Top 10 Best Hair Conditioners For Men In 2018 – Keep Your Hair Smooth

According to Men’s Health, each hair strand has a coat of tiny cells that resemble fish scales. When your hair gets exposed to environmental factors, the coating becomes degenerated. As a result, the strands appear rough and out of condition. Fortunately, hair conditioners for men should help smoothing these scales, thereby allowing your hair to look shiny and rejuvenated again. However, there is a question – which is the best hair conditioner for men today?

We understand that it is not easy for you to pinpoint the best product in this changing market. Therefore, we have gone out of our way to research for the best hair conditioners for men today for you based on its user feedback, ingredients, efficacy and most importantly its affordability. Check out our top 10 best picks for the best hair conditioners for men below.


10. Organic Conditioner and Shampoo Set by DermaChange

Organic Conditioner and Shampoo Set by DermaChange

This set by DermaChange is masterful, and you’d expect nothing less for the price. It promises to help you say goodbye to thinning by stopping hair loss in its tracks. Use it to pump up hair growth and increase volume for that signature look you’ve always wanted.

And as the name suggests, this kit comes with shampoo, so that you can treat your hair at a go. Besides, it goes beyond keeping your hair in good condition. Use it to clean your scalp and moisturize the strands thanks to the potent properties of coconut oil extracts and amino acids.


DermaChange has outdone itself with this kit which could very well be one of the best shampoos and hair conditioners for men set in its category. Boasting a plethora of active ingredients from Orange Peel, Aloe Vera, Australian Cehami and vitamin B5, it is a detangler and will restore your hair’s PH naturally.

9. Ultrax Labs Stimulating Conditioner

Ultrax Labs Stimulating Conditioner

Statistics show that 40% of men have visible hair loss by the time they’re 35, which justifies the mention of this formula in our top 10 best hair conditioners for men list. It contains caffeine, an ingredient known for its ability to increase the life cycle of hair growth. In essence, that means it can at the very least delay hair loss and encourage growth.

With this conditioner as part of your regular hair care regimen, you strands will remain silky soft without weighing done. It will de-frizz, detangle and define lighter hair. And the best part is, you can use it together with your spouse.


It doesn’t get better than Ultrax Labs Stimulating Conditioner when it comes to reducing sebum accumulation and keeping your scalp clean. Fans say it lathers quickly and makes your bouncy in minutes. You may also use it for postpartum hair issues.

8. Maple Holistic Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set

Maple Holistic Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set

Grab this set if you don’t have the money to spend and are still wary of losing your hair. Unlike your standard go-to conditioner, this one combines Argan, Jojoba, and Pomegranate to condition all hair textures. The Shea Butter, Green Tea, and Phyto-Keratin bring to the fore therapeutic benefits that soothe your scalp.

Due to its special blend of ingredients, is one of the best hair conditioners for men for greasy hair and an excellent option if you have sensitive skin. Meanwhile, enjoy the emollient benefits of almond oil and vitamin E traces to restore patched and irritated areas of the scalp.


This is a great everyday product whose active ingredients undertake to keep your hair full, soft and lustrous. It is the formula you need when you want to sport your best look at a dinner party of friend’s wedding.  It does the job and is safe on your skin too.

7. PURA D’OR Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner

PURA D'OR Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner

Don’t be part of the statistics, stop baldness before it happens with this therapy conditioner by PURA D’OR. Formulated to work in tandem with hair loss prevention shampoo from the same brand, it undertakes to arouse dead follicles for thick hair growth. The mix of catalase, caffeine, and cayenne support a healthy scalp environment to ensure that you don’t lose hair once it grows.

The PURA D’OR Therapy Conditioner also contains traces of Amla and Meadow oils to moisture your hair and reduces breakage. That way, you can rest assured of healthier, more vibrant strands.


This conditioner is cruelty-free which means that it will work for any hair type. Beauticians and doctors vouch for it, thanks to its ability to transform the hair’s appearance in a few weeks. And the beauty of it is that it is hypoallergenic, allowing you to use even with sensitive skin.

6. Majesticel Argan Oil Serum

Majesticel Argan Oil Serum

If keeping your hair silky, healthy and shiny seems like a mirage, you need to try out this oil serum by Majesticel. Apart from detangling your strands, it also offers protection against heat. Use it to finish and style your hair will little or no effort.

