Top 10 Best Faucet Water Filters In 2017 – Drinking Water Healthier

The Environmental Protection Agency says that five out of every ten American homes use a water treatment system. And, given the many contaminants found in tap water, it makes perfect. As a matter fact, investing in the best faucet water filters is your best bet to eliminating pollutants present in both well and metropolitan water supplies. For starters, faucet water filters come with an activated carbon that works by sieving out harmful compounds from the water. The carbon is excellent at removing chlorine and other toxic substances such as heavy metals, bacteria and herbicides from the water.

That said, we review ten best faucet water filters on the market based on customer feedback, technology, and budget. Come with us:

10. Invigorated Water 8-Stage Faucet Filter


A new entrant into the market, this filter is sleek and affordable. You can use it in your kitchen or bathroom for clean, odorless water. As the name suggests, the water passes through an eight-stage filtering process to eliminate even the heaviest of metals including arsenic and lead. As for the capacity, it can filter water for an astounding six months without replacement. Note – it is compatible with the PHOO6 filters.

Other than that, this faucet filter also softens hard water and increases the water pH. It ionizes the water, thereby removing free radicals and by extension helps maintain your optimal health.


If you’re after a feature-rich faucet water filter, you could as well choose this one by Invigorated Water. With its three switch positions, you can shift from clean to purified water, sprayer or steady stream. Besides, the chrome finish is certainly inviting.

9. Nanan Healthy Faucet Water Filters System

This filter’s ability to offer value for your money isn’t in question, judging from its hardwearing construction. It boasts a high-quality, food-grade ABS plastic casing to guarantee long-lasting use. The filter’s interior is rust and skid proof, thanks to the zinc plating.

You’ll love the convenient design, complete with a flexible metal interface. In the meantime, the 360 swivel allows it to fit into most sinks. Installation is simple and straightforward, with no extra tools required.


The Nanan is one of the best faucet water filters if you’re not sure about your sink’s size. Its universal fit offer the versatility you need to try it on different sinks. It can filter up to 200 gallons and last up to six months before you can do a replacement. This model promises to keep your tap water 99.9% free of contaminants.

8. Aquasana AQ-4000W Countertop Water Filter

If you’re in pursuit of unmatched efficiency, this is the faucet water filter to purchase. This model is a notch above its competitors when it comes to purifying charge. It filters ten times more contaminants than other units its class. Also, it cleans the bad stuff while retaining important mineral such as calcium, potassium and magnesium thanks to its Selective filtration technology.

You don’t even need prior knowledge to change the filters when they’re due. Just remove the used filter, fix the new one into place and twist it for a perfect fit. What’s more? The reinforced housing assures durability.

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There’s no doubt that the Aquasana AQ-4000W is a filtering powerhouse. It undertakes to filter a mind-boggling two million square feet of toxic material under pressure. It features the brand exclusive Claryum filtration technology for ultimate effectiveness. So good is this model that Health Magazine named it one of the “healthiest gadgets.” Be sure to view it.

7. Aqua Elegante Tap Water Faucet Filters

Enjoy clean water rivaling the bottled variety with this faucet water filter by Aqua Elegante. An easy to install model, it reduces the chlorine content in your water and gets rid of funky odors. That way, it gives you purity with each sip. The compact design allows you to clean your H20 at the flip of a switch without while saving the counter space.

The Aqua Elegante comes with a unique blend granulated activated carbon to remove impurities via a chemical redox reaction. It also has a KDF-55 purity copper-zinc alloy to trap pesticides, lead and hydrogen sulfide.


You don’t have to struggle with getting clean cooking water if you install the Aqua Elegante faucet filter in your kitchen. It will provide your pets clean and fresh water too. Users love this model’s quality build and pitch-perfect performance. Most note that there’s a taste difference in their water, a testimony that this filter delivers what it promises.

6. Aquasana AQ-5300.56 Under Sink Water Filter System

The Aquasana AQ-5300.56 is one of the best under-sink faucet water filters. It brings to the fore a remarkable 500-gallon lifespan, and as such will stick by your side for long. Apart from eliminating chlorine, it also fends off up to 98% of other contaminants including TOCs and VOCs.

