Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Gloves In 2018 – Keep Your Hands Warm

The best winter gloves should keep your hands (and fingers) warm when the weather gets chilly. Well, that’s a no-brainer, right? Of course! However, it gets a little bit tricky when it comes to the actual choosing of a pair that will work for you and your job.


Now, that’s a lot of considerations to make right there! It would, therefore, come as a relief if you found a one-stop resource to help choose the warmest gloves quicker. That precisely what we’ve done. We’ve rounded up the best winter gloves to ensure that choosing your ideal pair doesn’t have to be a struggle. Any of these pairs will prevent your hands from freezing in when the temps drop.

10. Wells Lamont Winter Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Winter Work Gloves

The warmest winter gloves don’t have to be expensive. This pair by Wells Lamont is not only of the cheapest on this list, but also one of the warmest. And just as the name suggests, it is an excellent pick for machine operation, DIY projects, and cold weather construction. Here’s why it caught our attention.

Heavy Fleece Lining

You’d expect nothing short of heavy-duty construction for a glove that claims to help you work in comfort during cold weather. This pair of winter gloves comes with a dense fleece lining with an incredible forty grams of Thinsulate insulation for extra warmth. It is water-resistant too and even has breathable inserts to keep your hands dry.

Reinforced Palm

When we say that this glove is all about helping your work in comfort during winter, we mean it in every sense of the word. It has a robust palm complete with tough synthetic leather. And the best part is that you can adjust the fit using the wrist closure. In effect, you’ll enjoy a tighter fit while keeping snow and other materials at bay.

9. Vbiger Winter Gloves

Vbiger Winter Gloves

These are one of the best men’s winter gloves if you like to text or call quite often. They’re an excellent choice for a busy business executive who’s answering and making phone calls regularly. You will love what it has to offer if you’re a social media enthusiast who likes to spend time on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms. We take a closer look at the Vbiger.

Non-inverted Velvet

The primary reason these gloves performs excellently on the touchscreen is their design. They feature first-class velvet top and a thick lining for warmth and a tighter fit. Apart from allowing you to work on your smartphone or tablet, the Vbiger is ideal for biking or driving.

Pocket Friendly

These gloves are easy on your hands as they are on your wallet. In fact, if the OZERO gloves we reviewed earlier are beyond your reach, these could be an equally good alternative. We must mention, however, that these may not necessarily hold up well against extreme temps.

8. Wells Lamont Black Winter Gloves

Wells Lamont Black Winter Gloves

Wells Lamont makes a return into our top ten best men’s winter gloves list. This pair is a stellar pick for anyone tired of bulky gloves that offer no dexterity. The one thing that sets it from other heavy duty options is the flexibility it brings to the fore. So pliable is this glove that it allows you to unzip your jacket without having to take them off. And there is more:

80 Grams of Insulation

Yes! Now that’s what we like to call “massive insulation” – the kind that allows you to complete any DIY project even in the coldest of weathers. The comfortable closure provides a custom fit while the padded knuckles and palm offer added protection.

Unrivaled Versatility

Those who’ve used these gloves term them as all-purpose, and we couldn’t agree more. These allow you to perform almost every other project in comfort from landscaping to use of power and hand tools as well as shoveling. Plus, Wells Lamont says they’re “stubborn” about quality so you can expect these to last for a couple of seasons.

7. Heritage Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves

Heritage Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves

The stylish design and the adequate padding make these gloves so comfortable you can wear them all day. They’re skin-friendly, and with a wicking liner just in case your hands get too heated. Fans say that these gloves are “snug warm and efficient” with great dexterity making them perfect for driving. Other highlights include:

Four Barriers of Protection

The Heritage boasts unmatched ability when it comes to keeping you warm. Its seventy grams of insulation is enough to help keep your fingers functional even in the chilliest of weather. And for those who may be concerned, this glove supports touchscreen technology thanks to the conductive patches on the index finger and the thumb.

Polar Fleece Liner

ndeed the Heritage offers everything you’d need to keep the water, cold and wind out. It sports a think polar fleece liner that increases insulation threefold. In other words, with that level of warmth, your fingers could never get cold even if they tried! Moreover, these are Arctic-tested for extreme use.

6. Carhartt Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt Insulated Work Glove

When the temperatures plummet, and you aren’t sure what Mother Nature has in store for you, be sure to wear these babies before you leave the house. They feature Carhartt’s patented shell and water-resistant inserts to keep the elements for weather out. And there are even more reasons to fall in love with these gloves including:

Fast Dry Technology

By now, you know that the best gloves for winter should keep your hand dry (other than keeping them warm). Well, that shouldn’t be a problem with the Carhartt. They have ultra soft insulation reinforced by a unique wicking ability. In effect, you can bet that your hands will stay sweat-free when things start to get hot.

