Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks Reviewed In 2017

Portable power banks are one of the most essential accessories you should have. What? Picture this: you’re in the middle of an important call and the phone switches off, not because of its faulty, but because the battery has just died. Or, you’re sending a business mail and boom! The laptop decides to shut off – again because the available battery power couldn’t sustain it to the very end.

Well, you don’t have to wait until that happens, especially now that we have all manners of portable power banks flooding the market. A power bank, for the sake of clarity, is a special battery with a unique circuit to control the flow of power which is used to charge mobile devices.

But that’s beside the point – you probably know what a power bank is – and are scouting for the best portable power banks among the many models and brands on the market. Well, you’ve just landed on the correct page!

Here we review 10 of the most sought after portable power banks and what they have to offer. Each of these models promises to make sure that you have a reliable backup of power in case your phone’s or laptop’s battery runs low.

10. Pac2Go Portable Charger

The Pac2Go features a rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer 3000 amps battery that can support an incredible 500 recharge cycles of two to three hours. In essence, that means that this power bank can charge one iPhone 6 and up to 90% of a Samsung S6 as well as a host other smartphones.

It boasts an ergonomic, compact design and a rubberized oil casing that’s resistant to fire. With four LED light power indicators, you will know the amount of power remaining while the automatic safety cut off will protect you from short circuiting and over current.

mobile-power-charger-from-pac2go-portable-charger-3000mah-external-battery-pack-power-bankThe Pac2Go Portable Charger conforms to the FCC, SGS, RoHs, CE standard and is backed by a relatively long 18-month guarantee. With such a profile, you now know why the Pac2Go features on our list, don’t you?


09. ZeroLemon JuiceStick

The ZeroLemon has a capacity of 9000 amps and can charge an iPhone 6 up to a remarkable 5 times. It has an Apple MFI certification and comes with a lighting cable made with plastic PVC for durability. The JuiceStick has a compact design and can easily fit into a travel bag without taking too much space.

apple-mfi-certified-zerolemon-juicestick-9000mah-portable-charger-power-bank-external-battery-2The lightning cable makes this power bank versatile as it allows you to charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod through your PC or USB connector. And you don’t have to worry about your mobile device overcharging as the ZeroLemon comes with an integrated over-voltage, overcharge and over-current protector.

With the four LED status-of-charge indicators, the user is always aware of how the portable power bank is discharging and charging.


08. Villain – 20000mAh Portable Charger

With an output of 2000 amps, the Villain is not only one of the most powerful portable power banks but one of the most versatile as well. It can charge a plethora of mobile devices from smartphones to cameras and mp4 players up to 10 times!

Unlike most portable power banks, the Villain 2000 has multiple charging modes to handle device running on Android or iOS platforms. And because this unit has dual 2.1 output USB ports, users can charge up two devices at the same time.

villain-20000mah-portable-charger-with-inbuilt-flash-led-lights-and-led-display-dual-usb-ports-3When fully charged (usually after 10 hours), the Villain Portable Charger guarantees up to 500 cycles of charging. For safety, you can always switch this unit off through the power button and only switch it on when you need to use it.


07. Vinsic Ultra Slim Universal Power Bank

If you’re looking for a reliably portable power bank to provide power for your iPhone, the Vinsic Power Bank could as well be an excellent choice. It comes with multiple USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices and an assurance to charge an iPhone up to eight times.

vinsic-20000mah-dual-usb-power-bank-for-smartphones-tablets-and-pc-grey-2The Vinsic is compatible with iPhone 4 to 6, iPod, HTC phones, Samsung phones, game consoles and digital cameras as well as mp3/mp4 players. One notable feature of this power bank is its sleek, slim design which means that you can carry it anywhere and use it at any time. It has an aluminum alloy construction for durability.

And for those who may be concerned, the Vinsic Ultra Slim Universal Power Bank has an output of 20000 amps.


