Top 10 Best Quilt Sets Reviewed In 2016

Are you planning to purchase an excellent cover for your bed? The market is flooded with various models of from which you can choose your favorite for your individual needs. Quilts are great bedding that you can use to tailor your bed to create your own style, add awesome décor to your room, and sleep in complete coziness. However, the many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time. In this article, we have brought you the top 10 best quilt sets available today to help make it easy for you to get the best deal on the market. Read on.

10. Laura Ashley 5-Piece Venetia Set

Laura Ashley 5-Piece Venetia Daybed Cover Set, Gray

Laura Ashley Venetia is a high quality 5-piece set of a comfortable quilt cover featuring spit ends, a bed skirt, as well as 3 coordinating standard shams. This is a well-crafted and cozy quilt. The shams are 20 x 26 inches while the skirt features a 15-inch drop. It measures 39 x 75 x 1 inches and weighs 4 pounds. It is made of high quality 100% pure cotton and it is simple to maintain, and it is machine washable. Overall, this cover set provides a modern and elegant look to your bedroom.

9. Laura Ashley Amberley Cotton Daybed/Quilt Set Twin

Laura Ashley Amberley 5-Piece Cotton Daybed:Quilt Set Twin

A twin size bedding set of awesome quality and great comfort, Amberley includes a great quilt, one quilt, and 2 tailored shams incorporating flange, as well as a standard printed sham which matches the included coordinated bed skirt. The complete set is made of high quality materials that offer incredible comfort to you in the bed. If you need to add a contemporary and beautiful look to you bed and room, this set is your finest bet.

8. Eddie Bauer 5-Piece Quilted Set

Eddie Bauer 5-Piece Quilted Daybed Set, Twin, Camino Island

This is another top quality twin-size 5-piece quilted bed cover set weighing 4 pounds and is 54 x 39 x 1 inches. If you want something well-crafted from premium quality cotton and is machine washable, go for this product. It includes a great quilt, 3 coordinating shams, as well as a matching skirt. The quilt is warm and well-designed, and measures 75 x 39 inches. It is a great choice for those who want to beautifully animate their rooms in a contemporary way.

7. Stone Cottage 5-Piece Fresno Set

Stone Cottage 5-Piece Fresno Daybed Set, Green Stripe

For those who want something that offers unique looks to their rooms, the Fresno Cottage bed set is a great choice. It is made of 100% high quality cotton, and includes a comfortable and durable quilt that measures 75 x 39 inches with durable bindings on the edges. It is beautifully crafted to offer your rooms an instant and admirable update.

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6. Greenland Home Blooming Prairie

Greenland Home Blooming Prairie 5-Piece Daybed Set

The Blooming Prairie quilt set from Greenland Home spreads a collection of impressive garden colors to your room. It has awesome quilt and shams that reverse to form an all-over Jacobean print of a beautiful soft yellow ground to create an incredibly versatile bed cover. The fabrics in this set are carefully quilted and seamed, with each set including a quilt, a bed skirt, and 3 pillow shams.

5. Greenland Home Katy 5-Piece Set

Greenland Home Katy 5-Piece Daybed Set

Versatile and chic, Katy quilt set has various cool and warm colors. Featuring a broad brushstroke of admirable tones for complimenting any bedroom décor, this product reverses to a greatly coordinating blue stripe. Its channel stitching adds durability and surface interest. The set has a quilt, a bed skirt, and 3 pillow shams.

4. Stone Cottage Trellis Collection

Stone Cottage Trellis Collection 5-Piece Daybed Set, Scarlet

Stone Cottage Trellis is bound to completely change the look and comfort of any room. It is a 5-piece set that includes an embroidered quilt featuring scalloped edges, two well-tailored quilt shams, and a plaid standard sham incorporating a 2-inch ruffle on all the edges, as well as a bed skirt that has ruffles with split corners integrating overlap. It is a great quality and popular quilt set that instantly updates any modern room.

3. Brielle Stream Quilt and Sham Set

Brielle Stream Quilt and Sham Set, King, Sage

The Brielle Stream Quilt and Sham Set is an excellent product made of 100% high quality microfiber to provide ultra-soft texture which is ideal for romantic snuggling. The quilt is a great size sufficient for covering you comfortably. And when the set is completed with matching shams and bed skirts (optional), the results are just blissful. You will enjoy your experience with this quilt set.

2. Bedford Home Solid Color Bed Quilt

Bedford Home Solid Color Bed Quilt, King, Silver

Bedford Home offers you this lightweight quality quilted blanket that is ideal for staying cool over the warm summer nights. It is also an ideal pick for your comfort during cool wintertime, providing you incredible comfort for its attractive texture and depth coupled with the versatility of beautiful solid color. Its classic stitch matches with any décor, making this quilt an incredible addition to the decorative element of your room.

1. Lavish Home Solid Color Bed Quilt

Lavish Home Solid Color Bed Quilt, Twin, Green

Lavish Home is a high quality, popular lightweight quilted blanket ideal for keeping you cool during warm summer nights as well as keeping you warm during the cold winter nights by providing cozy experience and also adding attractive texture to your room with a versatile solid color. Like other high quality quilts, it features classic stitch that awesomely matches any bedroom décor, making this quilt a great addition to your bedroom’s decoration. You will certainly love the experience of using this quilt.

More quilts or quilt sets are also available on the market. However, among them all, none is likely to beat the above highlighted top 10 best quilts today. If you believe in investing in the best value quilt for your comfort in bed, chose from the above discussed options.

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