Top 10 Best Garbage Disposals Reviewed In 2017

Where humans live, garbage will obviously collect. It is then very essential to install proper garbage disposal system to keep homes and the surrounding clean for a healthy and safe atmosphere for families. An effective garbage disposal machine will purge your sink of the debris and any other undesirable wastes effectively, with no left-overs rotting around. Insects, pests, and rodents will not intrude then. The unit works majorly to grind and flush food wastes to the drainage system, making it hard to clog the pipes and eliminating adverse bacteria and organisms. That said, this article provides you with the top 10 best garbage disposals for excellent performance to provide the mentioned benefits. Read on and discover.

10. Whirlpool GC2000XE

Whirlpool GC2000XE 1:2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

This is a 0.5 hp in-sink garbage disposal system that works efficiently. It provides continuous feed operation that helps minimize cases of jamming. Food leftovers are ground to fine particles and then whisked down the drain system for clog-free drainage. Its overload protector has built-in manual reset for keeping your food disposing process effortless. It works tidily, easily, and fast.

9. Waste King L-3300 Legend Series

Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3:4 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

It is another great model of garbage disposal unit. It has an EZ-mounting innovative system for easy installation. It has several sophisticated high performance features, including a heavy duty garbage grinding gear, continuous feed disposer, robust Vortex technology-embedded motor, quality stainless steel swivel impeller, and rust-resistant grinding chambers. It is very reliable and also durable.

8. Kitchen Aid KCDB250G

Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1:2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

KitchenAid KCDB250G is a 0.5 hp food garbage disposer that operates superbly with or without the food cover, making food waste disposing process quick, easy, and healthy. Its motor provides up to 1725 RPM to ensure awesome grinding. Other features include an overload protection that integrates functional manual reset. Its continuous feed provides for constant waste grinding for faster cleanup. The unit is connected to electric power switch for easy and safe operation.

7. General Electric GFC520V

General Electric GFC520V 1:2 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposall Large Capacity Food Waste Disposer, Black

This is a large capacity garbage disposal unit from General Electric. It has powerful waste grinding function for reducing food wastes to minute particles for clog-free drainage. It also has advanced insulation package for ensuring ultra-quiet operation, providing peace in the whole house. It is a smooth operation, hard-working and easy to install unit.

6. Whirlaway 191 Garbage Disposal

Whirlaway 191 1:3 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Whirlaway 191 is another top performance garbage disposal system that has given a new face to many a kitchen around the world. Although supported by a 1/3-hp motor, it is a great pick for those who need something compact with specific top-efficiency technology and special design that give it more grinding capacity for easy and continued waste food grinding.

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5. InSinkErator Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3:4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

Featuring highly advanced and futuristic technology, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is an excellent garbage disposal unit with SoundSeal mechanism that provides awesome noise insulation and also prevents the machine from vibrating when in use, therefore ensuring minimized noise for a cool house. This system also integrates multi-grind technology for effortless and swift waste grinding.

4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

Integrating a durable and very effective 1hp induction motor, this is an instant and impressive performance garbage grinding machine that features several modern advanced mechanisms for high quality performance. It has SoundSeal technology for proper noise insulation. Moreover, its MultiGrind function provides several grinding steps for effective garbage disposal process. It is a very popular product with many homeowners for keeping kitchen clean.

3. Waste King L-2600 Legend

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Also by Waste King, it is another impressively powerful system supported by its high-speed 2600rpm motor for ridding you of food leftovers in next to no time. It is a septic safe unit that is eco-friendly. It installs easily and is a breeze to clean, thanks to dishwasher safe parts. It further has a steel stopper, easy-to-detach splash-guard, sleeve-type bearings, and quality stainless steel body.

2. InSinkErator Badger 5

InSinkErator Badger 5, 1:2 HP Food Waste Disposer

Ranking among the very top-rated and superior performance models, InSinkErator Badger 5 is an awesome waste eliminator that helps keep pests, insects, and bacteria off your kitchen and house by offering excellent waste disposal. It is highly reliable and durable with its robust and effective induction motors in a galvanized steel body. It is a highly appreciated and widely popular model preferred by so many homeowners.

1. Waste King L-8000

Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal

Waste King’s L-800 is an indisputably great machine for freeing your kitchen of food leftovers, keeping pests, rodents, and odors at bay. Boasting 1hp motor that provides ultra-high 2800rpm, it also has an upmarket stainless steel swivel impellers for improved durability. It further incorporates noise insulation for reduced noise when in operation, while the splash guard allows for simple cleaning as well as maintenance.

If you want to find the best way to manage your kitchen garbage for an odor-free, insect and pest-free, and bacterial free home kitchen, buy a garbage disposal unit. And do not buy just any model, but choose yours from the above highlighted top 10 best garbage disposals for the best value.

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