Top 10 Best Honey Extractors Reviewed In 2017

Any serious bee farmer needs to own a honey extractor. By design, honey extractors should allow you to harvest honey without damaging the wax combs. With the honeycombs intact, bees can then make more honey quicker, which is every beekeeper’s desire.

While we cannot overemphasize the usefulness of a honey extractor, you have to get the right model. And that’s because all honey extractors are not the same. Start by deciding which extractor serves you well, radial or tangential. Hence, to save you the trouble, we review 10 of the best selling honey extractors on the market. You certainly can’t miss getting one that pleases you and is, of course, within your budget range.

10. Goplus Honey Extractor

Boasting a rugged design, the Goplus is built to outlast your honey extracting needs. It stands at the height of 32 inches, which translates to a larger capacity. And the best part is, it is compatible with the medium, shallow and deep frames.

Other features:

Stainless Finish

The Goplus honey extractor is rust resistant, thanks to its stainless steel construction. It even has a protective film to ensure that your honey stays free of contamination. It is easy to use and moderately priced as well.

Dual Lids

This honey extractor comes with two covers to help keep debris out. The sturdy frame allows it to stay in place so that you can concentrate on extracting honey instead of worrying about its stability. The Goplus is perfect for anyone who’s just starting out with beekeeping.

09. Honey Keeper Electric Honey Extractor

If you own a couple of beehives, this could as well be the best honey extractor to buy. It boasts outstanding artistry and is easy to assemble. And as the name suggests, it is electricity powered, so you won’t have a hard time operating it.

Other features:


You can bolt the Honey Keeper on the floor or raise it to a height of 15 inches off the ground. Better yet, you can detach the legs to tabletop use. That makes it a lot easier to place a 5-gallon bucket beneath it for easy draining.

Clear Plastic Lid

You can view this extractor’s action via its transparent hinged lid. That way, you know when to add more honeycombs without overloading the machine. In the meantime, the variable speed motor ensures quicker spinning. Cleaning the stainless steel tank is a breeze as well.

08. XtremepowerUS 2-Frame Honey Extractor

This unit from XtremepowerUS can extract up to 10 frames in 45 minutes! That sounds like a performance any commercial beekeeper would like to leverage. You’ll also love the fact that the crank, the handle, and the gear are on the top and outside of the chamber.

Other features:

Sturdy Construction

The XtremepowerUS has a solid all round build. It features a durable anti-rust frame and tank to assure you months upon months of use. It is relatively lightweight as well, so moving it around shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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Large Capacity

The XtremepowerUS comes with a tank that can hold up to 50 Kgs of honey. In essence, that means you can use it for long before emptying. Beekeepers hail it smooth and efficient operation too.

07. Best Choice Products Honey Extractor

This honey extractor is meant to meet the needs of a rookie and expert beekeeper. It is quick to assemble which, by extension, means that you can start to extract honey within minutes. Besides, it has a sleek design and alluring design.

Other features:

Solid Metal Crank

A honey extractor’s crank, in a way, determines ease of use. This one has a robust crank to turns the gears smoothly and efficiently. This allows you to extract as much honey as possible within a short time. And just so you may know, the drum has a height of 23 inches and a width of 16 inches.

Superior Productivity

Draining honey from this honey extractor is easy and straightforward. Also, its integrated baskets can hold as much as two frames at a go.

06. Honey Keeper™ Pro Honey Extractor

For starters, this is a manual extractor with a capacity to drain up to 20 pounds of honey with a single use. You also love the seamless welding at the top of the drum and the cross brace.

Other features:


The Honey Keeper™ Pro is one of the cheapest manual honey extractors on the market. In fact, its primary selling point has been its low price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, it will indeed make an excellent choice.

Impressive Quality

Don’t confuse the affordability to mean that the Honey Keeper™ Pro is a flimsy honey extractor. On the contrary, it comes with steel gears and sealed bearing for fast spinning. And, the honey gate is conveniently astutely at the height of 15 inches.

05. FoodKing Electric Honey Extractor

FoodKing is one of the best electric honey extractors on the market, hands down. It runs on a powerful 1300 rpm motor to meet the needs of a beekeeper with many hives. If you’re want to upgrade from a manual extractor, this unit is a sure bet.

Other features:

Four Frames

Yes, the FoodKing honey extractor can accommodate up to four frames! It guarantees, to take care of you draining needs irrespective of your level of beekeeping. The top is double sided with clear perspex so that you view the extraction process easily.

Rounded Mesh

The most common problem with standard honey extractors is breaking of the honey combs during the extraction process. With the FoodKing, however, that shouldn’t be a problem. This unit features a slightly rounded honeycomb mesh to prevent breaking.

04. Hardin Manual Honey Extractor

The Hardin has a lifetime warranty! In other words, it promises to outlast your honey extraction. It won’t wobble, and you even have the option of bolting it down on the floor for a firmer operation. Better yet, its body is nonmagnetic unlike most units with a thin 26-gauge tank.

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Other features:

Seamless Operation

The Hardin comes with a steel shaft that attaches to the handle. It mills to form a flat surface area to that the handle remains securely in place with every spin. This designed also makes the inner spinning balanced for better and quicker results.

Three Frames

The Hardin may be a manual extractor, but its ability to accommodate three frames makes it one of the best honey extractors in its category. With such functionalities, it comes in handy when you have a lot of honeycombs to drain.

03. FoodKing Manual Honey Extractor

FoodKing appears again in our top 10 best honey extractors 2017 list, but this time with a manual unit. Just like the Hardin, this model supports up to three operations. Its features carry the needs of a new and established beekeeper. Most importantly, it has everything you need to kick start your new backyard hobby.

Other features:

Conical-Shaped Drum

You don’t have to worry about leaving the honey in the drum after draining. The FoodKing manual extractor has a conical-shaped drum to ensure that you get the maximum amount of honey. Just direct the 2-inch outlet to the collecting drum, and you’re ready to go.

Superior Extraction

You can be sure that your honey will be free of debris thanks to the top lids that clear out any unwanted material.

02. Goplus Large 2 Frame Honey Extractor

This recently launched model from Goplus is proving to be a favorite among beekeepers with lots of extracting needs. As the name suggests, it comes with a large tank to that can handle up to 60 kgs of honey.

Other features:


Despite its size, the Goplus is highly portable. It comes with side handles, which makes it easy to move the extractor from one point to the other. That will make a lot of sense if you are carrying it from the garage straight to the hives, for instance.

Detachable Plexiglass Lids

If you don’t have a lot of storage room, the Goplus is for you. Its lids are removable and dishwasher safe. Also, the two frames move back and forth the inner cage quite fast. The honey gate works smoothly without any leaks.

01. VIVO Honey Extractor

This is the best honey extractor, no doubt about it! First off, it has a stylish, glossy finish that’s indeed attractive to the eye. But, forget the look, here’s what makes it our top pick.

Other features:

Taller Tank

The VIVO’s tank is 29 inches tall, bigger than almost every other honey extractor on the market. It will fit shallow, deep and medium frame for a little extra versatility. And to top it off, it is one the very few models on the market with a raised bottom bearing. That design keeps it out of the extracted honey.

Unbeatable Price

The VIVO has all the functionalities you’d expect in a high-end, pricier model. However, it is wallet friendly and highly affordable. Be sure to view this unit – it could turn out to be the honey extractor you’ve been looking for!

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