Top 10 Best Safety Razors Reviewed In 2017

You cannot compare safety razors to cartridge razors. They will give you a superior shaving experience and still save you from the pain and irritation that comes with using disposable razors. While it is more of a personal choice, you will have to consider a blade that is easy to handle and affordable. It’s important to know what works for you and your skin.

Be sure to do more research about the safety razor to have a clear perspective on what is available on the market. Below, we list down the top 10 best safety razors to suit your budget.

10. WEISHI Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor

If you’re looking for a premium safety razor that won’t mess your pocket, this one from WEISHI is an excellent choice. It could make a perfect gift as well. Replacing the blades is quick and easy because it uses the butterfly opening mechanism.

Other features:

It’s Inexpensive

The WEISHI is relatively affordable. If you want a cheap safety razor that gives you value for money, then this is the blade to look for. For a few bucks, this model will give you a smooth shave than you ever imagined. It is also durable and will save you from frequent replacements.

Straightforward Blade Replacement

Just twist to open the knob, insert the blade and then close firmly to ensure that the blade is firmly secured. It will only take a couple of minutes to get you shaving again. Now, that’s convenience at its best.

9. Dorco Prime Starter Set

If your primary desire is a classic shave, then this safety razor is your best bet. It offers you a smooth shave using today’s technology. The Dorco safety razor sports an elegant stainless steel construction. In essence, it seeks to take your shaving experience to the next level.

Other features:

Modern Technology

The Dorco seeks to meet the shaving needs of a modern man with its one of a kind design. And it doesn’t matter your type of beard; this razor will do a remarkable job at ensuring that you maintain a smooth presentable look.

Effortless Shaving

You don’t have to worry about the Dorco’s ability to give you a clean shave with little effort. It guarantees the close shave for any skin. It also fits in all standard double edge handles making it easy to use and control.

8. VIKINGS BLADE the Godfather Safety Razor

This safety razor boasts top grade alloys imported from Sweden. With a classic design, it is hand crafted and feels right in your hand. The VIKINGS blade promises nothing, but an enjoyable shaving experience.

Other features:

The Luxury Leatherette

You don’t have to worry about carrying this safety razor during your travels. The suede travel bag will accommodate your nomadic lifestyle. Tuck it in your bag and use it whenever you need to get rid of your facial hair!

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The Durability

With the quality construction, this blade is durable and will take you through hundreds of shaves. It is brilliantly designed and is custom built by VIKINGS. By extension, that translates to value for your money.

7. WEISHI Long Handle Version Safety Razor

The WEISHI is lightweight to reduce user fatigue. And as the name suggests, it has a long handle which by extension, increases ease of use, making it standing in our top 10 best safety razors in 2017.

Other features:

Alluring Aesthetics

The WEISHI is indeed beautiful. It is the kind of gift you can purchase to your boyfriend and dad on Father’s day. Its performance is stellar, and the recipient will certainly treasure it for days to come.

Simple Blade Replacement

Switching blades can be hectic, more so with standard razors. However, with the WEISHI, you don’t have to sweat it. Meanwhile, the handcrafted solid brass handle offers an excellent grip. In short, everything about this razor lets you enjoy gentleman feelings.

6. Shaveology Double Edge Safety Razor

The Shaveology comes with excellent packing that makes it an alluring gift for your boyfriend. It also features 5 platinum steel razor blades that give you a smooth shave without irritating the skin.

Other features:

It is Incredibly Reliable

The Shaveology will always come in handy whenever you need to shave. It ranks high together with the best safety razors for wet shaving. The quality is stellar, and so is the usability. For the best results, be sure to use a shaving gel.

It is Eco-friendly

These safety razors are 100% recyclable and are much better for those who are conscious of saving the environment. You can use them over and again without replacing the blade. Of course, that reduces waste.

5. Merkur Double Edge Razor

The Merkur is usable with a host of shaving creams. It sports chrome-plated zinc alloy. The double blade design provides a clean, close shave.

Other features:

It Redefines Razor Shaving

In these days of electric shaver, you need to be careful with the any type of safety razors you purchase. At the very least, the model should guarantee a close shave without irritating the skin. This could very well be that razor you’re scouting for.

Five Star Results

The Merkur make shaving less of a chore. It is way better than other shavers in its class if the rave reviews it has attracted are anything to go by. And with a chrome plated zinc alloy, you can never in doubt that it will give your thousands of shaves.

4. VIKINGS BLADE Chieftain Safety Razor

This safety razor has a premium Swedish metals alloys body for durability. Plus, it is usable by both male and female. It has an excellent butterfly head for quick and safe replacement of blades.

Other features:

Unmatched Hardiness

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These blades are durable and can withstand falls. In effect that guarantees a return on investment for your money. One more thing; the micro comb system prevents accidental cuts. Now, that a safety razor you need to own.

Case Travel Mirror

This safety razor is perfect for traveling, thanks to the case mirror. The safety case makes it easy to carry your unit in your bag. Besides, you can attach the mirror to the case which makes it possible to shave or trim your beard from anywhere.

3. Perfecto Edge Long Handled Safety Razor

The Perfecto produces an extra close shave with this razor getting the satisfaction you desire isn’t far-fetched. Nonetheless, you may have to buy a safety blade (sold separately

Other features:


The Perfecto seeks to give you comfort while using it. It works well with all hand sizes to give you a barber’s style shaving.

Robust Construction

The Perfecto features quality material that guarantees its sturdiness. Although it does not have the butterfly opening mechanism, it’s much easier to remove the head to replace the blades in such a way that you will not interfere with the razor.

2. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Safety Razor

The Jagger DE89Lbl is one of the best safety razors on the market. The blade has a unique designed to get rid of the coarsest of beards. Its head fits in all standard DE blades. That’s what we like to call versatility at its best.

Other features:

Chrome Lining

This safety razor features the latest Edwin Jagger head to making it ideal for experienced shavers. Its makers say it can give results close to a straight cut throat razor. Also, the lined pattern detail enhances its performance especially if you want to reduce in growing hairs. Best of all, its blades are shave-ready.

Smart Shaving

While the Jagger DE89Lbl is not as expensive as high-end safety blades, its performance is laudable. As a matter of fact, fans love it due to its ability to give above-average results. Get, and turn every shave a pleasurable grooming event.

1. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

This model from Merkur tops our list of the best safety razors. It is an aggressive blade and ideal from anyone who’s just learning the ropes of blade shaving. It even comes with a user guide to help you shave safely.

Other features:

It Offers Value for Money

The Merkur safety razor will withstand extreme pressures as well as frequent use. It can fall and can be trampled over but remain intact. It has a chrome finish that makes not only makes it pleasing to the eye but also remarkably durable.

Gives a Clean, Close Shave

This unit’s blades will give you that close and clean shave that you desire. These razors will guarantee the satisfaction that you want. In other words, the Merkur will make shaving less of a chore to something to look forward to every time.

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