Top 10 Best Massage Pillows with Heat Reviewed In 2017

Massage pillows with heat are a must have for a modern fitness enthusiast. These little nuggets bring forth a convenient, effective way to elevate body pain and muscle stress. The best part is, you can take them with you anywhere, from your car, office or hotel room. Other benefits of massage pillows with heat include:

  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Increasing circulation
  • Increasing comfort during pregnancy
  • Stimulating better sleep

That said, choosing the best massage pillow with heat isn’t the easiest of endeavors. That’s why we review ten of the most sought after pieces to help you narrow down your options.

10. Nekteck Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

The Nekteck is generously versatile and super cushy. It features four deep-kneading massage heads to soothe and revitalize sore muscles. It is remotely controllable, and you can even set the amount of heat it generates for adding comfort. In the meantime, the ultra soft fabric offers a calming surface as you massage the pain away. It is the cushion to buy if you want to suppress pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

09. HoMedics Thera-P Shiatsu Massage Pillow

At just 13.5 inches wide, this pillow is one of the smallest massage pillows with heat, but its innovative design makes it stand out. It comes with kneading massage nodes to relax tight muscles in minutes. Users attest to its ability to work as advertised. The durability is not in question either, with a section of shoppers having used it for up to 5 years. One thing that sets the HoMedics apart from its competitors is the ability to contour to your body. Check it out!

08. Naipo Neck Pillow Massager

This very best massage pillow with heat seeks to alleviate body pain without hurting your skin. With nodes that can heat up to 40 degrees centigrade, this one promises exactly that. It is UL-approved and compatible with adapters of up to 240 Volts. Fans say its massage action mimics the kneading of a therapist’s hands. Also, the Naipo’s ergonomic W design allows you to focus on a particular target area, for a satisfying experience. Note – this pillow is programmed to work at 20-minute intervals.

07. Gideon Shiatsu Eight Rollers Massage Pillow

This heated massage cushion combines style and dexterity. It boasts an industry-first eight massage nodes for a deep massage. It also has exclusive 3D counter-rotating balls to help your muscles release stress, knots, and aches. And because of its compact size, you can use at in your chair at home or office desk. You can even take it you to the commuter train! To make the most out of this pillow, be sure to use the heat therapy feature for radiating gentle warmth.

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06. HoMedics SP-100H Massage Pillow

If neck pain is reducing your ability to work, consider this budget friendly massage pillow. Shaped to ease discomfort and conform to body’s natural curvature, it will enable you to relax a sore back or neck. The HoMedics SP-100H works by kneading your body in an outward and inward motion. That way, it can deliver a more authentic massage experience for up to 10 minutes. One happy customer writes “this gives and amazing massage after a long day.”

05. Restoration Shiatsu Massage Pillow

If you’d love to unwind as you get a warm neck and shoulder massage, view this pillow. Approved by the FDA, it uses innovative technology to promote blood circulation and mitigate fatigue. It relieves pain caused by muscle tenderness too. The Restoration is also ideal for upper and lower back knots. To keep it short, this is a well-thought-out package to help you calm down after a long, stressful day. Its price is reasonable as well.

04. Gideon Shiatsu Four Rollers Massage Pillow

Transform your bed or couch into a full massage therapy spot with this cushion from Gideon. With four rotating nodes, it will loosen your shoulder, neck, and lower back muscles. You can also increase the intensity of massage by pressing hard against it. Unlike most massage pillows with heat, it comes with a stretchable strap for safety. Highly convenient and easy-to-use, it also allows to you customize your experience by shifting between massage patterns.

03. LiBa Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow

This pillow sports an ergonomic U-design and is perfect for the calf, abdomen, and thigh areas. It features a patented heating function that you can turn on and off with ease. The LiBa can switch between massage patterns in a one-minute interval, making one of the most responsive massage pillows on the market. With consistent use, it can lessen chronic back pain help you save on medications. And with a warranty spanning three years, you’re never in doubt about its quality and ability to offer value for your money.

02. VIKTOR JURGEN Massage Pillow

Owning this pillow equates to having a personal masseuse! It could as well make the best gift for your elderly parent or friend. Strap it to your favorite chair, shut off your mind and let it take away muscle pain in minutes. The VIKTOR JURGEN can reach an optimum temperature of 80 degrees centigrade to leave your entire body feeling calm and rejuvenated. Those who’ve used it like the flexible mesh and the soft exterior leather. The stitching is uniform and tight too. To cap it all, it comes with a cord to give you maximum control.

01. Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Pillow Massager

With an impressive 4.6 stars rating and rave reviews the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK is a premium massage cushion. It is ultra-slim and has a heating function that soothes painful muscles effortlessly. To use it, all you have to do is switch it on and let your stress drain away. The massage nodes automatically reverse directions for a sensual massage experience. You also get a cigarette charger with your purchase so that you can use the ZMA-13-BK in your car. And with a 20-minute auto shutoff, you’re protected from overheating.

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