Top 10 Best Hose Nozzles Reviewed In 2017

A good nozzle is essential if you’re to control the force, shape, and amount of water coming out of your hose. In essence, this means being in charge of the task at hand. The best hose nozzle should be adjustable, brass-free and most importantly reliable. And it’s not that hard getting one, if you know where to look. But, to save you the time, we bring you the most reviewed hose nozzles 2017. Any of these pieces will make an excellent choice.

10. World’s Best Hose Nozzles

There’s gotta be something to these hose nozzles hailed as the world’s best! A look at the 900 + customer reviews says it all. With a near perfect 4.8 stars rating, they promise a consistent flow with every use. Turning them off isn’t a hassle as is attaching them to your hose. They will thrust water in optimal force as per your needs. You’ll also enjoy the functionalities of the four holes at the top for maximum and a balanced water throughput. The best part is, they won’t shatter even when you drop them on concrete.

09. Crenova Spray Nozzle

This nozzle’s one piece design coupled with a rubber washers guarantee years of use and a tight seal. You can, therefore, spray without having to worry about leaks. The Crenova can shut off automatically and is ideal for cleaning your deck, car or watering the backyard. You also get to choose the water flow pattern, from fine mist to a jet stream and a moderate spray. And with an ability to gush water at up to 100 psi, this model, is arguably one of the best high pressure spray nozzles you can get.

08. Crenova Garden Hose Nozzle

Get up to 300 more water flow than standard hose nozzles with this unit. It is an excellent choice if you’re scouting for a model that can handle tough cleaning or emergency situations such as fire outbreaks. And because of the rubber coating, this nozzle is sturdy and comfortable to handle. The rugged design also adds to its durability. To use it, just rotate the base from left it to right and enjoy blasting pressure. As you’d hope for a nozzle of its stature, the pressure is customizable.

07. Careful Gardener Hose Nozzle

The premium quality, flexibility, and the robust construction are this nozzle’s selling points. This is one of the very few nozzles with a bedazzling nine spray patterns. It is the best hose nozzle for intense watering jobs, thanks to the ergonomically design and soft-touch molded plastic. The automatic pressure control knob and auto spray function add dexterity to an already well-though-out nozzle. Plus, its bright colors are easy to spot in long grasses. Check it out; there’s a reason it is a best seller unit.

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06. LawnPRO Hose Nozzle

The LawnPRO is built to last. Its steel core with chrome finish casing is many times more durable than any plastic nozzle. It doesn’t end there. This model boasts a plethora of spray settings for adaptability. It can rinse off second story windows or fill buckets in minutes. Meanwhile, its proprietary thumb adjuster allows you to control and shut off the flow with relative ease. The exclusive, non-slip rubber covering offers a solid grip, even with slippery or soapy hands. What’s more? The LawnPRO comes with a lifetime guarantee. How about that!

05. Gilmour Twist Cleaning Nozzle

The Gilmour Twist is a good nozzle that ought to feature in every gardener’s tool box. It is compact and easy to use. If you own a small backyard, you need to view this nozzle designed for straightforward applications such as watering flower pots. It will bring a cone spray or a rising full flow at the palm of your hand. A glimpse at its reviews evokes a sense of satisfaction and value for money. One happy shopper writes “this is just as nice as the one I purchased two decades ago.”

04. Raspil Garden Hose Nozzle

Spray for an extended period without stressing your wrist with this hose nozzle from Raspil. It features a simple trigger for natural motion. There’s also a clip to lock back of the trigger. In effect, this allows hands-free operation while still controlling the volume and stream. The heavy duty metal housing assures longevity while the rubber washer prevents leakage. With such functionalities, the Raspil remains a hot contender for the best hose nozzle 2017.

03. Gilmour Rear Control Cleaning Nozzle

If you have frequent watering needs, this hose nozzle is for you. It has a classic rear control design for ease of use. The self-adjusting “duck” packing eliminates leaks while ensuring that your nozzle stays rust free. One notable feature that separates this nozzle from others in its class is the threaded front. The threads allow you to attach cleaning tools depending on the task at hand. In short, everything about this unit works to provide the convenience that any cleaner or gardener will appreciate.

02. Bon-Aire Ultimate Hose Nozzle

The Bon-Aire may have a lofty price tag but is perchance the best hose nozzle for demanding tasks. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t use for simple jobs. When you need to water your backyard or clean your patio, just adjust it to get a spray pattern that suits your requirements. You can even use it to give your standard garden hose multi-function sprays. The inner sleeve has a Fiberglass reinforcement to withstand abuse. And, its robustness is not in question as some users attest more than two years of outstanding service.

01. Gardenite Hose Nozzle/ Hand Sprayer

It is hard to conclude the top 10 best hose nozzles list without mentioning this model. With 1,900 + reviews in its name, the Gardenite represents power and unmatched usability. It has headline worthy ten watering patterns to cover all your needs. The unyielding metal sheath with baked enamel finish promises cycles upon cycles of use. This nozzle’s handle sports soft rubber so that you won’t tire. And, the flow control knob enables you to manage the water pressure with ease. The Gardenite is indeed a first-class hose nozzle.

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