Top 10 Best Knee Braces Reviewed In 2017

It’s not always that your knees will have the support required to walk – especially when they’re injured. It is during such a time that a knee brace comes in handy. The best knee brace ought to allow you to improve your mobility and keep you stable. It also needs to help you cope with arthritis or osteoarthritis soreness on your way to recovery. That said, we’ve pulled together the most sought after knee braces based on sales volume, cost, and customer reviews. Whether you want to reduce the intensity of pain or shock, any of these pieces will make an excellent buy.

10. FixXpert Knee Sleeves

These knee braces feature a four-way compression to provide comfort even during extreme activities. The generous padding will keep your knee feeling warm and promote healing. Plus, the extra cushioning translates to reducing pain while maintaining your joint’s mobility. The FixXpert latex free design encourages quicker muscle and joint restoration. The support means increased blood flow and significant reduction of swelling. Meanwhile, the nylon sheath keeps the sleeve in place during fast paced action. Those who’ve used it testify to having successfully recovered from muscle injuries, pains, and aches.

09. Copper Fit Pro Knee Sleeve

This the best knee brace if you participate in physically engaging sports such as football. The Copper Fit Pro is also for weekend warriors, athletes, or anyone leading an active life. It is built to help you withstand the toughest of training but still cushy enough for day to day use. Features as the integrated kinesiology bands offer dynamic support and targeted compression for your knees. The wicking technology keeps moisture at bay to ensure that you’re always at your peak performance. In short, the Copper Fit Pro provides the padding and safety you need to succeed.

08. EXOUS Support Protector

The EXOUS offers unique stabilizing support and all round compression for your knees and adjacent muscles. Its customizable super-secure attachments are the best in class performance. This piece literally wraps around your knee to give you all the support you’d want from a first-rate brace. Due to its patented knee cap, the EXOUS can reduce inflammation which further helps re-align the patella tendon. That makes it one of the best knee braces to deal with the jumper’s symptom. Note – it has a maximum calf size of 16.5 inches.

07. ActiveGear Knee Brace

If you have arthritis and looking a sleeve that offers enough support to relief pain, this piece is for you. The ActiveGear is ideal for weightlifters or after surgery. The soft neoprene construction material lubricates your joint by keeping them flushed. This knee brace even meets the requirements of IWF and IPF open competition. Its design ensures that it contours to your knee to prevent slippage. To cap it all, the premium stitching guarantees durability.

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06. Wuju Fitness Knee Brace

This piece from Wuju Fitness is one of the best knees braces to help your deal with ACL injuries. It will also work for a meniscus tear and arthritis. It sells for less than twenty bucks to align with your budgetary needs. If you have problems completing simple tasks such as standing or walking, you need to check it out. This brace’s ultra soft material promises to reduce the intensity of joint, ligament, tendon and muscle pain. Plus, the FDA approval gives it a clean bill of health. It has sold thousands of pieces, and with the customers coming, it indeed does offer what it promises.

05. Shock Doctor 875

The Doctor 875 is one of the most innovatively designed knee braces on the market. It features tempered aluminum and bilateral support hinges to keep your knee stable. Such protection comes with peace of mind, which by extension increases your performance. The Lycra binding and patella support finishing are excellent for rigorous sports and long lasting comfort. Plus, the conveniently located tabs are easy to grip when you’re putting this knee brace on. Additionally, the N-Tex vented neoprene provides the wicking and compression for therapeutic warmth and healing.

04. Winzone Knee Brace

Customers love the Winzone. They say it “feels better” and can handle the pressure of climbing stairs every day if you have bone osteoarthritis. It is comfortable to wear and has sufficient support for compression. This is the best knee brace for you purchase if you want to replace your worn out sleeve. Apart from being soft on your skin, it is also built to offer months upon months of protection. While the Winzone is moderately priced, its well-thought-out design and ability assure value for your money.

03. Bracoo Knee Sleeve

Ask 1200 + shoppers who highly rate this knee brace, and they will tell you it’s the best purchase they’ve made in a long time. It comes with reinforced stabilizer to hold the patella in a position to stabilize your ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL ligaments. The open design helps keep joint and knee fatigue in check with heavy usage. There’s also moisture vents to protect the sleeve from dissipating sweat for a comfortable wearing experience. The Bracoo works to guide your kneecap in proper motion quicker healing after surgery. This piece also comes with three adjustable Velcro belts to a tighter fit depending on the use.

02. CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve

CopperJoint is a premium knee sleeve, to say the least. It will rejuvenate your muscles and joints while keeping circulation at its optimum. It is remarkably comfortable so you can wear it day and night. The minimalist yet highly padded design make it an ideal sleeve for everyday activities and casual workouts. You may want to know that breathable material will eliminate odors even with continual use. On top of that that CopperJoint is a four-way compression sleeve. In essence, this means that it can handle a full range of motion to match your unique needs.

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01. Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Sleeve

This unit is a perfect definition of a flawless knee sleeve. It has over 3,000 reviews and hardly will you come across buyer’s gripes. Based on its high rating, this is undeniably the best knee brace you can get on the market at the moment. It features an anti-slip silicone for stable compression whether you’re at the gym, weightlifting or doing squats. The Ultra Flex will help you recover from surgery. It will also ease tendonitis, arthritis tear, and jumper’s knee pain. It patented design provides a heating effect to fast track recovery.

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