Top 10 Best Range Hoods In 2017 – Free Your Kitchen From Smoke

With the best range hoods as part of your kitchen, extreme heat and airborne pollutants will become a thing of the past. Don’t get it twisted though; you have to get a model that works for your kitchen and one that can match the activities of your cooking space.

Sounds complicated? Not if you take the time to inspect your target range hood before spending your money. At the very least, the perfect model should provide enough airflow to capture and expend optimal smoke/odor from your kitchen.

The number of speed fans the units has is also important. While more speed translates to better ventilation, stick to a model with dual fan speed setting. You certainly don’t have to have an overly noisy range hood in your kitchen.

You’re better off with a model that comes with a built-in thermostat control sensor. Choose one that turns off the sensor automatically when your hood gets too hot. You may as well consider a unit with an exhaust timer that turns off the fan after a predetermined period.

While these are the standard considerations to make before you spend your cash, it would certainly help if you know which the best range hoods to buy are, right? Well, don’t fret; we’ve listed down ten of the top-rated range hoods and what they have to offer.

Now, you dream hood is literally a click away!

10. Perfetto Wall Mount Range Hoods

Perfetto Wall Mount Range Hoods

If you relish filtered air in your kitchen, the Perfetto is for you. It features a three-speed fan and could very well make an excellent choice for a busy kitchen with lots of cooking. The Italian design will bring a contemporary look to your kitchen while the LEDs complete the high end. Other highlights include:

Easy ControlWork Without a Vent
The Perfetto features five strategically placed buttons to give you ultimate control over your hood. It can cover 400 CFM of to protect your loved ones from odors. Its filters are dishwasher safe, which makes maintaining this hood relatively easy.
You don’t need a vent to use the Perfetto which by extension makes installation unproblematic. Besides, it is convertible, for vented use. In the meantime, you can count on this hood’s iconic filtration capability to get rid of unwanted grease and oils. Just so you may know, this model measures 30 inches and will fit into a ceiling height of 8 to 8.5 feet.

9. Cosmo Ducted Island Range Hood

Cosmo Ducted Island Range Hood

The Cosmo is a powerhouse with a stellar performance to match. It is for anyone in pursuit of unyielding ventilation thanks to the 900 CFM suction capacity aided by three fan speeds. So efficient is this hood that you can cook with multiple burners without bothering about the smoke, odors or steam. We tell you what makes it a premium pick.

One-off InstallationLuxury Eurocentric Style
You will only get the most out of this range hood if you install it well. And let’s face it; mounting a hood is no easy task more so if you don’t have previous experience. Well, that shouldn’t be a cause for worry with the Cosmo. Not only is it easy to install bit also comes will everything you need to mount it in place including seamless chimney duct cover, a conduit pipe, and a user’s manual.
The Cosmo has a stainless finish that to blend with the interior décor of a modern kitchen. It combines the latest artistry from Europe and Italy to provide you outstanding functionality and style. The compact build allows you to give your kitchen a makeover without sacrificing ventilation.

8. Tatsumaki Range Hood

Tatsumaki Range Hood

The Tatsumaki is a brilliant choice if you’re after compact venting. It is a compact power pack that you can easily tuck right under your kitchen’s hood canopy. While this high hood is relatively expensive, it promises a first-class output to keep the smelly air outside and the fresh one inside. Here’s what to expect.

Broad RangeBuilt-in Screen Display
Despite its size, the Tatsumaki covers up to 860 cubic feet per minute, thus venting 99% of all harmful compounds through the roof and out of your kitchen. The six-speed setting gives you all the control you need to regulate the temperature inside your hood.
If you thought that the six-speed settings are quite something, then you may want to hear about the Tatsumaki’s display screen. The well-placed display features a clock to notify you how long the hood has been running and auto delay shut-off function. That way, you can set the operation time which means that you’ll only use your hood when necessary. This convenience, by extension, helps cut down energy costs.

7. BV High Airflow Ducted Range Hoods

BV High Airflow Ducted Range Hoods

If you sweat a lot as you cook, you could make do with this range hood. With an air flow capacity of 800 cubic feet per minute, the BV will regulate the temperature in your kitchen within minutes. It comes with integrated sensors that adjust the fan’s speed after detecting unsafe heat levels.

Brand Exclusive Slanted DesignTwo Built-in Motors
The BV’s outstanding performance relies on its unique slated housing. Due to its construction, it’s not only efficient but also considerably quiet. The shape also ensures that the hood can cover the entire cooking surface without compromising the overall performance.
This hood comes with dual motors to keep ventilation intact for hours at a speed that you’ll love. And, it only takes the press of a button to increase or reduce the fan’s speed as per your needs. The full-body 18 gauge steel guarantees durability while the detachable filters make cleaning (and maintenance) easy.

