Top 10 Best Organic Baby Food Reviewed For 2017

You certainly want to give your little one the best possible start to life, right? And when he or she is ready to eat solid food, organic is the way to go. That could only mean one thing; you have to comb the market looking for the best organic baby food, an endeavor that’s not always easy. Did you know, for instance, that for baby food to carry organic label must adhere to the stringent standard set by the USDA’s National Organic Program?

Well, now you know! And that’s why we have handpicked these 10 best organic baby food to help you make a smarter choice.

10. Sprout Organic Baby Food

This formula contains organic vegetables, whole rice, and grain. It is best suited for babies aged 6 months and over. If your child is in the developmental stage, the Sprout Organic will be an excellent choice of baby food. It is certified as organic and doesn’t contain any genetically modified ingredients. It does not contain preservatives, additives or concentrates so you can be sure that the little one is feeding on nothing but pure organic matter. Even better, the packing is made with 100% BPA-free material.


09. Happy Baby Clearly Crafted, Organic Baby Food

Formulated with wholesome organic fruits and vegetable purees, the Happy Baby is packed with goodness for your 6 months + baby who is just starting to take solid food. Add apples and whole grain into the mix and you get a well-rounded mouthful of berry-rich taste that the young will enjoy. Try to see this formula as thick, velvety oatmeal for your baby. And because it looks so yummy, you’re also invited to taste some – just make sure you do it once!


08. Plum Organics Second Blends

A pack of Plums Organic baby food contains punches of spinach pear and pears, blueberry pear, pumpkin bananas and purple carrot. It combines a perfect mix of pure fruits and vegetables to give your baby a swift transition to solid food with unique flavors and colors. The food is naturally preserved in an ergonomic, resealable pack for flexible portions. And just so you may know, this formula is intended for babies aged six months and above. It is USDA certified and non-GMO not to mention that it contains no artificial flavors.


07. Earth’s Best Organic Variety Pack

Earth’s Best has been in the business of making organic baby food for the last two decades and a half, creating a name as a top-notch, reliable outfit. This stage 1 jar is for infants aged four months and above. It contains organic food formulated with fruits, meat, vegetable and wholesome grains. It has a soft texture that the baby will love. You don’t have to worry that the jar may comprise the quality of the food – it is BPA free and resealable. For older kids, be sure to choose stage 2 or stage 3 jars based on your child’s age.

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06. Earth’s Best Organic Stage 2, Din Din Variety Pack

Got a kid who’s older than four months and would want a different pack other than the one we’ve reviewed above? Not to worry, Earth’s Best has got you covered! This stage 2 pack is formulated for children aged 6 months and over. The pack comes with three jars of sweet potatoes, summer vegetable, chicken dinner, turkey dinner, rice, and lentil. In short, the Earth’s Best organic stage 2 pack features a nutritional balance required to keep your baby healthy.


05. Earth’s Best Stage 2, Favorite Fruits Variety Pack

Hailed by moms as one of the best organic baby food, this pack contains a specially formulated combination of wholesome grains, veggies, meat and fruits. Again, just like the pack reviewed above, it is suited for babies aged 6 months and above. You can even choose between different texture and ingredients depending on your child’s “preferences”. Looking for organic food to replace those sweet potatoes? You can’t go wrong with this formula.


04. Happy Baby Clearly Crafted, Organic Baby Food

Happy Baby makes it into our top 10 best organic baby food list again, this time with the Puff Variety, a formula that combines kale, apple, carrot, banana, sweet potato, blueberry, and beet. But that’s not all there is to this pack. Because of its unique blend of ingredients, it will supply your baby with up to 10% and 15% daily intake of vitamin C and E respectively. And..oh, it contains 20 mg of chlorine to support eye and brain health.


03. Baby Snack Food Organic Pack

Are you ready to introduce you baby to an organic formula that melts in their mouth to release the natural goodness of apple, sweet potato, strawberry, and carrot? Check out the Baby Snack Pack, one of the most sought after organic baby food. According to parents who’ve given it to their children, it tastes great and has an excellent texture. These are ideal for teaching your little one tactility and self-feeding. And there’s a variety of flavors to choose from as well.


02. Happy Tot Organics Super Food

Do you know why this pack features on our list? It boasts a remarkable nutritional value than most organic baby food on the market. It rolls a tasty blend of organic fruits, chia seed, and veggies to keep your child supplied with enough nutrients for their daily growth. This formula is an excellent source of folate and vitamin C. It also contains other essential nutrients including omega 3 and potassium. One more thing, it is developed for stage four eaters!


01. Ella’s Kitchen Organic Stage 2

This is hands down the best organic baby food on the market at the moment if nutritional content is anything to go by. It combines apples, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, blueberries and a dash of lemon juice. The Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food is suited for kids aged six months and above. Once you’ve opened it, store it in the fridge for up to 48 hours. If frozen, simply dip it in hot water. To cut to the chase, this is the pack to for if you want to teach your baby healthy eating habits.

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