Top 10 Best Hand Mixers Reviewed In 2016

Hand mixers are convenient handheld kitchen accessories that have eliminated the need for spoons and forks when whipping egg whites or creams and or preparing dough for bread, cupcakes, and even cakes. Featuring lightweight plastic or metallic bodies, maneuvering and use, in general, is easy. The high-powered electrical motors that they draw power from guarantee faster and professional-grade results, while their durability and decent pricing have made them sought after kitchen tools by both homeowners and professionals chefs alike. If you are part of this group and want a durable and easy to use model that will improve how you prepare your recipes, our picks are:

10. Sunbeam FPSBHM2524R

Sunbeam FPSBHM2524R 200W Hand Mixer, Red:Gray

Perfect for kneading dough, whipping cream, and preparing liquid and or semi-solid ingredients for various recipes, Sunbeam FPSBHM2524R is a high-powered 200-watt hand mixer with a light design that does not require skill to use. The brushed motor that it draws power from is quiet and has a variable speed system that allows you to customize its performance on demand. Construction is quality using the best grade materials while its well-oriented handle is sturdy and a soft grip for comfort and better control. It also has a burst of power button for breezing through the toughest of blending and whipping jobs and two quality chrome beaters.

9. Cuisinart CHM-3R

Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed, Red

If you bake and or prepare dressings for salads and other food types and are tired of using spoons and forks to stir up ingredients, Cuisinart CHM-3R is an electricity powered handheld mixer that will improve how you cook. Manufactured using heavy-duty and BPA-free materials, it is durable. Its light and portable design is easy to use while the 220-watt three-speed motor that it comes with withstands everyday abuse well without overheating and or losing power over the years. The dedicated control buttons offered ease operation. The self-cleaning beater that it comes with has an extra-long design that works well in both shallow and deep bowls while its exclusive swivel cord improves its dexterity.

8. Oster 2577

Oster 2577 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer, Black:Stainless

Ranked among the best products in this niche for its durability, Oster 2577 is also powerful and made of an aesthetic black stainless steel that is surprisingly light. Its motor is a powerful 6-speed model (250-watts) that handle both light and heavy-duty blending, whipping, and mixing jobs while the dough hooks, beaters, and whisk that it comes with last long. If you prepare heavy dough for bread yet have a low powered mixer that strains under the pressure, this model has an innovative Burst of Power feature that boosts its blending power significantly to handle such demanding jobs with ease. It also has a swivel cord that improves its dexterity.

7. Hamilton Beach 62695V

Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

Renowned among professional chefs and homeowners alike, Hamilton Beach 62695V is a deluxe and powerful hand mixer with a six-speed 275-watt motor with a dedicated Quick Burst button. Its lightweight design does not require a lot of effort to use. The bowl rest feature that it comes with stabilizes its body for better and splatter-free results, while the premium attachments that it comes with (whisk and beater) are not only durable but also designed to offer excellent results every time.

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6. Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage

Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer, White

With each Power Advantage HM-50 from Cuisinart that you buy, you get a top-rated hand mixer with a versatile five-speed motor and a stylish white body that blends well in contemporary kitchen environments. It is electricity powered (220-watts), has an advanced slide control system (with automatic feedback) that shifts speed smoothly, and has a portable handheld design with a swivel cord that enables you to use with your left or right hand hassle-free. Other notable attributes that buyers appreciate are its convenient beater ejector lever and the free spatula, beater, recipe booklet, and instruction booklet that it comes with.

5. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, White

Recommended for professional and hobbyist chefs looking for dependable hand mixers for everyday use, Hamilton Beach 62682RZ is a budget kitchen accessory that works surprisingly better than most hyped models in the market. Featuring a light and medium-sized design that fits conveniently in the hand, it is a perfect everyday accessory for people of all skill levels. The 200-watt (peak power) motor that it comes with has six adjustable speeds (including a QuickBurst button) that you can customize as needed while the traditional whisk and beater that it comes with withstand abuse well.

4. Oster 2500 Inspire

Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer, White

The Inspire 2500 from Oster is a powerful 240-watt hand mixer with a convenient five-speed motor and a stylish white body that does not stain nor lose its aesthetic appeal over time. Its well-designed body is durable, easy to maneuver while mixing and or whipping ingredients, and has a contoured and ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in the hand for better control. You also get a dedicated Burst-of-Power function that enhanced its blending power tenfold, a one touch beater eject feature that prevents unsightly messes, and premium accessories including chrome dual hooks and beaters.

3. Sunbeam FPSBHS0301

Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo, White

With each original Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 that you buy, you get a five-speed 250-watt combo mixer (hand and stand) with a light and portable construction and a stylish white theme that buyers like. It is affordable, ha a convenient heel rest design that minimizes hand fatigue whilst in use for long, and high-performance chrome dough hooks and beaters that process all types of ingredients without bending, breaking, and or rusting over time. Sunbeam offers buyers a free three-quart stainless steel bowl with every purchase.

2. Hamilton Beach 62650

Hamilton Beach 62650 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer, Silver

As most Hamilton Beach hand mixers, this silver theme six-speed model is a classic handheld accessory with a powerful electric motor that offers value every time. Its high-powered design (290 watts) makes blending, mixing, and whipping a breeze. Its brushed stainless steel construction resists rust, corrosion, and abuse well while its integrated bowl rest and the QuickBurst button offered boost stability and power respectively.

1. KitchenAid KHM512ER

KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, Empire Red

To get professional grade results whenever you spare time to bake and or prepare salads dressings for your family members, KitchenAid KHM512ER is our pick of the best hand mixer to use. Lightweight, durable, and with an adjustable motor speed (six) that you can custom to match your needs, the professional grade results that this machine offers is admirable. The stainless steel turbo beater that it comes with manages both light and heavy duty blending and whipping jobs excellently, while its lock in cord is not only durable but also allows you to approach the ingredients you are working on from all directions. Clean up is simple. The one-year replacement warranty that KitchenAid offers, on the other hand, attests its value.

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