Top 10 Best Recurve Bows Reviewed In 2017

Looking for the best recurve bow? The truth is, choosing the perfect model and brand isn’t as easy, even for a seasoned archer. Design aspects such as draw weight, peer sight aperture, and nocking point system keep changing to suit the market needs. Thus, catching up with the latest trend can be time-consuming – and that’s why we’ve done the hard part on your behalf. We’ve combed the market to bring you 10 of the most-sought-after recurve bows whether you’re looking to hunt or target shoot.

10. TigerShark Takedown Recurve Bow

The same company that gave you Samick Sage brings you TigerShark, one of the best recurve bows you’ll want to view. Loved by experts and amateur shooters, this bow is a piece of art. It combines four different high strength kinds of wood for a lifetime of usability. With shatterproof and fast flight compatible limbs, the TigerShark is arguably the best recurve bow for anyone just learning the ropes in archery. If the 4.8-star rating (at the time of publishing this) that this bow has attracted is anything to go by, then it is indeed an impressive unit.

09. Junxing Recurve Hunting Longbow

The Junxing boasts an excellent construction – is sturdy and light. If you’re left-handed, this is the bow for you. It also makes a great option if you don’t have a dominant eye. This bow features laminated fiberglass limbs and a finger guard on the string for accurate shooting. As the name suggests, it will serve you well during a hunting expedition. With a draw weight of 30 pounds, aiming and shooting isn’t much of a hassle, even for beginners.

08. SAS Explorer Recurve Bow

Unlike the Junxing, the SAS Explorer support right hand shooting only. Because of its design and functionality, it is best suited for experienced archers. You’re going to make the most out of this bow if you’re not more than 6 foot in height. While the Explorer may bend, its aluminum casting ensures it doesn’t break. All its holes are predrilled and fitted with brass, a handy feature if you’re a bow fishing enthusiast.

07. SAS Spirit 62″ Recurve Bow

SAS is a serious brand. Their Spirit 62″ model is not only flexible but also one of the best recurve bows for a young shooter. It sports robust fiberglass limbs and Maple laminations. This one can serve both right and left-hand shooters as long as they’re 5’7’’ tall. Because the riser uses some of the most durable woods, the Spirit can offer a reliable performance with every use. Get this bow for fun shooting in the backyard or hunting in the woods.

06. Longbowmaker Flagella Recurve Horsebow

The Longbowmaker is handmade to handle just about any shooting needs you may have. It is perfect for practice sessions or high-intensity competitions. You can even use it with a fast flight string if speed shooting is your thing. While the draw weight is 45 pounds, it could as well be an option for new shooters thanks to its draw length of 28 inches. As one shopper puts it, you can use it in all kinds of positions from leaning on trees to lying on the ground.

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05. SAS Courage 60″ Recurve Archery Bow

A smaller version of the SAS Spirit, the SAS Courage is one of best recurve bows in its class. It is sturdy and efficient with limbs made of Chuglam, Makore, and Bintangor hardwoods. The high strength fiberglass reinforces its riser even further. This bow promises great comfort, perfect stability and accurate shooting with excellent arrow speed. Even though the SAS Courage comes stripped down with no extras, it is a good budget entry curve.

04. Barnett Sportflight Recurve Archery Set

This kit from Barnett comes with everything you require to get you started with archery. It features a Sportflight bow, protective finger tab, and two arrows. With an adjustable pin sight and a soft touch reinforced grip, hitting a particular target is easy, making his recurve bow ideal for learning sessions. The ambidextrous rise combine with the 25-pound draw weight only adds expediency and agility to an already exceptional bow.

03. Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

The Spyder may have a lofty price tag, but it brings forth unmatched qualify to make up for it. It is compatible with both Flemish and fast flight strings to meet the needs of every archer. The reinforced limb tips and the new flush bolt bring refined elegance and practicality to the bow. With a redwood finish rises and round edges, the Spyder mimics a high-end bow. And just so you know, this takedown recurve bow is a top choice of Olympic archery athletes!

02. Crosman Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow

Crosman has already carved a name for itself as a trusted and reliable brand. The Sentinel boasts the same precision and high quality synonymous with the company. It has been tested by professional archers for accuracy and performance to ensure to get what you pay for. If you’ve never used a recurve bow before, this one is already pre–assembled so you can start using it right out the box. And With a custom all weather string you can use it all year round. It is important to note, however, that the Sentinel is for right-hand shooters only.

01. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Seasoned and novice shooter loves the Samick Sage in equal measure. With 80% of the over 800 reviews routing for it, it is easily the best recurve bow on the market. It comes with a brass plunger, bushings, and a stabilizer, making it a fully fledged hunting kit. You can even separate the limbs to reduce or increase the weight as per your needs. The single tapered knob and the metal limb pocket design add flair to the Samick Sage. This is, in the words of a happy user, the ultimate hunting bow.

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