Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Cases Reviewed In 2017

While the iPhone 7 is a tempered glass piece of wonder, it is still prone to falls, spills, and crashes. And because it is likely that you use your phone every other hour, it makes sense dressing it in a protective case. You will not only lessen the likelihood of cracking the screen but also have the opportunity to give your phone a beautifully customized look. Whether you’re scouting for a blend of functionality and style or are just interested in optimum protection, here are the best iPhone 7 cases for you.

10. Milk & Honey Leather Pocket Clear Case

If you love simplicity, this case from Milk & Honey is for you. It is sleek, and sophisticated to give your phone a unique yet stylish appearance. Even though a new entrant into the market, it is proving to be a cover to reckon if what has to offer is anything to go by. We take a closer look:

Shock Resistant TPU Bumper

You don’t have to worry about this pocket’s ability to keep your iPhone safe. It is constructed using protective polycarbonate and co-molded with a shock absorbing TPU bumper to guard your phone against accidental drops.

Elegant Design

The Milk & Honey case boasts a vegan leather panel with metallic chrome buttons to give your iPhone a polished look. It also comes with a card slot that also offers enough space for your ID or credit card. Of course, the transparent back shell shows off your phone!

09. Mujjo Apple iPhone 7 Case

The Mujjo is super slim and super trendy. It even features a suede interior to ensure that your phone stays scratch free. It is the one of iPhone 7 cases to go for if you’re looking for a cheap option without sacrificing on quality. Here’s why it is word your money:

Full-Grain Leather

The best iPhone 7 cases ought to, at the very least, be durable. Well, it doesn’t get better that this pocket. With a full-grain leather construction, you can rest assured that it will give you months upon month of protection. In other words, you get value for your bucks.

Moulded Edge Technology

This case made to protect your phone’s weakest areas. It is also tough on the edges to make sure that your iPhone can withstand accidental falls. To cut to the case, the Mujjo is beautiful and looks better with daily use.

08. CARVED Walnut Burl Wood Case

You will love the rustic appearance of the CARVED Walnut Burl iPhone 7 Wood Case. With a thin layer inlaid wood veneer, you can give your phone the ultimate combination of nature and technology. Here’s why it features in our top 10 best iPhone 7 cases list:

Simple, Yet Overpowering Design

The Walnut Burl Wood Case isn’t bulky. It has an uncomplicated design to protect and show your device in a beautiful wood finish theme. Plus you can choose from cedar, reconstituted ebony and redwood burl for a little versatility.

Raised Lid

This case doesn’t protect your phone from minor accidents only. It also comes with a raised lid to make sure that your iPhone remains safe even with its face down. Besides, it has wider openings to accommodate your cables.

07. mophie Battery Pack iPhone 7 Case

If you’re after versatility, be sure to check out this mophie cover. It boasts an assortment of attachable accessories including a battery pack, flip cover and a wallet. But there’s more to this innovatively designed iPhone 7 case:

High Impact Protection

The mophie features rubberized support pads on the exterior and interior to protect your phone hard falls and drops. It also has raised corners for extra protection against cracked screens. That, by extension, means a longer life for your iPhone.

More than Just a Protective Case

This pocket gives special priority to your phone when charging. It lets you sync your device with a computer or laptop without having to remove it. Meanwhile, the Charge Force Technology prevents overcharging and overheating. It also enables you to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

06. Spigen Ultra Hybrid [2nd Generation] iPhone 7 Case

The newly released Spigen iPhone 7 is gathering a serious customer following. An upgraded version of the original Ultra Hybrid, this is the case you need to show off your phone. It features a crystal clear TPU while offering superior protection thanks to its Cushion Technology and bumper protection. You also get to enjoy:

Ultra Sophistication

If elegance is your thing, you need to check out the Spigen 2nd Generation cover. It is sleek, thin and will fit into your pocket comfortably. The patented Mil-grade construction combined with the Air-cushion technology work to ensure that your phone remains safe with every fall. You won’t have to worry about scratches as well.

