Top 10 Best Laptop Bags Reviewed in 2016

Laptops, even though essential, are fragile accessories that need special care during transportation and or storage. Water and UV, for instance, are their major enemies, while dents and scratches are common when carried in backpacks with books and other personals. To maximize comfort while protecting your laptop at the same time, a well-designed laptop bag will come in handy. They are cost effective, have padded and dedicated laptop pocket that optimize safety, and have several accessory pockets you can use to organize other belongings in transit. Buy one of these top 10 models for the best experience.

10. Mosiso Shoulder Briefcase Bag

Mosiso Felt 15.4 Inch Shoulder Bag Briefcase Carrying Case Cover Laptop Bag for 15 MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Compatible with Most 13 Inch Ultrabook Netbook, Black

Light, portable, and recommended for carrying several types of laptops, notebooks, and even netbooks, Mosiso is a premium shoulder briefcase designed to fit up to 15.4-inch machines. It is light, black-themed, and made of environmentally friendly synthetic felt fabric that combines both style and comfort. It shoulder strap is adjustable for added comfort. The top handle offered is stable, while its plush-lined interior protects laptops from scratches and or accidental damage when in transit.

9. Brinch Unisex Oxford

Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag for 15 - 15.6-Inch Laptop

Recommended for males and females, this unisex oxford laptop bag by Brinch is a well-designed sleeve messenger bag with a light and portable design that users like. It is affordable, fits up to 15.6 MacBook, laptops, chromebooks, and Ultrabooks, and has a padded polyester construction with an aesthetic black theme that does not fade over time. This bag has padding for safety. The Velcro pockets offered are perfect for storing small belongings, while its fabric lining and convenient top loading design improve safety and ease of use.

8. Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag

Laptop Shoulder Bag Briefcase, Mosiso Denim Fabric Shoulder Bag Briefcase Carry Case for 12.9 iPad Pro

Do you own a compact 13.3-inch laptop and or a 12.9-inch iPad Pro that you travel with to school or work daily? To protect it from scratches, bumps, and environmental elements such as water and UV in transit, this laptop shoulder bag by Mosiso is one of the best products to use. The quality fabric used to make it is light, durable, and has a well-finished interior that does not scratch nor lower the structural integrity of laptops in any way. It also has a shock and bump absorbing polyester foam padding that adds another layer of protection, an adjustable shoulder strap that eases usage, and a plethora of side pockets for storing small items such as adapters.

7. Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag

Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Laptop Bag for 17-Inch Laptop, Black

Designed for storing and transporting large laptops measuring up to 17-inches, Snugg Crossbody is a durable black-themed shoulder messenger bag made of a stylish PU leather fabric. It is super-stable, features striking metallic fastenings that boost its stability further, and has a padded interior for safety and 6 internal stash pockets for keeping personals well organized. Its top loading design is easy to use. The adjustable shoulder strap offered eases commuting and travel, while the 12-month Snugg warranty offered mirrors its value.

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6. Brinch Waterproof Laptop Case Bag

Brinch 15, 15.6-Inch Waterproof Laptop Case Bag with Handle for Apple Macbook, Chromebook, Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba - Purple

Designed to offer optimal protection against the elements and mechanical damage, this laptop case by Brinch is an aesthetic and water resistant bag that fits up to 15.6 inch machines. It has a striking purple theme, a large 380 x 290 x 35mm interior that fits laptops conveniently with room to spare, and has a sturdy and anti-slip design that lowers the risk of slipping and dropping in transit. You also get zippered pockets for securing charging adapters and other personals, a reversible neoprene construction that absorbs impact, and plush Lycra lining that that protects laptops from scratches and mechanical damage.

5. Brinch Multi-functional Suit

Brinch 15.6-Inch Multi-functional Suit Fabric Portable Laptop Sleeve Case Bag for Laptop, Tablet, Macbook, Notebook - Grey

As its name suggests, this suit case bag by Brinch is a versatile laptop accessory with a light and portable construction that benefits individuals that travel often. It is affordable, fits 15.6 inch laptops, notebooks, and Macbooks excellently, and has a striking grey theme and a padded interior that absorbs shock well, to lower the risk of scratches and mechanical damage. Its padded strap fits comfortable on shoulders, while its zippered pockets and integrated full-front flap prevent water damage.

4. BRINCH Nylon Waterproof Laptop Case

BRINCH Nylon Waterproof Laptop Case with Side Pockets for Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch Mini Asus DELL HP Samsung ,15.6-Inch, Purple

Popular in top 10 best laptop bags reviewed in 2016, this laptop case by Brinch is a unique model manufactured using a light and water resistant nylon fabric that offers value. It has a salient purple theme. The side pocket offered is large enough to fit a 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, while its top loading build is not only easy to load but also empty, without scratching and or damaging laptops. Buyers also get polyester foam padding that offers superior shock absorption, a slim construction that is perfect for everyday travel, and a front pocket for storing small personal items such as key, cable, and power adapters.

3. Case Logic DLC-115

Case Logic DLC-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase (Black)

Case Logic DLC-115 is a black-themed briefcase that fits 15.6-inch tablets and laptops well. It is durable, has a quilted and asymmetric design that secures/ protects laptops well, and has a modernized casual design that you will enjoy carrying to work and or school without compromising comfort. It also has padded top-oriented handles and a padded carry strap that diversifies carrying options, elevated nylex lining that keeps laptops scratch-free, and organization panel for storing small belongings such as keys, laptop chargers, cords, or notebooks. Case Logic offers a limited 25-year warranty for an original.

2. Mobile Edge Messenger Bag

17.3-Inch Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag (Green)

For those conscious about the environment but also want to secure their laptops or notebook well during transit, this green themed messenger bag by Mobile Edge is ideal. It is durable, Eco-friendly, and is made of a durable canvas fabric that fits up to 17.3-inch laptops. The dedicated laptop compartment on offer has padding for optimal safety. Its swivel shoulder strap is versatile, while its removable ID holder and custom molden fasteners boost its functionality and aesthetic value. Order one to get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

1. AmazonBasics Laptop Bag

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

For the best experience outdoors, AmazonBasics Laptop Bag is our pick of the best to purchase in 2016. It is 15.6-inches, has a slim and compact design that lacks the unnecessary bulk common in some comparable models, and has handy accessory pockets that you can use to store your iPod, pens, and mouse. It also has a padded and lined interior for added protection, a padded shoulder strap for comfort, and reinforced buckles.

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