Top 10 Best Leather Duffel Bags In 2018 – Best Luggage For Traveling

Leather duffel bags are here to stay! Ask any avid traveler, and they’ll tell you the same! But, even if you don’t travel a lot, you certainly need something convenient to carry your stuff when vacating or taking short trips.

The best leather duffel bag ought to be soft-sided and of course, have the right capacity to pack your items efficiently. Why leather, you may ask?

Well, the number one reason is the durability these bags bring to the fore. They’re not in any way comparable to plastic ones, and you can be sure to use them for a long time. There’s the versatility aspect too. You can carry your leather bag on a plane or during a deer hunting trip in Kentucky. In simpler terms, you can take your bag virtually anywhere without feeling awkward or out of place.

Sure, a duffel bag will give the swag you need to stay (and look) different, but the question is – which is the best bag for the money? Spotting the ideal one isn’t always that easy, but then again, it doesn’t have to be difficult – not with our best leather duffel bags guide.

So, read on, and find that duffel bag you’ve been dreaming of!

10. ROCKCOW Vintage Weekender

ROCKCOW Vintage Weekender

The name couldn’t have been more appropriate – the Weekender is you to-go-for duffel bag during short weekend getaways. It’s small and easy to carry around. The classic design gives the bag a unisex appeal and thus a perfect fit for men and women. Other notable qualities that caught our eye include:

Elegance You’ll Love

Functionality aside – the Weekender is as elegant as you’d wish it to be. In fact, its stylish look is a massive hit with the fans. The makers say that the Weekender’s design is all about giving you a pleasant experience and we couldn’t agree more.

Perfect Versatility

The Weekender is more than just a duffel bag. You can also use it as a handle or shoulder bag. In essence, it means that you carry it to the gym or as an everyday bag. Other than that, it has a metal feet bottom to ensure that your bag stays protected against the surface. The thick, hard-wearing leather and the bear loading system increase the bag’s function.

The Weekender comes in black, dark brown and vintage brown colors.

9. Handmadecraft “Byto”

Handmadecraft "Byto"

If you tend to overpack for the weekend or quick trips, the Byto is the duffel bag for you. It is one of the biggest bags on this list, complete with an internal compartment, an exterior front pocket, and two zip pockets. Meanwhile, the buckle fastening help keep your belongings safely tucked inside the bag. It even gets better with this bad boy.

Quality You Can Trust

When looking for the best duffel bag, you got to be sure that it can last. Don’t always fall for the “leather” top adverts. You need to be sure that bag you intend to purchase is of genuine leather, just as this one is. And just so you may know it uses naturally tanned Fair Trade goatskin.

Trendy Workmanship

The Byto is indeed pleasing to the eye. Apparently, the up-to-the-minute look allows you to carry it to various places from the beach to the camping trip. Besides, you can use it as a cross-body, leisure or ladies bag. It would make a brilliant gift idea for your boyfriend as well. Your grandma would relish it as a vintage bag while your papa would love it as a Christmas present.

8. Phoenix Craft Pc 24”

Phoenix Craft Pc 24”

An inexpensive option, the Phoenix Craft is 24 inches in length, 11 inches in height and depth to comfortably carry your prized possessions. In fact, this bag is enough to pack your clothes and accessories for a three to five day holiday. It even has side and front pockets to create room for your other belongings such as cash and mobile devices. Other notable traits include:

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Okay, this is a must-have feature in any leather duffel bag worth your money. The Phoenix Craft, however, comes with a strap that allows you to get the correct adjustment as per your luggage’s weight. Now, that’s what we call making travel easy! We couldn’t fail to notice the quality zippers, fitting, and buckles.

Durable Canvas Lining

The best leather duffel bag ought to look beautiful on the outside, but the inside should be tough as well. The Phoenix Craft sports a canvas lining to complement the dry free leather. The handcrafted outer design adds a classy touch to an already wonderfully made bag.

7. BAOSHA Travel Tote

BAOSHA Travel Tote

The BAOSHA is for anyone looking for first-class quality but doesn’t have the money to spend. It is one of the most affordable options in this collection. If you’re in pursuit for a minimalist duffel bag without the whistles and bells of other fancy bags, this is the bag for you. Yes, the BAOSHA is cheap, but it has a lot to offer including:

Large Carrying Capacity

If space is your greatest concern, the BAOSHA has got you sorted. It is relatively large in comparison to most bags in this roundup. It is bigger than a standard gym bag, making it an excellent choice for extended trips and weekends.

Remarkable Adaptability

A shoulder strap is indeed handy for a duffel bag. But, at times, when your luggage starts to weigh you down, you may want to alternate how you carry your bag. Apart from the broad, adequately cushioned canvas strap, the BAOSHA also comes with a heavy-duty, soft hold. That way, you can easily convert it into a carry bag as per your needs. This bag comes in black, blue, grey and army green colors.

6. Leathario Men’s Travel Duffle

Leathario Men’s Travel Duffle

The Leathario comes at a hefty price tag but has unmatched exclusiveness and dexterity to make it up for it. The appearance is on point too, more so the smooth, natural look aided by the vegetable oil rubbed on the leather. If you’re a sophisticated, modern man who likes to bring out his sense of style, you’ll love what the Leathario has to offer.