Reinforced Camera Protection

If you treasure taking photos with your iPhone 7, then you will love what this case has to offer. It boasts reinforced camera protection complete with buttons for haptic feedback.  Plus, the PC back is watermark resistant to prevent yellowing.

05. Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case (White)

Apple doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making top-notch products. Yes, you guessed it right; this is one of the best iPhone 7 cases around. It provides an immaculate fit and comes in a host of colors, making it an easy to pick accessory. You also get:

Increased Talk Time

With a single Lightning cable, you can charge your phone and the case at the same time. In return, you get up to 26 hours of battery life, more video playback up to 22 hours on LTE, and more internet use as well as extended talk time.

More Control over Your Battery

With this case on, a smart battery status appears on your iPhone’s lock screen. That way, you know how much charge is left so that you can recharge on time.

04. TORRAS iPhone 7 Case

TORRAS is the to-go-for fashion-forward iPhone cover. With a variety of colors ranging from midnight blue to red, yellow and mint, you just can’t go wrong with these pockets. And there is more as outlined below:

Integrated Metal Plate

The TORRAS is incredibly convenient. It comes with a built-in metallic plate that allows you to put it on a magnetic suction holder while driving. Don’t be swayed to think that this feature makes this cover bulky; in fact, it is one of the lightest iPhone 7 cases on the market.

Smooth Texture

This cover is soft to the touch, thanks to its liquid silicone rubber. It is also scratch resistant. Plus, you can wipe off almost any stain that drips onto it in a snap. In short, the TORRAS is gentle and exquisite – just what you want for your iPhone.

03. Rhinoshield Crash Guard

The Crash Guard is arguably one the best rugged iPhone 7 cases available on the market. As its name suggests, it seeks to keep your phone intact in the event of an accidental fall. It is pleasing to the eyes and without a doubt, worth your money. Spend your cash on it and:

Enjoy Impeccable Protection

The Crash Guard features a mix of hard and soft polycarbonate material. Its ability to absorb is next to none thank to the ShockSpread technology and honeycomb structure. Its makers say it can shield your phone from knocks and drop up to 11 feet!

An Easy Grip

Handling the Crash Guard isn’t a problem due to the exterior matte finish. It is hard to scratch and therefore durable. The 0.9-inch thickness makes it one of a kind rugged bumper iPhone pocket on the market.

02. X-Doria Defense Lux Series

The X-Doria may not be fancy in design, but it is one of the most robust iPhone 7 cases you can buy. It sports carbon fiber elements integrated to it hardy shell. Here are the reasons why fans love it:

Military Grade Protection

Yes, the X-Doria is tough like that! It has a machined aluminum exterior offering you the best protection you could ever get for your phone. It is slim and pocketable, so you don’t have to worry that it adds unnecessary bulk to your iPhone.

Drop Tested

When we say this is a premium cover, we mean exactly that! It has undergone rigorous tests to ensure that it can handle drops as high as two meters on concrete while keeping your phone safe. As one user puts it, the X-Doria “is in a class of its own.”

01. Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 7 Case

Spigen continues to dominate our list of best the top 10 best iPhone 7 cases. If you like seeing the Apple logo on the back of your phone, this pocket, with a glossy look is a perfect choice. And make no mistake about; it is one of the cheapest cases you can find on the market. It also brings forth;

Fingerprint Resistant Construction

The Spigen Rugged Armor will guarantee that your iPhone 7 maintains that unsullied look that you love. It ensures that you won’t leave finger marks on the screen and the body. The TPU layer is flexible too, which means that you won’t have problems accessing your phone’s ports.

Exact Fit

This case promises to hold onto your phone’s edges with a perfect, tight fit. In essence, that translates to all round protection.  And when it comes to durability, the name says it all. The Spigen Armor sports a rugged design to give you months of service.

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