Top 10 Best Guitar Stands Reviewed In 2017

Even though disregarded by beginners and professional guitarists, guitar stands are essential musical accessories that come in handy in many ways. Instead of leaning your precious guitar on the wall and predisposing it to scratches and or mechanical damage over time, a good quality stand will secure it well and lower the risk of the foregoing problems. They also stabilize guitars well to lower the risk of rolling and have secure and soft-padded designs that never disappoint. Buy one of the following top 10 guitar stands for the best experience:

10. Signstek Portable Stand

Signstek Portable Collapsible Adjustable Anti-slip Classic Acoustic Guitars Bass Stands

Perfect for securing bass and acoustic guitars during storage, Signstek is a portable anti-slip stand with a durable, adjustable, and collapsible design that you can carry along during your outdoor gigs. It is affordable, made of a high-strength ABS material that does not crack nor fail under pressure, and comes with a non-slip mat for better stability and safety. It also has durable and non-marring plastic caps on its feet that not only improve stability further, but also protect delicate flooring such as hardwood and vinyl from scratches.

9. Musician’s Gear

Musician's Gear Triple Guitar Stand Black

Musician’s Gear is a black themed triple gear stand with a stable and high-performance design that not only secures guitars well but also lowers the risk of dents and or scratches in storage. The neoprene tubing used to make it is lightweight, stable, and has a well-finished surface that boosts guitar safety. Its ability to secure up to three guitars at the same time benefits avid guitarists while its foldable design not only eases its storage but also transportation when not in use. Buy an original to get a locking strap that improves security further.

8. Hola!

Hola! Heavy Duty Folding Universal Guitar Stand - Fits Acoustic, Classical, Electric and Bass Guitars - Black

Hola! by Hola! Music is a heavy-duty guitar stand with a universal design that secures electronic, classical, bass, and acoustic guitars well. It is black themed, has a sturdy 3.5-pound stainless steel frame, and has a well-finished and adjustable design with rubber padding on all contact points that minimize the risk of scratches and dents. It also folds flat for easier transportation and storage, does not require special skills to set up and use, and has non-slip rubber caps on its feet that do not mar flooring.

7. Top Stage Pro

Top Stage® Pro Universal Guitar Stand

Designed for securing several types and sizes of guitars when performing and or behind the scenes, Top Stage Pro is a universal guitar stand with a light yet durable metal frame and a secure lock that protects guitars from tumbling in storage. Its frame its sturdy and well-designed to support a lot of weight. Its rubberized feet do not slip even on smooth surfaces while its foldable design saves valuable space during storage and or transportation. Buyers also get a specially curved yoke that secures acoustic and electric guitars better and impressive safety features including a rubberized backrest and soft foam arms that prevent dents and or scratches.

6. Certain Way Guitar Stand

Guitar Stand Universal Folding A-Frame use for Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars. Ultimate Lightweight Portable Holder for On Stage, Ultra Stable Musical Instruments Stands for Professional Guitarists

Certain Way is one of the greatest guitar stand that works wonders. Featuring a folding A-frame, for instance, it is not only convenient but also recommended for everyday travel. The frame is also stable, specially designed to fit and support electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, and has an ultra-stable design with silicone-padded components that lower the risk of scratches. Its wide feet are also stable and oriented to support heavy guitars while its per-assembled design is not only easy to operate but also comes backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

5. Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000

Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000 Guitar Stand

Do you own an electronic or acoustic guitar that you use to perform on a regular basis? To get a stable and well-designed stand that will serve you well for long, Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000 is a heavy-duty steel model with a rubberized cradle padding that protects guitars from dents and scratches and a durable neck restraint that prevents guitars from shifting and or tumbling in storage. Even though cheap, this stand lasts long. Its feet have trim on safety pads for added stability while its well-finished seams support a lot of weight.

4. Fender Mini Guitar Stand

Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

If space is a limitation, but maximum protection is a requirement, Fender is one of the best guitar stands to purchase. It is compact, durable, and has a foldable frame that fits most cases and gig bags. Its universal design, on the other hand, not only fits and secures several types and sizes of guitars well but also protects them from physical and or mechanical damages during storage. If you have a tight budget, this mini stand is affordable and does not require special skill to maintain.

3. ChromaCast CC-MINIGS

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure Lock

Purchase ChromaCast CC-MINIGS to get a durable guitar stand with a convenient folding design and a secure lock that prevents your guitar from wiggling in storage. Its A-frame design supports colossal weight without crumbling and or losing its shape. It is also lightweight, has rubberized feet that improve stability, and has a stepped yoke that benefits individuals with acoustic and electric guitars. All arms and its backrest have soft foam padding that lowers the risk of scratching.

2. On Stage XCG4

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand

Featuring a stable tripod shaped body that supports guitar brands of all shapes and sizes; On Stage XCG4 is a novel black-themed guitar stand with a V-groove neck and a friction locking knob that secures guitars well without scratching or lowering their value in any way. Its stepped yoke prevents rotation. The solid steel rod offered has a locking keyway for stabilizing guitars while the non-slip rubber end caps that it comes with not only boost its stability but also safety significantly.

1. Musician’s Gear Tubular

Musician's Gear Tubular Guitar Stand Black

This tubular guitar stand by Musician’s Gear tops our list of the best guitar stands. It has a striking black theme, a solid and foldable design that you can carry safely in your guitar’s case, and has an extendable design with soft rubberized tubing that protects guitars from physical and mechanical damages such as dents and scratches. Setup and usage are easy. It also has a universal design that accommodates various guitar types and comes decently priced in stores.

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