Top 10 Best Handheld Long Range Two Way Radios Reviewed In 2017

First things first; the best handheld long range two way radios ought to offer precisely what the name suggests – a wide range of transmission and clear reception. Other than that, it should have multiple channels and communication to allow you to use it in different terrains. The battery life is essential too as is the recharging options. In a nutshell, a walkie-talkie has to be as convenient as possible if it’s to serve its purpose smoothly.

That said, most handheld long range two way radios on the market have a range of “up to 36 miles.” However, this depends on the environment in which you’re using your radio. Obstructions such as buildings, trees, may reduce the range significantly. Even then, state-of-the-art models offer clear transmission and reception for up to three miles in urban and uptown locations. The point here is, you‘re better off knowing a particular walkie-talkie’s optimal capability before spending your money on it.

Enough with the basics; it’s time to review the best handheld long range two way radios on the market at the moment so here we go!

10. ESYNiC Handheld Long Range Two Way Radios

Starting us off is this model by ESYNiC that boasts remarkable 16 memory channels and a stellar range of up to five kilometers. It also comes with an integrated belt clip for increased portability during hiking, biking or camping expeditions. Other notable highlights include:

Robust Design

The ESYNiC has everything you’d expect from a top-of-the line walkie-talkie. It runs on a high-performance 1500mAh Li-ion battery so you can be sure of uninterrupted connectivity for hours. Plus, you can always rely on the low battery alarm to alert you when it’s time to recharge. The built-in led light comes in handy in the dark while the no-slide casing offers a firm grip.

Straightforward Operation

Never operated a two-way radio before? Not to worry – it doesn’t take much to get the ESYNiC going. In fact, all you need to do is to press a button and let its innovative technology take it from there. This model scans and monitors signal automatically and even has English voice prompts. And to top it off, this gadget weighs a mere 180 grams, allowing you to tuck it in your backpack while still saving space for other items.

9. Motorola MR350R

If you’re for scouting for a high-end two-way radio without spending a fortune, the MR350R could very be your best bet. You get to enjoy up to 22 channels and 126 privacy codes. By extension, this means that you will have up to 2,662 lines of communication. What’s more? Keep reading.

35 Miles Range

The MR350R handheld long range two way radios indeed take the definition of long range to a whole new level. With up to 35 miles range at your disposal, you can indeed communicate with freedom. Besides, this is a heavy-duty model, ideally suited for extreme outdoors. It sports a rugged design complete with large buttons so that you can operate it with hand gloves. This is the walkie-talkie you need to keep in touch with your entourage when in cold conditions such as when skiing on snow.

Ability to Know the Weather in Advance

When we say that the MR350R is ideal for the cold weather we mean it in every sense of the word. It comes with a brand-exclusive function that updates you in real-time about the expected weather changes. That way, you can prepare adequately for any unforeseen changes.

Nonetheless, it is important to mention you may need to check with the local weather department to know if this service is available in a particular area.

8. Midland LXT630VP3

Fans say that LXT630VP3 is small, light and easy to use. A closer look this unit tells you why it’s without a doubt one of the best handheld long range two-way radios you can get. It offers 121 privacy codes and 36 channels translating to 2662 channel options. The range capacity stands at 30 miles. And, it gets better:

Easy Voice Activation

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Enjoy hands-free operation thanks to the three levels of eVOX functionality. You can even switch to silent mode or use the HI/LO power setting to extend battery life. And, just like the model we’ve reviewed above, the LXT630VP3 comes with NOAA weather alert and thus an excellent outdoor alternative if you’re on a tight budget.

High Visibility Housing

This walkie-talkie has a bright yellow outer case so that you can quickly locate it in dim light. The back-light LCD enables you to read and dial commands quickly. Of course, the strategically placed buttons bring to the fore a fast access to the button. Other highlights worth noting include roger beep, accessory jack, and auto squelch.

7. Motorola MT350R FRS

Another brilliant walkie-talkie by Motorola, the MT350R FRS has a waterproof rating of IP-54 making it an exceptional choice for use in areas with harsh weather conditions and lots of dust such as the desert. Other functions that justify this model’s lofty price tag include:

Long-lasting Battery

A two-way radio designed for use in extreme weather conditions ought to have more than just a weatherproof top. The makers of MT350R FRS understand that, and as such have mounted it with a battery that promises up to 10 hours of talk time. Besides, you can extend the time to 26 hours with the AA rechargeable batteries.

A Multitude of Channels

This unit doesn’t fall short when it comes to the ability to give you clear reception. With up to 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, you have up to 2,662 combinations, making it easy to scan through the available channels depending on your location. And for those who may be concerned, the MT350R FRS has a range of up to 35 miles and a PTT power boost to for faster recharging.

6. Motorola MH230TPR

For starters, the MH230TPR comes in a pack of three. With such numbers, it offers the expediency you need to stay in touch with your friends and family in a jam-packed departmental store, trekking excursion or country trail. But, what features make it an attractive choice? We break it down for you.