This faucet water filter also comes with a handy check-performance that enables you to know when it’s time to replace the filter. In other words, you’ll never fail to get clean water due to a faulty or worn-out cartridge.


The Aquasana AQ-5300.56 filter may not be one of the cheapest options on the market. But, every package comes with a faucet. That’s right; you get an elegant faucet to ensure that you have a steady flow of your now purified water. Talk of a win-win situation!

5. DuPont WFFM350XCH Faucet Water Filter

DuPont has outdone itself on this one. Sporting an innovative design, this faucet filter has an easy-to-read electronic display that lets you know how many gallons of water it has cleaned. By extension, this feature also allows you to measure the filter’s life.

This is the best faucet water filter for repositioning. It is swivels at 360 degrees, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of an inflexible model that won’t fit into your sink. Just tilt it to find the position that will save you the most space.


The DuPont WFFM350XCH’s ultra performance is what makes it such an attractive option. It will reduce sediments, cysts, benzene, mercury, and lead. Moreover, the Microban Antimicrobial protection improves the filters life, offering value for your money in return. View it and bring style and functionality in your home.

4. Brita Faucet Water Filter System with Light Indicator

Brita is an industry leader, known for the quality and dexterity of its product. And true to its name, this faucet filter doesn’t disappoint. It is for anyone after easy, tool-free installation. All it takes to use this model is to pop it on, screw it around your faucet’s opening and you’re good to go – no tool required!

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The no-frills design saves around 40% of your sink’s space in comparison to most models.


Despite its size, the Brita On Tap faucet water filter can provide up to 100 gallons of water in three months. In essence, it replaces over 750 standard 16 ounces bottles, cutting down on waste while saving you money. And, you can always keep an eye on the light indicator to tell when the filter’s replacement is due. Enjoy great tasting water and save more with the Brita faucet water filter.

3. PUR Horizontal Faucet Mount


The best faucet water filter doesn’t have to come with whistles and bells as this model proves. With one of the most minimalist construction, it a perfect choice when all you want is to purify water. And, the modest design shouldn’t fool you; the PUR is a good as they come.

For starters, it offers three-stage filtration for crisp, invigorating taste. The one-click installation is without a doubt a plus when it comes to convenience. Did we mention that this unit can filter up to 100 gallons? Well, that how powerful this model is.


The PUR is a cheap faucet water filter with an output that can rival high-end models. And the best part is that it filters water straight from your tap without interfering with the flow. Choose between white, stainless steel, chrome and platinum to match your house’s décor.

2. Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Filter

A model that can purify up to 200 gallons of water in two months deserves mention among the top rated faucet water filters. The FM-15A boasts advanced filtering capability of 0.5 gmp while maintaining the flow rate at 60 psi. It also comes with a diverter that allows you to move between filtered water and regular tap water.

With such kind of filtration, this unit can eliminate contaminants such as lindane, lead, turbidity, chlorine, and atrazine while suppressing bad taste and odor.


The Culligan FM-15A meets the NSF international requirements for filtration of more than 20 contaminants. With an auto-shut off function, it is one of the easiest faucet water filters to use more so when you want to purify a predetermined amount of water. It is available in white and chrome finish, to meet the style of a modern kitchen.

1. PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter

PUR continues to impress. In fact, this model could very well be the best faucet water filter on the market at the moment. See, numbers don’t lie; homeowners hail this unit and for some good reasons. First off, it can eliminate over 70 toxins including 96% mercury, 92% pesticides and 99% lead. It runs on MAXION filtering technology, ensuring that your tap water is always safe to use.

This model is compatible with standard faucets and can filter over 200 gallons of water. The robust casing and improved finishes combine to stand to everyday kitchen use.


The PUR water faucet filter is for those in search of consistent reliability. Designed for heavy-duty use, this model is your gateway to clean, great tasting water. Never mind the unassuming look; it works just as well as premium alternatives!


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