06. Jackery Mini Premium Portable Charger

Hailed as the smallest travel power bank on the planet, the Jackery is small, highly portable and yields extraordinary power. If you’re the kind who travels a lot, this is the portable power bank to go for. It is suited for road trips and long flight and is compatible with iPhones and iPads as well as other smart mobile devices. It also works with Android devices.

jackery-mini-premium-3350mah-portable-charger-external-battery-pack-power-bank-portable-iphone-charger-1The Jackery Portable Charger has a battery power of 3350 amps and promises to add one full charge to devices. The powerful battery pack is what sets this power bank from others in its category. The Panasonic Grade A Li-ion cell with premium microchips and up to four layers of smart safety protection gives the Jackery the ability to recharge over 500 times over its life.


05. Innogie C8 Pocket Size Portable Charger

Just like the name suggests, the Innogie C8 is designed to fit in your pocket and is, therefore, easy to carry around. Don’t let the small size fool you, though – this charger has an output of 6000 amps and can give iPhone 5 up to three full charges and fully charge a galaxy S5. It can also give one full charge to a mini iPad.

innogie-c8-pocket-size-portable-charger-external-battery-pack-power-bank-charger-1The Innogie C8 is made in line with the requirements of Texas instrument battery management and boasts up to nine levels of protection as well as 93% energy conversion rate. Besides, this power bank runs on LG grade cells and equipped with microchips for safety and reliability.

It is worth noting that the Innogie C8 is compatible with most 5V tablets and commercial smartphones.


04. EasyAcc 2nd Gen Portable Charger

If the number of people who use the EasyAcc 2nd Gen Portable Charger is anything to go by, then it is one of the best portable power banks on the market. Most of its users hail it as the on-the-go charger that will suit your charging needs whether you own an iPhone, a Samsung or a HTC mobile device.

easyacc-2nd-gen-10000mah-power-bank-brilliant-external-battery-pack-portable-3This unit can give an iPhone 7 up to three charges, Samsung Galaxy S7 up to 2 charges and an iPad Air one full charge. The EasyAcc features smart charging technology that works by detecting the device and charging it according to its specifications. This unit conforms to the FCC, RoHS and CE standards and is, therefore, safe to use.


03. EasyAcc Monster Power Bank

If you had any doubts that EasyAcc is a premium power bank brand, you might want to check out their Monster model. With a mind-boggling 20000 amps of output, this unit can charge a Samsung S7 five times, an iPhone 7 six times and an iPad Mini 3 up to two times.

easyacc-monster-20000mah-power-bank-4a-dual-input-fastest-charge-4-8a-smart-output-1The EasyAcc Monster comes with four dual ports input and can be charged incredibly fast (in six hours), which is 50% less the time it takes to charge a standard 20000 amp battery. You know what the four dual USB ports mean, right? Yes, you can charge four devices simultaneously. Now that’s a high-quality, highly efficient power bank right there!

And just to make it clear, the EasyAcc Monster Power Bank comes with an 18 months warranty.


02. AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank

This portable power bank from AmazonBasics assures to give its users out-the-door peace of mind thanks to its 16000 mAh output that can charge multiple devices at the same time. This one is compatible with virtually any mobile devices from iPhone to Samsung to HTC and anything in-between.

An ideal choice for students, busy professionals and holiday makers, the AmazonBasics features four LED lights to indicate the battery level, and when it’s on low power, the indicator will flash to remind you to charge.

amazonbasics-portable-power-bank-16100-mah-1What about its capability? Well, this power bank and can fully charge and iPhone 6s up to 9.3 times before it requires a recharge – that fantastic performance whichever way look at it. It is backed by a one year warranty.


01. Anker Astro Ultra Compact Portable Charger

Making it to the top of the pie is the Anker Astro, a portable power bank that is said to have caught the eye of over 10 million users. It boasts the patented PowerIQ technology to not only detect your device but also increase the rate of charging at 2 amps.

anker-astro-e1-5200mah-candy-bar-sized-ultra-compact-portable-charger-2The Anker Astro can give an iPhone 6 two full charges, one full charge to an iPhone 7 Plus, a full charge to a Galaxy S7 and other smartphones. This unit can also charge a mini iPad up to 80%. As a far as the size goes, the Anker Astro mimics a candy bar and can perfectly fit into your bag or pocket.

Note that the Anker Astro recharges in 5 hours.


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