Top 10 Best Floor Fans Reviewed In 2016

Installing and maintaining a central air conditioning system is an expensive affair that most individuals cannot afford. They are also less efficient and have a damaging effect on the environment after several years of use. To beat the heat during warm summer months without grappling with the foregoing challenges, floor fans are power efficient household accessories that work well. They are affordable, offer superior directional cooling, and have simple yet power efficient designs that do not require a lot of money to maintain. They are also easier to assemble and have quiet high-cfm designs that you will enjoy using in your bedroom and living area. For the best experience, here are the top 10 floor fans to consider:

10. Ironton Floor Fan

Ironton High-Velocity Floor Fan - 14in., 2,550 CFM

Featuring a high-velocity 14-inch design that generates an impressive 2,550CFM whilst in use, this floor fan by Ironton is a powerful household accessory that will keep you cool and comfortable during warm summer months. Powered by a brushless 120-volt motor, it is quiet, lasts longer than most comparable models, and therefore, is one of the best for everyday use. The sturdy aluminum blade that it comes with also last long while the three-speed control switch that buyers get enables you to control air flow on demand, for a custom cooling experience. Ironton Floor Fan has a solid metallic body that does not rattle or topple easily and a tilting head (horizontal and vertical) that you can customize as needed.

9. LavoHome Pedestal

Energy Efficient Pedestal 12-inch Quiet 3 speed Floor Fan Adjustable Height - Whole Room Air Circulator

Designed to offer an enjoyable whole room cooling experience in various settings, LavoHome Pedestal is a durable and feature rich fan with an adjustable height system that you can customize to match your needs. Attainable cheap, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a central air conditioning system to keep your bedroom cool. The energy efficient motor that it draws its power from keeps power consumption low while its convenient 12-inch design blends well in living areas without cluttering space. Setup is easy. The three fan speeds offered deliver a custom cooling experience while its tilting head generates a multidirectional airflow that covers large areas.

8. MaxxAir HVFF 20S REDUPS

MaxxAir HVFF 20S REDUPS Shroud Floor Fan, 20-Inch, Red

Purchase a new MaxxAir HVFF 20S REDUPS to get a large (20-inches) shroud fan with a striking red body, a power efficient 120-volt PSC motor, and an adjustable fan head (120 degrees) that covers a larger area when in use. Unlike some floor fan than rattle and slide on floors at full power, that model not only has a durable body (powder coated steel) but also non-skid feet that boost its stability. Blade are large to maximize air flow and are made of durable aluminum that withstands abuse well while the 6-foot power cord that it comes with diversifies the installation options of users.

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7. Lasko Stanley 655650

Lasko Stanley 655650 20-Inch High Velocity Floor or Wall mount Fan, Black

Featuring a versatile design that works on the floor and on walls (mounted), Lasko Stanley 655650 is a large 20-inch fan in black with an innovative high-velocity design that cools efficiently. The quick mount bracket that it comes with eases installation. Controls are responsive and front mounted for easier access while the multi-functional remote that it comes with betters the experience of users. Pricing is decent. Its ETL listed design has a fused and grounded (three-prong) safety plug, rubber pads for protecting surfaces, and a carry handle for easy transportation.


iLIVING ILG8F12 3-Speed High Velocity Floor Fan, 12-Inch

A popular three-speed floor fan among many homeowners, iLIVING ILG8F12 is an excellent household accessory that has improved how people cool. Its high-velocity three-speed system, for instance, can satisfy the cooling demands of people of all cadres. Its 12-inch industrial grade design, on the other hand, blends well in homes without cluttering space while the three aluminum blades that it comes with move large volumes of air for faster and efficient cooling results. Other desirable attributes are its quiet permanently lubricated motor, tilting head (360-degrees), and a reinforced wire grill that maximizes the safety of kids and pets.

5. Honeywell TurboForce HF-910

Honeywell TurboForce Floor Fan, HF-910

The TurboForce line of floor fans from Honeywell is quiet, powerful, and home to some of the most dependable products in this niche. If you are looking to improve how you cool in your bedroom and or living room, this HF-910 edition is a high-velocity edition that moves air to distances of up to 40 feet. Its head pivots on a 90-degree orientation to offer better coverage while the three-speed motor that it draws power from is not only versatile but also lasts long. Perfect for use in large living and family rooms, this super slim fan is aesthetic and does not clutter personal space at all.

4. Air King 9214

Air King 9214 14-Inch Pivoting Floor Fan

Measuring 14-inches, Air King 9214 is a compact floor fan with a well-designed pivoting head, an aesthetic black theme, and a durable body made of powder coated steel. The fully enclosed and permanently lubricated electrical motor that it comes with is powerful (1/20 horsepower) and built to withstand everyday abuse without overheating and or losing its power over time. The three-conductor SJT power cord (9-foot) that it comes with is durable and designed to work well with most standard electrical outlets in homes. The one-year warranty that you get, on the other hand, covers all its production defects.

3. Lasko 2265QM

Lasko 2265QM 20-Inch Max Performance High Velocity Floor:Wall mount fan, Silver

As most Lasko floor fans, this 2265QM edition is a well-made freestanding fan with a high-velocity design that works well on the floor or mounted on walls. It is large (20-inches), aesthetic (silver themed), and has a premium ETL listed design with several safety features that make it an ideal floor fan for use in homes. Grills, for instance, contains blades well to minimize the risk of injuries. The grounded three-prong plug that it comes with (fused) is also safe for indoor use while the rubber pads mounted on its body protect surfaces from dents and scratches.

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2. Lasko 3300 Wind Machine

Lasko 3300 Wind Machine

Large, fully assembled, and with a safe ETL-listed design that does not harm pets nor kids, Lasko 3300 Wind Machine is a valuable household accessory, acclaimed in most top 10 best floor fans reviewed in 2016. Its rugged design is stylish and durable. The sturdy carry handle that it comes with eases transportation while the pivoting head buyers get offers an admirable directional air power for better cooling results. Lasko 3300 Wind Machine is affordable and runs quietly even at high setting.

1. Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force

Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator

For the best cooling experience at home, the Turbo Force HT-908 from Honeywell tops our list. Featuring a stylish black theme that complements the décor in homes, it is a perfect indoor accessory. Its cooling power is admirable. The permanently lubricated motor that it uses is 30% quieter than some contemporary models and its power efficient system designed to cut down power consumption by up to 30%. Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force has an easy to use three-speed system that moves air up to 32 feet at full capacity.

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