Top 10 Best Portable Baby Playards Reviewed In 2017

Best portable baby playards will help “keep your hands free” when the little one is around, whether you’re on the go or are attending to other chores. Plus, it takes a couple of minutes to set up and collapse the yard, giving you a convenient, safe space for your baby to play or rest. Delve deeper here:

Does My Baby Need a Playard?

Even though a baby playpen isn’t much of a necessity per se, it can come in handy. When the young one starts to crawl, for instance, you don’t want him/her accessing every part of your living space. A playard will confine you child to a particular area while reducing injury risk.

It can also double up as a diaper changing station, more so if you have more than one kid. And, unlike swings or bouncers, portable baby playards offer more freedom and space. Of course, a playard is practical when you’re traveling with your baby. He or she can have fun outdoors without the risk of tripping or falling into open holes or pits.

Which is the Right Age to use a Playard?

A playard is more helpful if you get it for your child when he or she is below three years. At this age, the young one is mobile and hyper, so you may want to restrict his/her movements. Once your baby reaches a height of 33 inches, the playard may not be helpful anymore. By this time, the kid is big enough to climb out of the portable crib.

What Should You Look for in the Best Portable Baby Playards?

While the needs and age of your baby primarily determine the unit to purchase, there are universal considerations that you should take into account. These include;

Fold-ability – Look for a unit that collapses quickly. That way you don’t have to struggle as you place it in your automobile’s trunk. In fact, the more foldable a playard is, the easier it is to carry around when on the go.

Wheels/Casters – Because portability is the name of the game here, it makes perfect sense to go for a playard with lockable wheels as a safety measure to avoid unnecessary accidents. Casters, as you may have already figured out makes it easier to roll the playard.

Canopy – Most portable baby cribs come with a canopy to shade the tot from direct sunlight. The canopy ought to be detachable because you may not need to use it always.

Storage Compartments – Some models feature zippered side pockets, small clip-on parent-organize bag, storage pouches to store toys and other baby items. While these add-ons aren’t necessary, ensure that the pockets are big enough to carry your kid’s necessities.

Toys, Lights, Music – You may consider purchasing a unit that has suspended toys. The music and lights serve as an entertainment center to soothe your baby and to keep him/her occupied.

And now, without much further ado, here are the top 10 best portable baby playards on the market at the moment.

10. Costzon Pack ‘n Play Playard

Set your cute little angel up with this pack and play bassinet by Costzon. It is quite large and as such will provide plenty of room for your baby to play or take a nap whether you’re at home or on the go. This unit is collapsible and even comes with a carry bag. As a matter of fact, it will only take you less than a minute to break it down.

The Costzon playard is not only robust but durable as well, guaranteeing your tot hours of entertainment. The breathable material and the newborn bassinet with an open view make a great addition.


This playard is durable and practical. It features a space-saving layout for easy storage and is lightweight. It combines everything you’d want in a premium playpen into one. The bottom line is, the Costzon’s ability to keep your baby cozy and comfy is super.

9. JOOVY Room Playard and Nursery Center

Access your baby diapers and nursery essentials easily with the JOOVY Room Playard. This is an all-in-one nursery center that can carry your child from birth up to when they’re 35 inches tall. It comes in a teal shade, making it blend in with virtually any décor.

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The detachable bassinet has a comfortable height and can hold any kid who is below 15 pounds in weight. The changing table is equally sturdy with a weight capacity of 25 lbs. And, when you’re not using the table, just flip it over to create more playing space.


If you’re scouting for a playpen with a host of compartments, look no further than the JOOVY Room Playard. The diaper section allows you to carry all the necessities you need, home and away. Not to forget that you can do away with the bassinet when your kid outgrows it.

8. Safety 1st Happy Space Play Yard

Your little one will have the time of their life in this pleasant playard. He or she will spot fun toys that attach to the side which makes it even more fun. You can even toss in a few more dolls to keep your kiddo entertained as you do your thing around the house.

And when it’s time to move, be sure to use the storage pockets strategically placed along the outside to carry baby items. Plus, you can always rely on the robust feet to keep this play yard steady. Meanwhile, the carry bag guarantees hassle-free to trips to grandma’s house or vacation.


This could very well be one of the best portable baby playards for anyone looking for a spacious yet handy unit to amuse the young tot. It is truly pack-able and convenient, whichever way you look at it.

7. Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

If you’re after a roomy playard, this sleek unit by Joovy makes a brilliant choice. It is almost two times larger than traditional playpens. It is super sturdy, and despite its size, it offers practical usability irrespective of where you place it. The mesh windows give a clear view so that you can see the baby and he/she can see you as well.

With over 10 square feet, the New Room2’s ability to offer adequate playroom isn’t in question. Besides, it has wheels for easy transportation between rooms.


The Joovy New Room2 is the playard to go for if you want a model that can handle more than one baby. In fact, it brings forth the convenience that families with twins would want. It is not surprising that this portable crib goes by the nickname “workhorse.” It is reliable and made to last.

6. Graco Pack ‘n Play Sport

This is one of the best portable baby playards for outdoor use. It has everything you’d want in a top-notch baby playard from comfort to security. It sports a large canopy, complete with a UV protective line to shelter your little angel from the harmful rays.

This play yard has a waterproof base to ensure that your child stays safe from bad ground elements. The well-ventilated mesh fabric enables optimal air flow. The best part is, it only takes two steps to install the Graco Pack ‘n Play, making it a real mobile play station for your baby.


The Graco Pack ‘n Play crib is for families that like to frequent the outdoors often. It comes with a shoulder carrying strap enabling you to take it anywhere. The smart zip-open front door assures longevity while the latch system ensures that your child starts to play right away.

5. Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Playard

The Dream On Me Zodiak is perfect for traveling with your newborn. It features a space-saving design and folds easily too. As a matter of fact, its major selling point is the compact size that allows it to fit virtually into any room.

The flood is adequately cushioned to help your baby stay as comfortable as possible. Of course, the wheels on one end provide easy mobility. Cleaning the Dream On Me Zodiak is a breeze. Just wipe it with a wet cloth and leave it to dry in the open.

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The Dream On Me Zodiak may be small but has transcending handiness to make up for the size. It has a trendy design that makes it unique. And, if money is an issue, it makes an excellent choice without leaving a hole in your wallet.

4. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Playard

It only takes 15 seconds to set up the Lotus Travel Crib. It is beautiful, highly portable, has a clean line and art-inspired graphics that make it stand out. The outer fabrics are remarkably soft, and the modern colors add flair to an already great playard.

All these features combine to make this unit the ultimate “everywhere” crib. It lets you carry your baby to your friend’s dinner, at the airport or playgroup. The Lotus Travel Crib could as well be the lightest playard on the market.


The Lotus Travel Crib makes it easy for your tot to have fun while giving you space to attend to other issues. Its frame has no flame retardants, PVC or phthalates. It may comfort you to know that this playard meets the GREENGUARD GOLD standards for chemical emissions.

3. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard, Aspery

This playpen from Graco is one of the most sought after on the market, and for good reasons. Parents love the ultra easy fold design which allows you to break it down at the push of a button. This unit will conform to all your travel needs, whether you’re loading it into the back of your minivan or packing it in the trunk for a road trip.

One notable feature of this baby travel bed is the automatic folding feet. Just up the tag, located at the center of the floor and it will collapse in a small rectangle unit that you can store or stow it with ease.


The Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard is quick, easy and hassle free. It will seamlessly incorporate into your family needs whether you’re on vacation or in the living room. To cut to the chase, it offers a homely and relaxing special place for your kid to play and rest.

2. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Ultimate Portable Playard

Whether you’re taking your family to the beach, on a picnic or spending time at the park, this play yard by Summer Infant is a perfect fit. And you don’t have to agonize over extra hassle either – it is easier to install than your beach chair!

It comes with a detachable canopy allowing the little one to enjoy long sunny days without suffering the effects of UVB or UVA rays. And just so you may know, this baby play yard weighs a mere 12 pounds.


This is the best portable baby playard if you’re looking for a little extra versatility. The water resistant floor ensures that your baby stays dry, even on damp grass. And when you’re using it indoors, it works to protect your surfaces from mess and spills. You’ll love what it has to offer.

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard

The name says it all; this play yard is your “on the go” pick if you baby weighs less than 15 pounds. It is for new moms who want to take their kiddos everywhere without getting in the way of comfort. This unit comes with a bassinet for the infant to sleep on. When it’s time to play, remove it so that he/she can access the larger playard.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go’s green shade is serene and airy mesh sides combine to create a tranquil atmosphere that your baby will enjoy.


The Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go has folding feet that make it 20% more compact than average playpens. In essence, this means that’s it’s easy to carry and store. It even has a toy bar to amuse your child as he/she plays. It is such innovation that makes it the best portable baby playard in its category.

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