Top 10 Best Motorcycle Glasses For Enthusiastic Motorist In 2018

Ask any biker, and they’ll tell you that a good pair of motorcycle glasses is an indispensable tool to own. Among other things, glasses shield you from the elements of weather such as dust and the wind. That said, the best motorcycle glasses ought to be clear and stylish. Of course, you want something that will match the helmet, gloves, and jacket. We help kick-start your quest for a pair that’s worth your money with this all-inclusive top 10 list.

10. WYND Blocker Glasses

WYND Blocker Polarized Motorcycle & Fishing Floating Sports Wrap Sunglasses

If you love to bike, you will indeed like what the WYND blocker glasses have to offer. One of the trendiest pairs on the market, they feature plastic lens and can contour to the shape of your face. That way, you’re guaranteed of a tight fit. You also get to enjoy:

Floating Rubberized Frame

Speaking of a tight fit, these motorcycle glasses sport a unique frame that guards your eyes against infiltrating water when biking in extreme weather conditions. There’s also a rubberized earpiece to help maintain grip and stability on your head.

Lightweight Design

With a simple yet intuitive design, theirs is no doubt that the WYND can handle the intricacies of motorcycle riding. Additionally, they’re anti-scratch, shatterproof and impact resistant. One more thing, they promise 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays.

9. Get Lost Helmets Motorcycle Riding Goggles

Get Lost Helmets Motorcycle Riding Goggles

If you’re scouting for the best motorcycle glasses that go beyond riding, look no further than Get Lost Helmets. These are modish and will cover only your eyes. They even come with a slotted vent to prevent a red ring forming on your face when you take them off. You also get:

Reliable Eyes Protection

The Get Lost Helmets have a curved edge that expands to fit the shape of your face perfectly. You can, therefore, rest assured that these glasses will keep wind, rain, dust and bugs away from your eyes. Essentially, that should be your number one priority in every pair of motorcycle glasses.

Robust Build

These glasses are made to last. Unlike conventional goggles, these don’t have a foam structure. Instead, they feature heavy-duty thermoplastic polyurethane frame that assures months upon months of use. You can even carry them in your pocket or saddlebag without having to worry about wear and tear.

8. Black Padded Motorcycle Glasses

Black Padded Motorcycle Glasses

These glasses are tinted – perfect for riding at night. Biker’s who’ve used them say they offer incredible visibility with zero obstruction or peripheral vision. As the name suggests, they have all the padding you require for a comfortable fit while allowing continuous airflow. Other benefits include:

Two for the Price of One

These motorcycle glasses one in twos; one clear and the second pair with smoked effect. And that doesn’t mean that they’re expensive. In fact, these are one of the cheapest riding goggles you can get on the market at the moment.

Plain, yet Sturdy Look

If you like a minimalist design, you need to view these glasses. They’re just plain with no decals. Make no mistake about it, though! They’re quite long-lasting. Plus you can choose from black or yellow shades depending on your preference.

7. Freehawk Adjustable Motorcycle Goggles

Freehawk Adjustable Motorcycle Goggles

These are the best motorcycle glasses for anyone scouting a unique pair that will make them stand out. The Freehawk biking goggles come with a silicone strap that’s highly elastic. The band makes it one of the very few pairs that can fit any size of the head. Other notable features include:

PC Lenses

The patented lenses give the Freehawk glasses high transparency for everyday use. They’re also resistant to scratch and will remain intact even with impact. Of course, you get protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays.

Superior Exhaust Ventilation

The Freehawk boast a design that allows for optimal exhaust ventilation. By extension that translates into a comfortable ride. Meanwhile, the broad vision helps you avoid snow grains, powerful winds, and light.

6. Global Vision Outfitter Glasses

Global Vision Outfitter Glasses

This pair from Global Vision Outfitter is certainly a game changer. It conforms to the AZI Z87 1-2003 standards for safety and industrial application. Describing the Freehawk, one satisfied biker writes “cheap, practical and comfortable.” With this pair:

You Don’t Have to Remove Your Prescription Glasses!

