Top 10 Best Glass Break Sensors In 2017 – Security System You Need

Glass break sensors, for starters, are more or less like an alarm that notifies you when there’s a forceful entry into your premises through a glass window. Also, if you are not familiar with a burglar alarm before, you may be concerned about the installation, performance, and the integration with other security devices in your house. Worry no more! Glass break sensors are easy to install, can cover many windows with a single sensor and will seamlessly integrate with other security system in your house.


But, how to pick the best one when there is a large flock of sensors in the market? We got you covered on this part by scouring the market in search of the top 10 best glass break sensors based on their performances, features and the overall abilities to keep your home or place of business safe.

10. Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 Glass-Break Detector

Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 Glass-Break Detector

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The Intellisense FG-730 is cute, compact, and versatile. A hot favorite with DIY enthusiasts, it boasts a long-lasting field proven design to give you years upon years of protection. The integrated sign verification and filtering ensure that there are no false alarms. Meanwhile, the broad range functionalities allow you to multiple rooms with a single installation.
You need to hardwire this sensor for it to operate correctly. That might prove laborious, but then again, you can always refer to the user manual.
The Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 is sturdy and handy. You can even adjust its sensitivity to match your security needs especially for windows located away from public view. The dual technology flex-audio principle guarantees that this sensor will never fail to fail to detect a break in. Now, that’s superior protection right there.

9. Simplisafe Glassbreak Sensor

Simplisafe Glassbreak Sensor

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Add a layer of security to your home with this glass break sensor from Simplisafe. The one thing that sets this unit apart from other sensors in its class is the ability to detect the sound of shattering glass thirty feet away in any direction. The Detection Algorithm combines with Digital Signal Processing to correctly pick out the unique sound of a window breaking.
The Simplisafe runs on battery power. In essence, this means that you have to keep checking the battery to make sure that your sensor is working.
There’s no denying that the Simplisafe is one of the best glass break detectors on the market. It is easy to test, so finding the optimum range for your home or business premises shouldn’t be much of a problem. What’s more? It will stay active even when you are in your house, assuring you round the clock security.

8. Interlogix Shatterpro Glassbreak Detector

Interlogix Shatterpro Glassbreak Detector

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Trust Interlogix Shatterpro to keep burglars at bay. So sensitive is this sensor that it will even pick a sneeze a couple of meters from the window. It is compact and wireless which translates to ease of installation. And, the 2.3 V lithium batteries it comes with provides months of usage. It integrates with other security systems in your home seamlessly. Of course, you don’t have to break a bank to get it – the price is highly affordable for those on a tight budget.
The Interlogix Shatterpro may be wireless, but it doesn’t work with drywall anchors. When mounting it on drywall, you have to drill through the plastic in the back.
If you want to give your GE Concord 4 security system a boost, this is the perfect glass break sensor to install. It has a maximum range of up to twenty feet. And the best part is that it can work between rooms even with obstruction.

7. Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector

Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector

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Interlogix makes a return into the best glass break sensors 2017 collection this time with the 5150-W series. Arguably the lowest profile unit in the industry, it is designed to stick directly to your window and serves as a visual deterrent for up to 10 feet. It runs on the Advanced Piezo Technology, so you don’t need power from the loop to have it working. In other words, this sensor generates its electricity, and therefore it works day in and day out.
Again, this may require some professional assistance when installing. Nonetheless, once it’s in place, you may not need to keep checking it ensure that it is working.
The Interlogix 5150-W is one of the most practical sensors to install in areas that require 2-wire protection. It has a transducer that bends for it to go into alarm which further reduces the likelihood of false alarm. And you can even assess it before installation thanks to the range verification testing.

6. Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector

Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector

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Stop break-ins before they happen with the Honeywell 5853 glass break sensor. With no minimum range limitations, you can use it virtually anywhere, from you home to business and office. It will detect signals at a range of 25 ft and is even compatible with all 5800 series. One more thing, you can program it into a wireless system in seconds.
While the Honeywell 5853 does an excellent job at keeping your home safe, it is not the perfect option for tempered glass.
If you want to replace your hardwired system, this is the wireless sensor to go for. The audio coverage is fist class as is the sensitivity. Be sure to check it out – securing your home has never been this easy and affordable.

5. Fortress Security Store Glass Break Sensors

Fortress Security Store Glass Break Sensors

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This is one of the most well thought after glass break sensors complete with a panic button to override common triggers. It is wireless, meaning that you can mount it anywhere. This unit is compatible with both GSM and SO2 systems for versatility. You can protect it with a password, thereby preventing anyone from tampering with it. The 12 Volts battery keeps it operating for months.
This unit highly sensitive and as such may not be pet-friendly. Whenever possible, keep your pet away from the window. Otherwise, you will have to deal with many false alarms.
The Fortress Security Store Glass Break Sensor has an above average transmission range. It has a nice keypad and comes with dual RDIF tags. The anti-tamper spring is certainly a plus as is the automatic trigger system that goes off at the slightest of vibration.

4. GE Personal Security Window Alarm

GE Personal Security Window Alarm

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If what it can offer is anything to go by, then this is the best glass break sensor on the market. It is one of the very few units on the market with an alarm output of 120 dB to give you complete peace of mind. Also, there’s a low battery test button to allow you to check the battery life, so you’ll never get caught off guard. In the meantime, the contemporary design and intuitive buttons make it extremely easy to use the GE.
It may be difficult to position the GE window detector at the correct range for it function as expected. Thus, be sure to read the installation manual to get the most out of your unit.
The GE glass break detector is sleek and discreet. It has three sensitivity settings to help you optimize security in your home. As you may have already figured out, it is loud, and its installation is no brainer. Get it; you’ll love it for what it has to offer.

3. SABRE Wireless Window Glass Break Sensors

SABRE Wireless Window Glass Break Sensors

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This unit by SABRE indeed deserves mention among glass window break sensors. For starters, it can detect breakage from as far as 300 feet away. With an astounding 100 dB sounds, it has a red warning signal to caution would-be intruder of the window’s protection. All you have to do is set it in place and adjust the sensitivity setting to prevent false alarms on windy days.
The alarm is not as loud, and you might miss it especially if you’ve installed the sensor in your garage or downstairs room.
The SABRE window break detector is attractive and user-friendly. It doesn’t require any wiring and will work even when there’s power outage. Besides, it is ISO certified for quality and efficiency.

2. Doberman SE-0137 Window Alarm

Doberman SE-0137 Window Alarm

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Doberman SE-0137 is ultra thin and comes in a straightforward peel and stick installation. Yes, all you have to do is to stick it on your window’s frame using super adhesive back and start protecting your home. The alarm is loud enough (up to 100 dB) and the price, budget-friendly. And the beauty of it is that this sensor is small, which means that it can fit on any glass window or door.
Even though this sensor is ready to use right from the box, you should clean your window (preferably with alcohol) thoroughly for it to stick.
Doberman is an industry leader, synonymous with high quality and innovation. The SE-0137 brings forth the same dexterity the manufacturer is known for and will certainly help scale security with your yard. Try it, you’ll love what it has to offer.

1. Doberman SE-0106-4PK Window Alarm

Doberman SE-0106-4PK Window Alarm

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The Doberman SE-0106 is your-to-go for home, garage, office, RV or dorm room alarm. It uses the latest vibration technology and will not go off in wind, rain or other elements of the weather. And if you’re wondering about the installation, this one is a peel and stick window sensor – you don’t require any tools to have it in place!
The battery cover tends to fall off. However, that’s an installation problem so be careful how you stick it on your window.
The Doberman SE-0106 is ultra-thin to fit any window. It even comes with a warning sticker so scare away intruders before they make a break-in attempt. With a sound output of 100 dB, you can rest assured that you’ll hear the alarm once it goes off.

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