Top 10 Best Rugged iPhone Cases Reviewed in 2016

Overall, the iPhone is a well-rounded smartphone that scores high in the aesthetic and performance departments. Unfortunately, as most comparable models, it has a fragile body that often scratches, dents, and breaks easily when dropped on hard surfaces. Fortunately, its enthusiasts have developed several novel remedies with rugged iPhone cases topping the list of the best to use for several reasons. They, for instance, have tough surfaces that protect the iPhone without adding unnecessary weight. They are also form fitting, do not compromise the functionality of iPhone in any way, and are attainable in a plethora of affordable and stylish designs that last long. Even though most modern models offer the foregoing benefits, the top 10 best rugged iPhone Cases in 2017 include:

10. Trident 4.7-Inch Kraken

Trident 4.7-Inch Kraken A.M.S. Series Case for Apple iPhone 6

For those with iPhone smartphones and scratch and dent protection is of key concern, this A.M.S series of Trident Kraken is a well-designed 4.7-inch Apple iPhone case that fits and protect all iPhone 6 and 6S smartphones well. It has a stylish grey theme, covers phones well to offer superior drop protection, and has built-in dust filters that protect phone components such as speakers and camera from damage over time. It also has an easy to install two-piece design, a built in screen protector that protects your iPhone’s screen when placed on a flat surface, and a bio-enhanced polycarbonate construction that withstands everyday abuse for several years.

9. Griffin Technology Survivor Summit

Clear Survivor Summit for iPhone 6 6s Protective Case - 10ft Drop Protection

The Survivor Summit by Griffin Technology is a convenient iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S protective case, with a sturdy and super protective design that comes drop tested to 10 feet. It has a striking black and clear theme that does not lower the aesthetic value of iPhone in any way. The sliding screen shield offered keeps elements out, while its four layered design is sturdy yet very easy to install and remove on demand. Buyers also get a sturdy video stand that comes in handy when watching movies, a rotating clip that fits snug on belts and other upholstery, and a one year limited return warranty.


URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Popular among iPhone owners of all cadres, URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case is a durable and multi-functional accessory with an aesthetic white theme and a feather-lite composite body that meets military MIL STD 810G-516.6 drop test standards. Its external armor shell is rigid and rarely gives with dropped in hard surfaces such as concrete. The impact resistant soft core offered on the other hand absorbs shock and protects iPhone from scratches without restricting access to ports or buttons when entertaining or working. You also get an array of interesting colours to choose and one-year warranty.


iPhone 6s Case, BUDDIBOX [Wave] Slim Rugged Durable Protective Case with Kickstand for Apple iPhone 6 and 6s, (Black)

The Wave by BUDDIBOX is a slim, rugged, and super-protective iPhone 6S case with a sturdy kickstand that benefits individuals who like to watch movies and browse the internet using their phone. It black body is stable, lacks physical and chemical irritants that might harm you, and comes with a flexible and shock absorbing TPU gel sleeve that protects iPhone from both mechanical and structural damage over the years. For those with iPhone and want a higher resale value when they want to sell, BUDDIBOX Wave is a valuable product to use. It is affordable, has accurate cutouts for camera, microphones, and speakers, and has a rubberized back for strength/ stability.

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6. Speck Products Mighty Shell

Speck Products MightyShell + FACEPLATE Case for iPhone 6

Recommended for use with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, Mighty Shell by Speck Products is a well-designed protective case with a built-in face plate that protects screens from damage during storage and or whenever you place your phone on a hard and rugged surface. The tri-layered hard shell used to manufacture it not only lasts long, but also offers superior dent and scratch protection. The rubberized lining on its interior absorbs shock well, while its custom fitting design is easy to install and has accurate cutouts that do not compromise convenience. You also get non-slip bumper design that lasts.

5. Body Glove ShockSuit Phone Case

Body Glove ShockSuit Phone Case for Apple iPhone 6

Featured in several top 10 best rugged iPhone cases for iPhone reviews, ShockSuit by Body Glove is a well-designed black and charcoal-themed iPhone case with a built in screen protector that offer full 360-degree coverage when in use. It is affordable, drop tested to meet MIL-STD-810G military standards, and has a rugged yet aesthetic design that works well in the roughest of conditions without compromising phone safety. For added protection, this case has reinforced shock absorbent corners and enhanced slip-resistant grip.

4. ULAK iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 4S Case ULAK [Robot Guard] Hybrid Rugged Triple Layer Combo Case with Hard Plastic Inner Shell and Rugged Soft Silicone Outer Skin for Apple iPhone 4S & iPhone 4

Featuring a rugged triple-layered hybrid design that protect phones against dent and drops, ULAK Robot Guard is a premium accessory with a stylish hard plastic shell and a soft silicone outer shell that lowers risk of slipping. It is black-themed, specially designed for the iPhone 4 (3.5 inches), and has raised bevels that protect screens from damage when placed face-down on hard or uneven surfaces. Purchase an original ULAK case for best results.

3. Ballistic TC1553A06N

Ballistic TC1553A06N Hard Core Tactical Case with Holster for Apple iPhone 6

By choosing Ballistic TC1553A06N, you get a hard core tactical case with an aesthetic black finish, a rugged 200 pound pull strength holster, and high grade stainless steel and aluminum components that last long. The strong latches on offer ease installation and usage. Its screen protector is durable, has a scratch resistant construction that does not lose its aesthetic value over time, and protects screen well without affecting display and or functionality.

2. Anker Ultra Protective iPhone 6s Case

iPhone 6s Case, Anker Ultra Protective Case With Built-in Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 6

Perfect for securing and protecting the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S smartphone, this case by Anker is a durable and ultra-protective accessory with a sleek and dust-proof design users consider invaluable. Its hard case design is not only rugged, but also comes drop tested to protect phones from dents and dings. The clear screen protector that users get lasts long, while its ultra slim and slip-resistant design secures phones well without adding unnecessary bulk. You also get precise cutouts, a perfect custom fit, and a one-year guarantee.

1. OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6/6s Case

OtterBox 77-50206 Defender Series for iPhone 6, Retail Packaging - Black

Talking about the best iPhone cases, the DEFENDER the OtterBox tops our list of the best. It is affordable, black-themed, and has a three-layer design that protects phones well without lowering their physical and or structural integrity over time. The belt clip holster it comes with is stable. Its sturdy kickstand guarantees hands-free viewing, while its precise cutouts have dust and debris covers that add another layer of protection outdoors. OtterBox DEFENDER is affordable and comes backed by a limited 1-year warranty.

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