Traditional Manual Craft

This leather duffel bag has a unique nylon thread for a beautiful yet highly durable façade. It has plenty of room too and can easily accommodate your iPad, laptop, clothes and other accessories. Weighing less than two pounds, the Leathario is incredibly light even with your personal effects inside.

Convenient Zipping System

The Leathario has a dual zipping system for smooth opening and closing of your bag. The bag’s interior has a soft fabric lining and two internal side pockets for things such as your passport, headphones, chargers, magazines and so forth. Choose between black and brown shades as per your taste and preferences.

5. Komal’s Passion Leather Duffel Bags

Komal's Passion Leather Duffel Bags

We couldn’t help but get carried away by the Komal’s duffel bag, one of the best in its class. A large bag by design and capacity, it boasts unique details such as abrasion and water resistant finish, making it a real winner for frequent travels. Other reasons we vouch for this bag include:

A Multitude of Compartment

You see, when purchasing leather duffel bags, you need to be sure that it can allow you to arrange your items properly and systematically. When you pack your belongings methodically, it becomes easier to carry the bag around. The Komal’s comes with one big compartment and pockets for everything including shoes, sports gear, and accessories.

Thick Leather

This bag is not only well-made but also features a thick, naturally-tanned thick leather. Even then, it is quite light and scores fairly well when it comes to reliability. With all it has to offer and the excellent craftsmanship, the Komal’s promises to be a perfect travel companion and gift item.

4. David King & Co. Duffel Bags

David King & Co. Duffel Bags

David King & Co. is a name to reckon in the leather products industry, and this duffel bag explains the reason. For starters, this is a top-notch bag whichever way you look at it, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its makers know a thing or two about helping you travel in style. Here’s what we mean:

Modern, Hip Look

This is indeed a trendy bag to carry around. It looks deluxe without being overly aggressive. We’re talking about the kind of elegance that will make you feel as though you are heading to your private jet, even when you’re only taking a trip in a local train. Yes! It’s that classy!

Clamshell Opening

This bag has a wide opening that allows you to pack and unpack quickly. It also has hook and loop top handles as well as removable body strap with a cushioned shoulder. And if you don’t mind bright colors, this bag is available in Tan, Regular Tan, and distressed Red.

3. B&F Embassy Leather Duffle Bag

B&F Embassy Leather Duffle Bag

Our top 10 best leather duffel bags list takes an interesting yet fashionable turn with this unit by B&F. First of all, it’s a low-budget bag, despite its large size. It has most compartments than any other bag on this list not to mention the rugged look that any outdoor enthusiast will love. Other than that, here’s what you get for your money with the B&F.

Lots of Space

This bag is roomy with plenty of pockets – the primary reason most users love it. It will comfortably accommodate your clothes and accessories for a night or two. Of course, the extra side pockets mean that you won’t have a problem finding space for your cosmetics, toothbrushes, and medication.

A Luxurious Look

Yes, the B&F is cheap, but that doesn’t in any way compromise its quality. It looks quite high-end and holds up well even with consistent use. The zippers and the ring handles are of first-class quality too. If you’re a frequent camper, you ought to add this bag to your camping gear. Did we mention that it is weather resistant?

2. Cenzo Vecchio Duffle

Cenzo Vecchio Duffle

There’s something about Italian products. The Cenzo Vecchio is more than a duffel bag – it is a status symbol! The Italian brown leather is trendy and is indeed a signature to let those around you know that you roll like a boss! Of course, the price is steep, but this is the bag that tells everyone who sees you that you’re flying to the expensive Manama for a weekend getaway. We kid you not! Here’s what you get with the Cenzo Vecchio.

Cotton Duck Canvas Lining

The Vecchio’s interior is as good as the exterior. The luxurious lining protects your valuable possessions from scratches. You can tuck in your iPad, tablet or jewelry and without having to worry about them rubbing with the outer leather. The lining is durable too!


The Cenzo Vecchio rivals expensive duffel bags in every angle. The longevity of the Italian calfskin leather is on another level as is the brass zipping system. The zipper can open from either direction while the leather patch on both sides ensures that it doesn’t fall completely open either side. The reddish-brown leather completes the luxe feel.

1. S-ZONE Oversized Duffel Shoulder Handbag

S-ZONE Oversized Duffel Shoulder Handbag

Our best leather duffel bags collection wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this one by S-ZONE. This is an excellent bag for a wedding weekend when you need a large bag to carry your clothes and still stay sharp. Here are other reasons you’ll love this bag.

Soft Canvas Top

The S-ZONE is mainly canvas, trimmed with high-quality leather. It has a woven design to give it a retro, modish look that is easy to identify. Plus, it can unzip from duffel to a carry bag, ensuring that you pack your formal and casual outfit with effortlessly.

Elaborate Artistry

This bag epitomizes the quality and inventiveness of S-ZONE. Apart from the premium materials, it boasts sophisticated craft backed by a multipurpose design to meet your needs even better. The buckles and clasps are attractive while the shoulder strap is two inches wide for increased comfort.

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