23 Miles Range

With such ability, you can rest assured that MH230TPR will not slow you down when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones. In the meantime, you can count on this model’s 22 channels and 121 privacy codes to keep the wireless communication going on with minimal frequency interruption. Now, that’s what we call hand-free operation at its best.

Compelling Functionality

This walkie-talkie scores really well regarding the extras. Notable among them include the iVOX hands-free communication to allow you to talk with no audio accessory, up to ten call tones and a quiet talk interruption filter. You’ll love PTT microphone in the ear buds and the mini-USB charging port that enables you to recharge from anywhere.

5. BaoFeng BF-888S

Do you run a large organization that could make do with handheld long range way two radios? Better yet, are you looking for walkie-talkies for your fleet of security guards? Well, if that sound like you, be sure to check out this pack of twenty (yes, twenty!) radios by BaoFeng. Other than the money saving package, each unit offers the following:

16 Memory Channels

The user- programmable memory channels make it easy to set the contact list and different groups as per the needs of your organization. Moreover, the 50 CTCSS /105 CDCSS encryption keeps the communication between users safe. Apart from that, you can program the frequency between UHF: 400-470 MHz (Rx/Tx) depending on each user’s location.

Compact Design

The BF-888S is super easy to carry around. It measures less than nine inches in height including the antenna. Every purchase comes with an extra battery to keep the communication flowing. The optimal range stands at three miles, of course depending on the terrain and the surrounding obstructions.

4. Uniden Submersible GMR-5089

The Uniden Submersible indeed deserves mention among the best handheld long range two way radios. It is one of the most inventively designed walkie-talkies on the market. Even though this model is a top shelf option based on its price tag, it is worth every buck. Here’s a sneak peek.

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Unbelievable Range

The Submersible is one of the very few models that can offer an unrivaled range of 50 miles. And the best part is that it is palm-sized, rugged and lightweight. Meanwhile, the NOAA weather alerts undertake to keep you and your family update on the weather conditions. Just turn on the Weather Radio Broadcast mode and you’re good to go.

Floats on Water

The name couldn’t have been more appropriate. The GMR-5089 is, well, submersible. In essence, this means that you can quickly retrieve it from a pool or any other source of water and with the functionality still intact. It complies with the JIS7 water submersion regulations. One more thing: you get to have access to up to twenty-two radio channels and up to 284 privacy codes.

Note – you can only retrieve this two-way radio only when it falls three 3 feet below water and doesn’t stay there for more than half an hour.

3. Retevis H-777

The Retevis H-777 is a no-frills walkie-talkie with two easy-to-access knobs for seamless control and switch of channels. Ideal for group work, it offers up to 26 UHF-400-470MHz channels that are programmable with a home computer. But, apart from being a brilliant starter option, this is what makes it stand out among the competition.


The H-777 is all about keeping the frequency decongested at any particular moment. Use this feature to ensure that no single user is occupying a channel longer than necessary. It also lets you scan the available channels and privacy codes so that you can pick the conversations taking place. The busy channel blocks transmission when the gadget senses another conversation that could interfere with privacy within the same channel.

Versatility You’ll Love

You can program this two-way radio to English or Chinese prompts. The spontaneous design increases ease of use while the soft PTT button is nice and soft so that you can shift between channels effortlessly even when your finger gets numb in cold weather.

2. Midland GXT1000VP4

The GXT1000VP4 packs up to 50 channels of clear, crisp communication complete with a user-friendly interface. It has a well-located keypad lock to prevent accidental activation and an SOS siren so that you can send out a distress signal just in case you’re caught up in an emergency situation. Other highlights that make it tick include:

142 Privacy Codes

Yes, that’s what you get with this model. Essentially, this means that you have up to 5,560 channels at your disposal to allow you to sieve conversations. The designers of GXT1000VP4 had your privacy in mind too. You’ll love the Whisper function that enables you to speak in low tones and still be heard by the person on the receiving end.

Group Call

You can make direct calls to other people in your entourage without necessarily alerting everyone thanks to the Group Call feature. And with nine levels of hands-free operation, you don’t need to use an external microphone when making a call. Other notables include battery life extender, audible key tones and GMRS power as allowed by the law.

This model offers a maximum range of 36 miles.

1. Midland LXT500VP3

The LXT500VP3 by Midland closes our picks for the best handheld long range two way radios. One of the most affordable options in this roundup, it features a maximum range of 24 miles and 22 available channels. It is waterproof and can withstand light rainfall and splashing water. But those aren’t the only reasons it makes it into our list.

Incoming Call Notification

One of the considerations to make when buying a walkie-talkie is its ability to notify you of an incoming call promptly. This one comes with both vibration and voice alerts, so you’ll never miss a call. Also, it keeps you in-charge of the activities happening in the 22 channels via auto scan.

Dual Power Option

The LXT500VP3 uses both the built-in battery as well as 4 “AAA” rechargeable batteries. That way, you can keep the communication running for hours (up to 16 hours to be precise). Those who’ve used this two-way radio say is great for instant communication between building blocks.

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