Undeniably the best hair gel for men in its category, this is the product to go for if you want to protect your color-treated or processed hair. It will seal the cuticle and keeps humidity at bay, keeping your strands smooth while taming flyaways.


Maintaining sleek, healthy and sexy hair has never been this easy and affordable. With the ability to mend split ends, restore hydration, increase your hair’s bounce and speed up drying time, the Majesticel Argan Oil Serum is certainly worth every buck.

5. Era Organics Hair Conditioners

Era Organics Hair Conditioners

If you’re lusting for manageable locks, be sure to view the Era Organics hair conditioner. With a generous combo of components such as Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera, this product presents a proven way to restore brittle, oily or dry hair. It will get rid of frizz quickly, allowing you to sway your dreadlocks in confidence.

Other than that, this conditioner will also help balance your hair pH and ease the effects of conditions such eczema and scalp psoriasis. It is sulfate free too, and as such, it will work for any hair type.


The Era Organics Hair Conditioner does everything you’d expect from a product of its stature. It improves circulation, and you can even use it on your baby’s scalp to keep it moisturized – it is that gentle.

4. Nourish Beaute Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Nourish Beaute Shampoo and Conditioner Set

If you’re in pursuit for a conditioner that does more than just, well, condition, you just got one. With a mix of patented and highly efficient ingredients, this product will not revamp sluggish roots and scalp but also increase your hair’s thickness to give it a healthier look. What’s more? Clinical tests show that it can reduce the intensity of alopecia.

Be sure to use the conditioner together with the shampoo to accelerate result. Just spritz over and into your hair a few minutes after taking a shower and style as usual.


This set may have a lofty price tag, but the results speak for themselves. Numbers show that when used as in combination, and on a regular basis, it reduces thinning and packs the head with hair in a few weeks. Try it; after all, numbers don’t lie!

3. Maple Holistic Silk 18 Conditioner

Maple Holistic Silk 18 Conditioner

For unforgivable frizz, Silk 18 has your remedy. As the name suggests, it features an assortment of eighteen silk amino acids to take conditioning to a whole new level. The acids work to reduce frizz, soften dry hair and reduce static. And with the help of jojoba and argan oil, it replenishes keratin, resulting in healthy and strong strands.

If you use chemicals on your hair, then you know that keeping its soft can be laborious. With Silk 18 in your grooming routine, however, restoring your strand’s vigor is only a couple of spritz away. And to top it off, this conditioner has a sweet aroma to keep your confidence levels high all day.


Trust Maple Holistic to come up with exciting hair care products. If what it has to offer is anything to go by, this hair conditioner for men is in a class of its own. Indeed, a formula that gives an assurance to condition your hair “behind the scenes” deserves attention.

2. ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Conditioners For Men

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Conditioners For Men

Not only is this formula affordable and luxurious, but also professes to skyrocket your hair’s cool factor. With a blend of rare hair ingredients such as white willow bark and burdock root, you can rest assured that it will leave your dried hair looking invigorate and luscious. The argan oil and thyme traces will strengthen and repair broken strands.

In the meantime, trust the rosemary extract to reinvigorate follicles and nourish your hair. And with the UV protection it offers, this arguably one of the best hair conditioners for men to wear just before heating a sunny beach.


If you have dry hair and want to keep in its best form day in and day out, this conditioner will come in handy. It even has natural, botanical oils to increase your hair’s volume while improving the texture and shine. In other words, the ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Conditioner is your best to creating vibrant, healthy hair at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

1. K + S Men’s Hair Conditioners

K + S Men’s Hair Conditioners

This formula by K + S takes the crown as the best hair conditioner for men. Ideal for day to day use, it offers a spa-like experience to your strands. The hints of peppermint oil and vitamins give your hair a mist-like treatment that does everything from soothing the scalp, to reducing frizz and dandruff as well as moisturizing.

And that’s not all there is to this conditioner. Peppermint oil is an essential oil that helps reduce stress and elevate your moods. Now think about it, a hair conditioner that also doubles ups as a gateway to higher energy levels and enlightenment! Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?


The K + S Men’s Hair Conditioner is a revolutionary product, to say the least. A brilliant product for a busy man, it has a minty smell that you’ll love. Perhaps the best way to experience it is to use it on your hair!

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