Yes, the Global Vision Outfitter glasses are big (2.6 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches). In fact, they can fit over most prescription glasses. That means all you have to do is wear them and you’re ready to go. Now, that convenience at its best!

Anti-fog Coating

Riding through fog can be difficult especially due to reduced visibility. These glasses, however, are double-sided to reduce the impact fog has on your ability to see. And, the soft, airy foam that covers the nylon frame increases the level of comfort.

5. Choppers Motorcycle Glasses (3 Pairs)

Choppers Motorcycle Glasses (3 Pairs)

With a solid frame and a great feel backed by an inexpensive price tag, the Choppers deserve to be in the top 10 best motorcycle glasses collection. They’re adequately padded and soft to the skin. Get them and say goodbye to “windy” rides. Other perks include:

Years of Use

You want value for your money, and as such, you’d like a pair of glasses that can last for long. One customer says that he has had his for three years and still counting! Now, that sounds like the perfect motorcycle glasses especially if you’re a frequent biker.

Three Glasses

You get three biking glasses for less than twenty bucks – clear, dark and yellow. That way you can be sure that you will always cover your eyes irrespective of the weather or time of day. In simple terms, the Choppers have got you covered whenever you step on your bike!

4. Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses

This the pair to go for if you hit the road on your bike at night quite often. These have yellow lenses to ensure that you have the best possible visibility at night. They’re also remarkably good in the sunlight. You’d want to lay your hands on these because:

They Offer Excellent Clarity

Never mind that these glasses have a yellow tint. You can bet that you’ll enjoy a smooth ride without any distortion even in low light. During the day, combine them with a helmet that has an integrated sun shield, and you can ride in almost every condition.

You Have a Variety of Choices

If the yellow lenses don’t work for you, there still a host options. These motorcycle glasses are available in high definition, clear, amber, smoke and mirror lenses. To cut to the chase, there’s everything for everyone, even for the choosiest of riders.

3. Red Baron Motorcycle Goggles

Red Baron Motorcycle Goggles

Made by Global Vision, an industry leader Red Baron is one of the most sophisticated motorcycle goggles you can get on the market. Boasting a unique design, these will seal your face and block the wind while riding. With these you get:

Comfortable Night or Day Riding

It doesn’t matter when you want to ride – the Red Baron Goggles will be there to shield you from the elements of weather. You have an option to choose between clear and smoked lenses. By extension, that means you don’t have to change lenses whenever you want to bike.

Unsurpassed Reliability

You can trust that the Red Baron will step up to the plate even when the weather gets extreme. Just as you’d expect from some of the best motorcycle glasses, these are shatter and scratch proof. Besides, the UV400 filter guarantees protection for the sun rays.

2. grinderPUNCH Motorcycle Riding Glasses

grinderPUNCH Motorcycle Riding Glasses

More than 70% of bikers who’ve used these glasses in the past vouch for them. With such a recommendation, you certainly would want to try them out. And, there’s more than one reason to do so including:

Wind-free Eyes at Freeway Speed

You know the wind can interfere with your bike ride, more so at high speeds. With the grinderPUNCH as part of your riding gear, that won’t happen, thanks to the close fit over your eyes. Each lens measures 3 x 1 ¼ inches to cover your eyes entirely.

Great if You Don’t Wear Contact Lenses

Because the grinderPUNCH are available in dark and clear shades, you can use them without wearing contact lenses. Be sure to choose what suits your preference depending on the time of day.

1. Private Label Motorcycle Glasses (3 Pair)

Private Label Motorcycle Glasses (3 Pair)

These are arguably the best motorcycle glasses on the market. For starters, Private Label has more than 1,500 customer reviews and lots of positive feedback. Well, if this pair has worked for others, it will most likely work for you too. You should expect:

Ultimate Protection

The mirror coating on these glasses can only mean one thing – your eyes will stay safe, away from the harmful UV rays. You may want to know that it is this pair’s ability to offer unmatched protection that has customers coming back. View them, and be part of the statistics!

Great – for the price

While the Private Label glasses may not match the dexterity of high-end units, they are still laudable for the price. Some bikers are of the opinion that they’re the best within their category. Of course, for less than ten grand, it is hard to see it any other way.

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