Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Gloves Review In 2017

During cold winter months, frostbite is a common complication that affects millions globally. Even though debilitating, prevention is relatively easier with one of the 10 best winter gloves for men reviewed on this list. They are comfortable, formfitting, and have well insulated design that keeps the hands warms and highly comfortable. They are also affordable, fit different hand shapes and sizes, and are attainable in a plethora of interesting designs that never disappoint. Read on for a detailed review of their benefits and features that several users consider invaluable.

10. Global Warmers Adults N’Ice Caps Winter Gloves

Global Warmers Adults N'Ice Caps Thinsulate and Waterproof Colorblocked Ski Gloves

Designed for adults, Global Warmers Adults N’Ice Caps is a pair of comfortable and warm ski gloves that double as excellent winter gloves. They are color blocked, durable, and have an advance thinsulate coating that creates a warm and waterproof barrier that does not irritate the hands. You also get knit-finished extended length cuffs that offer sufficient coverage, adjustable web straps on and under wrists that guarantee a custom fit, a machine washable design that it relatively easier to clean.

9. Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Winter Gloves

Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Thermal Waterproof Utility Gloves

Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP is set of waterproof and thermal utility gloves for men that protect the hand from cold and injuries during cold winter months. It is large-size, has excellent dexterity, and has a breathable yet waterproof liner that keeps the hands cool and as comfortable as possible without compromising safety. Each glove has 40grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation. This pair of winter gloves also has padded spandex backs that improve flexibility; double reinforced synthetic leather palms that withstand everyday abuse, and low-profile woven elastic cuffs that guarantee a custom fit.

8. Seirus Innovation 1431 Hyperlite Winter Gloves

Seirus Innovation 1431 Hyperlite All Weather Polartec Cold Weather Winter Glove

Considered among the best in this niche, Seirus Innovation 1431 Hyperlite by Seirus Innovation is a pair of all-weather Polartec gloves made of a durable and water-resistant nylon fabric. Both gloves are durable; have low-maintenance black themes; and have comfortable thermal insulated designs that keep hands dry and warm. The patented WeatherShield Tri-Laminate technology used to manufacture them is professional-grade. The four way stretch outer layer on offer is versatile, while the lightweight, breathable, and advanced moisture-wicking designs make them ideal personal accessories for exploring the outdoors.

7. Isotoner Men’s Smartouch Tech Stretch Winter Gloves

Isotoner Men's Smartouch Tech Stretch Gloves

Light, durable, and manufactured using a comfortable and stretchy 100% polyester (back), and 94% polyester and 6% spandex Lycra, Smartouch Tech by Isotoner is a pack of high-grade hand washable stretch gloves for men with a durable shell back for optimal support. This set of winter gloves is affordable, lined using 100% polyester for optimal comfort, and has a plethora of innovative features including non-slip palms that improve grip, a touchscreen-compactible SmarTouch technology, and durable and elastic cuffs that supports the wrists well for a custom and comfortable fit.

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6. Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves

Heritage Extreme Winter Glove

Designed for use in extreme winter environments, Heritage Extreme is a black-themed set of quality winter gloves with four barriers of fabric that keep your hands warm, comfortable, and protected from harsh environmental elements such as frost, rain, and wind. It is affordable, has a breathable lining that improves user comfort further, and has accurate and touchscreen-friendly fingertips that allow you to operate your smartphone or tablet worry free. You also get a durable palm grip, 70grams of bonded 3M Thinsulate insulation, and zipper hand warmer pockets.

5. Timberland Men’s Magic Winter Gloves

Timberland Men's Magic Glove with Touchscreen Technology

Christened the magic Glove, Timberland for men winter glove is a technologically advanced winter accessory with a solid knit design that lasts long. It is machine washable, made of a breathable 100% acrylic fabric, and has a three-finger touchscreen technology that allows you to operate your smartphone easily. Both wrists are supportive, form fitting, and adjust easily for a custom fit.

4. Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Winter Gloves

Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves - Men's

Popular in top 10 best men’s winter gloves review in 2017, Gordini Gore-Tex is a pair of men’s gauntlet gloves made of a durable and waterproof polytex fabric. The fabric flexes conveniently for optimal support and comfort. It has breathable inserts that keeps the hands cools and dry, has a 100% polyester lining that keeps the hands warm, and has a reinforced leather and polyurethane palm that not only improves grip, but also protects users from developing callouses when working. You also get durable gauntlet-cinch closure systems that seal out snow and wind.

3. Hot Shot Men’s the Sentry Mittens (Winter Gloves)

Hot Shot Men's The Sentry Mittens

Made of a pop-mitted wool and acrylic blend fabric and fitted with 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation, Hot Shot for men is a pair of warm and comfortable The Sentry Mittens gloves with split leather palm patches that improve grip. Even though thicker (1/4 inches) than most comparable models, the high level of protection on offer is worth the added weight. They also fit snugly on the hands, have deeper one-size-fit-all gussets that offer better coverage, and have a dense weave that does not lose its shape, consistency, and or functionality after several washing escapades.

2. ELMA Luxury Men’s Winter Gloves

Luxury Men's Touchscreen Texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Dress Driving Gloves (Cashmere or Wool Lining)

If you are shopping for a new pair of winter gloves, and versatility and comfort rank highest on your list of wants, ELMA Luxury Men’s Winter Gloves might be the best for you. The Italian Nappa leather used to manufacture it is luxurious. The wool or cashmere lining that it comes with keeps the hands warm and comfortable, while the touchscreen contacts that it comes with ease operation of smartphones. You also get an aesthetic and low maintenance black theme and non-slip details on all palms.

1. Mechanix Wear Winter Gloves

Mechanix Wear Original Black

Top on our list, Mechanix Wear is a pair of two form-fitting winter gloves each with an industrial grade hook and closure system that guarantees a stable and comfortable fit. The TrekDry technology used to manufacture them keep hands warm. Both gloves also have Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closures that support wrists well, are machine washable, and have dexterous synthetic leather palms that last.

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