diameter, this ball is perfect for sitting or working. It also lacks odors and chemicals such as BPA and phthalates and has a tough and textured surface that does not slip when in use. With an original, you get a free pump and a five-year replacement warranty.

9. UR Superior Fitness

LIFETIME WARRANTY Superior Fitness 600 lb Exercise / Yoga / Stability Ball With Heavy Duty Gym Quality Resistance Bands & Pump - Improves Balance, Core Strength, Back Pain & Posture - For Men & Women

Designed to support up to 600 pounds without bursting or losing its functionality over time, UR Superior Fitness is a heavy-duty stability ball that is perfect for use with yoga and other workout routines. It is affordable, has a comfortable and fun to use design that improves posture and soothes back pain well, and has a chemical and irritants-free design that works well for both men and women. This ball is 65 cm tall. The anti-burst PVC used to manufacture it lasts long in all environments while the stability ring that it comes with allows you to do rigorous and fulfilling workouts safely. With an original set, you also get resistance bands, a pump, and a hassle-free return warranty.

8. Body Sport

Exercise Ball With Pump - by BodySport - Strengthen Your Core for Great Abs - Tone - Yoga - Fitness - Stability - Pilates - Free Exercise Guide Included

Are you shopping for a new exercise ball for daily use? To get a durable and anti-burst model that you can use to strengthen your core, tone abdominal muscle, and improve fitness over time, Body Sport is a perfect sized exercise ball made of a durable and anti-burst material that lasts long. It is slip proof, lacks chemicals such as BPA, and phthalates, and has a comfortable and odor-free outer surface that does not irritate the skin whilst in use. The pump and exercise guide offered boost its versatility further.

7. Wacces Fitness Ball

Wacces® Fitness Exercise and Stability Ball

Talking about the best stability and exercise balls in 2016, Wacces is an advanced model with a stable and easy to use design, perfect for relieving muscle tension, relaxing muscles, and toning the abdominal muscles without exerting too much pressure on the body. Integrated into workout routines, it also strengthens core muscles well, improves coordination, and improves the flexibility of users in a safe and efficient way. The anti-burst material used to make it is durable, odor-free, and has a non-stick and textured surface for stability.

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6. SmarterLife Stability Ball

Stability Ball - Premium Fitness Ball for Exercise, Weight Loss, Core Strength, CrossFit - Top Rated Yoga Ball & Pilates Ball -- By SmarterLife Products®

Designed to help people workout smarter at home and in gyms, SmarterLife is an invaluable stability ball for men and women with a premium and anti-burst design that is perfect for weight loss, Crossfit and doing core strength workouts. Popular among professionals and individuals alike, this one of a kind ball is durable, affordable, and attainable in a three convenient sizes that you can choose to match your body type and the type of exercises you do often. It is Eco-friendly, made of a latex, BPA, and phthalate-free material, and comes fully guaranteed to serve for well for several years without ripping. SmarterLife Stability Ball comes tested and rated to support 1000 pounds.

5. Master of Muscle

The Best Fitness Exercise Ball 65cm with Pump - Best for Abs - Stability - Tone - Core - Yoga - Pilates - Made with Anti-Burst Material - BONUS workout Ebook Included Featuring 20 Core Crushing Exercises & Workouts

Ranked among the top 10 best stability balls reviewed in 2016 Master of Muscle is a large 65cm fitness ball with a stable and comfortable design that is perfect for toning the core, doing Pilates, and improving body posture over time. Even though cost effective, the material used to manufacture this ball is skin-safe, anti-burst, and has flat and well-finished seams that do not irritate the skin. Sizing is convenient and optimized to improve the performance of users while the bonus workout EBook that it comes with has 20 core crushing workout that you can use to improve your preferred routines.

4. Fitness Master

Exercise Ball - Premium Quality & Anti Burst - Balance & Stability Ball For Fitness - Free Pump & Exercises Guide - 100% Lifetime Guarantee

Purchase this 65cm exercise ball by Fitness Master to get a high-performance workout accessory that lasts longer than most comparable models. It is cost effective, affordable, and has a stable and anti-burst body that never gives under pressure. It also has a textured surface for added stability and has a simple and easy to use design that you can use to enhance core workouts, tone abdominal muscles, and even use as a chair in your home or 8-5 office. Purchase a new one to get a free pump and a lifetime warranty.

3. DynaPro Direct

Exercise Ball with Pump, GYM QUALITY Fitness Ball by DynaPro Direct. More colors and sizes available aka Yoga Ball, Swiss Ball

An acclaimed gym-grade accessory among both pros and individuals, DynaPro Direct offers users value without costing as much. Popular among yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, this ball is durable, attainable in a plethora of sizes and interesting colors, and is made of a high-quality PVC material with a built-in valve for easier inflation. The pump and plug removal tool that it comes with are premium-grade while its ability to support 2000 pounds is impressive for its price. You also get a 100% money back guarantee.

2. Gaiam Balance Ball Kit

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit with Pump & DVD

Perfect for doing heavy-duty workouts in home and gym environments, this rubber ball by Gaiam is a well-balanced top-grade accessory that offers a full body workout experience without compromising user safety. It is USA-made, medium-sized, and has a has a soft and textured non-slip surface, perfect for exercising the abdominals, hips, and even arms. For those with joint problems, this balance ball is impact-free. The pump that it comes with is durable while the DVD offered has interesting ball workouts that will improve your experience.

1. Black Mountain

2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump

Tested and rated to support up to 2000 pounds, Black mountain exercise ball tops our review. It is static, has a textured black body that accommodates a range of exercises, and has a durable anti-burst body that comes in a range of sizes (45cm-85cm). It also has a well-finished body with flat seams that do not irritate users, comes with a detailed brochure and ball pump, and has a warranty.

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