6. Proline Wall / Undercabinet Range Hood

Proline Wall / Undercabinet Range Hood

The Proline is arguably one of the best range hoods if you’re scouting for a space-saving model. With a height of about five inches, it is one of slimmest under cabinet hoods on the market. Make it part of your kitchen and allow your family to enjoy some clean air even as you prepare your next meal. Some Proline’s most notable highlights include:

Ultra QuietDynamic Design
This hood supports quiet operation. All you need to do to reduce the noise is turn it to the Quiet mode and lower the level of noise to 42 decibels. So, if you’ve had doubts about the four-speed blower creating a disturbance when your hood is working, it will indeed come as a relief to know that this is one of the quietest models on the market.
he Proline is one of the few range hoods on the market that allow you to increase the venting outlet options. You can vent from the back or the top without detaching the rear panels for improved efficiency. Other than that, you’ll certainly love the stylish cascades cast by the 1.5 W GU10 LEDs.

5. Broan PM250 Range Hood

Broan PM250 Range Hood

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, the PM250 is an affordable choice with brilliant venting ability. You can use it at the bottom of your kitchen’s cabinet or opt for custom mounting. And with the 250 CFM fan, you can be sure that the smoke and odors will dissipate in an instant. We review the PM250 further.

User-Friendly DesignA Host of Features
As stated, the best range hood should offer you all the control you need to keep ventilation at its optimum. The Broam comes with a two-speed fan and most importantly easy-to-reach controls. That way, you can set the correct level of ventilation each time you’re preparing your next culinary masterpiece.
The PM250 has everything you’d want in a standard hood. It is easy to clean and will not lose luster. In fact, this unit comes with a washable aluminum filter that excellently captures grease and by so doing ensures that your kitchen stays fresh. In the meantime, the seven-inch round discharge (duct or non-ducted) lets you get the right fit for seamless installation.

4. AKDY AZ63175S Range Hood

AKDY AZ63175S Range Hood

The AKDY AZ63175S is the range hood to go for if you’re after a little more versatility. While this model ventilates externally by design, you can seamlessly convert it to re-circulate air. It is lightweight, doesn’t take much to install, and the assembly is on point. Other notable highlights include:

Non-return Air FlapTouch Control Panel
The primary purpose of this feature is to ensure that the heat doesn’t escape when you’re not using your hood. Moreover, it comes with a timer and a twelve-hour clock a feature that any strict and punctual master chef will find priceless.
You have to be in charge with a range hood that has an airflow output of 400 cubic feet per minute. AKDY understands that and as such equipped this unit with an intuitive control panel that lays across the front for easy use. This hood generates a noise level of less than 65 decibels, which is quite commendable more so when you consider it’s a three-speed unit.

3. Z Line KB-30 Range Hood

Z Line KB-30 Range Hood

The KB-30 by Z Line combines a lustrous, brushed stainless steel housing and 20W halogen lights, making it one of the most attractive range hoods on the market. For your money, you get to enjoy the glamour of a high-end model without leaving a hole in your wallet. The highlights to watch out for include:

760 CFM PerformanceReliability
With such a suction capability, the KB-30 is a perfect match for any kitchen, workshop or garage. The four-speed fan guarantees you the first-class performance for maximum ventilation. Plus, you can use it for venting out or re-circulating with optional charcoal filters.
There’s a reason the KB-30 is a hot contender for the best range hood for the money spot. It promises years of use thanks to its reinforcement with a built-in blower and fan. It has undergone rigorous tests for longevity and dependability.

2. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED

The STL75-LED is in a class of its own – quite literally. One of the cheapest range hoods in this collection it boasts premium features akin to those of a high-end model. It is also one of the most flexible units. Fans call it a “fine” product and here’s why.

Two-Piece Adjustable ChimneyHigh-end LED Lights
The STL75-LED features one-of-a-kind adjustable vent complete with modish curved edges. So smooth is the molding that you can hardly see the welded seams on any of the three faces. Other than that, you’ll also get treated to the convenience of a touchscreen control panel as well as three-speed settings.
The STL75-LED comes with LED lights that offer up to three times brightness than other units in its class. That way, you can fix a hot plate anytime you like, no matter what time of the day it is. The package also features a flexible aluminum duct for fast, hassle-free installation. And, the micro-cell grease filters are dishwasher safe while the motor meets the UL standards for safety.

1. Broan 413004 ADA

Broan 413004 ADA

The Broan 413004 is everything the best range hood should be and more. Sure, there’s got to be something to this model that undertakes to give you “better air.” And a scrutiny at the hood reveals exactly why happy customers have been coming back for more. We look at this unit’s major highlights:

Exacting Broan StandardsRapid Results
Broan has been around for a while and has perfected the art of the game. Expect nothing short efficient filtration with the 413004 ADA. It features a two-speed Rocker-type fan and the brand exclusive Microtek filtration system to ensure that the air in living space stays fresh and without contaminants.
The 413004 ADA is powerful, with a 400 CFP, making it one of the fastest range hoods on the market. And, even after several rounds of washing, the micromesh filters will maintain their shine due to the protective antimicrobial veneer. Meanwhile, the protective lamp lens help dispense light evenly over your cooktop.

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