Stretch Fleece Cuff

A good glove has to fit in your hand perfectly. The Carhartt has a wrist strap closure and an elastic cuff to lock it in place. It has a soft wipe – a helpful feature when you need to wipe your nose but has no tissue. The all-purpose polytex with a PU palm assures durability.

5. Harrms Nappa Leather Gloves

Harrms Nappa Leather Gloves

Leather weather! The Harrms is for any man who wants to stay warm during winter in style. The Nappa leather makes this one of the highest quality pairs in this collection. These gloves feel, look and provide a five-star performance at the top of their class. Here’s what makes them tick.

Nano Technology

The Harms is touchscreen capable – just as you’d hoped. Think of it as your smartphone partner in winter. The cashmere lining is not only luxurious but also has a feel that mimics a warm pillow on your palms. It is thus an excellent choice for long days at the office in subzero temperatures.

Hand-made to Precision

Harrms motto is “let luxurious belong to the public” and nothing echoes that statement better than this pair’s design. Everything from the material selection to designing and sewing seeks to help bring out our sense of fashion even in cold weather. The only thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t rub your pair on rough or sharp objects.

4. Youngstown Waterproof Winter Plus Gloves

Youngstown Waterproof Winter Plus Gloves

Water-resistant, stylish and insulated, these gloves by Youngstown are ready to use right out the box. They will hold up well in cold, rain and snow allowing you to work, ride or ski in comfort. Of course, the vibrant stitching brings to the fore some pop to set you apart from the crowd. What’s more?

Non-slip Palm Reinforcement

There’s no denying that the Youngstown is versatile. In the same breath, you’d expect that it offers a firm grip on all surfaces. And true to your expectations this pair has a flexible Clarino palm reinforcement to give you a superior grip whether you’re biking, ice fishing, rock climbing or skiing.

Terry Cloth Thumb

When debris stick on your cloth, wipe them away with the terry cloth thumb and maintain a clean look. Meanwhile, the Youngstown’s specialized membrane prevents water from reaching your hand while regulating the temperature inside your glove. This pair is ideal for work temps ranging from forty-five to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

3. MCTi Waterproof Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Gloves

Snowy weather doesn’t have to stop you taking part in outdoor activities, not with the MCTi waterproof gloves as part of your winter gear. This pair has a wear resistant PU palm and rubber fingers to give a tight yet flexible grip on your skis. Besides, it also has a zipper pocket to carry items such as ID cards, key or cash – talk of a functional thermal glove! Other notable features include:

3M Insulation

Just when you thought insulation couldn’t get any better, MCTi throws in a pair with 140 grams of padding! Now, if you had any doubts that this is one of the best ski gloves, the outstanding design indeed quells your fears. You can use these gloves for winter riding or snowboarding – yes, they’re that good.

Windproof Function

The MCTi comes with three layers of soft-shell that makes it virtually impossible for snow or cold to penetrate as you ride. In the meantime, the water-resistant inserts ensure that you hand stays dry. Other than that, the lining is remarkably soft and skin friendly.

2. OZERO Cold Weather Glove

OZERO Cold Weather Glove

First things first, these gloves by OZERO can help you withstand temperatures of up to – 40°F! We’re talking about the ability to prevent your fingers from becoming numb as you ski! Heck, these could very well be one of best ski gloves on the market. Here’s what makes them such a brilliant choice:

Brand-exclusive HEATLOCK Technology

OZERO had your needs to stay warm in mind when making this pair. Each glove features a unique outer material with hollow fibers and microfiber. That way, your hands can stay warm without feeling bulky. The HEATLOCK technology helps maintain heat in the gloves even when temps plunge to as low as – 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soft and Durable Material

The OZERO has a deer suede leather palm and one of a kind leather patch to give you a better grip. The polar fleece is not only breathable but also resistant to sweat. And that not all there is to pair. It is wind resistant, thereby offering you the comfort that you need to work or ski during winter.

1. OZERO Cold Proof Thermal Glove

OZERO Cold Proof Thermal Glove

Closing our best men’s winter gloves picks is this pair by OZERO. A perfect choice if you reside in a cold area, these are all-season gloves, enabling you to use them beyond winter. They’re sporty too; so you can be sure to complements at work or social events. And there’s more.

A Blend of Dexterity and Comfort

There’s nothing you can’t do with the OZERO gloves. They keep your fingers warm all through so that you can carry out day to day tasks with ease. The interior is super thick and comfortable. The palm’s grip is superior too, preventing slips when you hold onto something.

Low Profile Design

The OZERO’s construction allows you to keep your fingers in their natural position and relaxed. That way, your hand remains nimble for quick grabs. These gloves are wear resistant, letting you to use for months upon months. And, they can handle temperatures as low as – 20 degrees Fahrenheit.[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]

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