Top 10 Best Jewelry Boxes Reviewed 2017

Jewelry is the embodiment of beauty, style, and sophistication. It, therefore, makes sense to store your collection safely, away from destructive elements. And there’s no better way to do so than getting a jewelry box. That way, you can be sure that your gemstones are secure and safe from scratches. Here, we want to help you find the best jewelry boxes at the click of a button. We’ve combed the market, read reviews and customer feedback to bring you 10 of the most in-demand jewelry boxes. Keep reading.

10. Sodynee Jewelry Storage Organizer

You don’t have to make compromises anymore – not with the Sodynee storage organizer in your possession. Every bauble and bit will find a home in the five slide-out drawers and twenty compartments. You also get ten hooks to hang your necklace and three large storage pouches to tuck in your precious stones. Store up to thirty earrings in the two detachable holders or the removable mini box to carry your rings while on the travel. The Sodynee is could as well be the jewelry box you’ve been looking for if you have lots of gemstones.

09. SONGMICS Black Jewelry Box

If you’re looking for the best jewelry box as a gift for your friend who loves his brooches and chains, look no further than the SONGMICS. It features four layers with a large drawer to meet any storage needs. The eight compartments come in different sizes to handle your rings, necklaces, earring and even makeup. And, the black faux leather assures durability and will blend in well with your bedroom’s décor. Previous owners describe it as “nicely made, high quality and perfect for the money.”

08. Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box

The name says it all – the Kendal is, well, huge, which translates to lots of storage space to accommodate even the largest of collections. The polished gold-plated metal handles and clasps add flair to the box. This unit features five removable drawers with two to twenty compartments. There are also two swing-out cabinets, each with eight necklace hook and two ledges. In essence that not only allows you to organize your jewelry but also access it with ease. Get the Kendal and showcase your bling in glamor and style!

07. Sodynee Two-Layer Jewelry Box

This purple-themed jewelry box will keep your gemstones out of sight until when you’re ready to sort through your collection. It even comes with a key to safely lock away your precious stones. You can also leverage on the two layer design to separate the earrings, brackets, and necklace. Because of its simple design, this could as well be the best jewelry box for women. The velvety top makes this box soft to touch, and the relatively compact design helps save your storage space.

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06. SONGMICS Black Jewelry Box

There is something incredibly romantic about this jewelry box. Apart from keeping all your treasures in an organized, easy to access manner, it has separate compartments for each type of accessories. You get to enjoy the convenience of five hooks to drape your necklaces and two ring cases. There’s also one large pocket and eight watch slots complete with removable velvet pillows. What’s more? There’s a compartment for earrings, brooches, and cufflinks. In simple terms, the SONGMICS has everything you’d want in a top-not jewelry box.

05. SONGMICS Lockable Jewelry Box

If you care about appearance, then you need to view this jewelry box. It boasts an attractive design made with faux leather and soft beige velvet lining to protect your precious stones from scratches and dust. The nine multi-size compartments and one ring set make it an ideal box if you have an extensive collection of jewelry. There’s also one drawer and watch cushion to hold your hairpins, ear studs, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Plus the handle on the top increases the portability and convenience of this case.

04. SONGMICS Faux LeatherJewelry Box

SONGMICS is a top brand, and it’s not surprising that it keeps dominating our top 10 best jewelry boxes picks. This one, just like other boxes from the brand brings forth exceptional artistry and multifunctional structure to handle your jewelry storage needs. It has an excellent layout and finely built with a high-quality leather and medium density fiberboard. Its plethora of compartments makes it a fantastic choice for keeping your rings, watches, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and ear studs. A look at its customer reviews gives an impression that it does indeed offer value for money.

03. 28-Section Classic Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry box from Glenor Co has a headline worthy 4.9 stars rating after 500 + customer reviews. And there are some good reasons why this is the case. For starters, it features an amazing 28 unique compartments. That way, you’re sure to keep all your gemstones separate, neatly displayed and well organized. This box is beautiful and arguably one of the most convenient jewelry boxes on the market. It comes with a magnetic snap that you can easily open and close with one hand. There’s no more misplacing your jewelry with the Glenor Co 28-Section Jewelry box.

02. Kendal Black Leather Jewelry Box

This unit comes with twenty compartments, five slide-out drawers, and three large storage pouches. That’s not all; you also get ten necklace hooks for your expensive trinkets. You can even keep up to thirty earrings thanks to the two, large removable earring holders. Its compartments close in a snap, so you won’t have a problem using it. And when you want to travel, just detach the mini travel box which has enough space to hold all the rings, necklaces and gemstones that you may need during your trip!

01. Lenox Ballerina Jewelry Box

With all the positive sentiments that this unit has attracted, it ranks high, together with the best jewelry boxes on the market. Enthusiasts love it for its attractive design and the ability safely store gemstones. If you don’t have a lot of jewelry to hang, this could make an excellent choice. It is also ideal for keeping your offseason of precious heirloom stones that you don’t wear every day. Obviously, the sculpted quilted pattern with lots of tiny hearts design is attractive to the eye. As one customer writes, the Lenox Ballerina is indeed a classic!

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