Top 10 Best Electric Griddles Reviewed In 2017 – Perfect For Family Gathering

Electric griddles are excellent additions to any contemporary kitchen. Come to think of it; these space saving cooking appliances are a great option to fix a quick bite for your family. They will also come in handy if you’re preparing food for a crowd.

Electric griddles allow you to bring the versatility twist to your cooking too. They allow you to cook an assortment of foods from bacon to eggs. Better yet, you can broil, sear, grill and sauté. That brings us to the purpose of this write-up to help you select the best electric griddle. Any of the following units will make an excellent choice.

10. Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Electric Griddle

If you’re scouting for a basic, no frills griddle, this is a great option. It will make you a quick breakfast crepe, allowing you to leave home early for the office. The nonstick surface means that it will always stay clean even with multiple uses.

Key Benefits:

Convenient Cooking

The Zojirushi EA-DCC10 comes with a lid for convenient cooking especially when you’re steaming. The cover also prevents oils splatter, keeping your cooking surface neat. Meanwhile, the ceramic outer casing guarantees thousands of cooking sessions.

Variable Heat Setting

The last thing you want is an electric griddle that doesn’t cook your food evenly or overcooks. You don’t have to worry about that with the EA-DCC10 thanks to the adjustable heat setting. It cooks your food just the way you want it.

9. Secura Reversible Electric Griddle

This electric griddle from Secura is in a class of its own. It has a large cooking surface area, making it an ideal option for a social gathering. Plus, you can move food around with relative ease while you barbecue. Cleaning it is a breeze too – just remove the drip tray and detach the entire griddle.

Key Benefits:

Intuitive Design

The Secura doubles up as a grill and griddle to save your kitchen cabinet. In essence, this also means that you can cook a wider variety of foods. The heating element tucked between the grill and griddle plate gives it exceptional cooking ability.

Cool-Touch Handles

Handling the Secura while you barbecue isn’t much of a hassle. Besides, the heating light indicator and the adjustable temperature give you more control over your cooking.

8. Oster -ECO DuraCeramic Griddle

The Oster –ECO is durable. In fact, the innovative Duraceramic coating gives it up to four times more longevity than standard electric griddles. It won’t flake or peel and promises to give you healthy meals every time you use it.

Key Benefits:

Keeps Food Warm, for Longer

The Oster–ECO features a warming tray that works by keeping your food warmer relatively longer. That way, you can prepare the serving table and still make sure that everyone enjoys a hot plate. It also saves your time and energy.

Cooks Healthy Meals

One of the most common gripes about electric griddles is the inability to prepare wholesome meals. The Oster–ECO, however, is different. It has a built-in grease channel that sieves oils away from your food so that you can enjoy heart-healthy meals.

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7. Presto 07039 Electric Griddle

This could as well be the best electric griddle if you want a unit that will handle large batches of appetizers, breakfast, and dinner for your family. Be sure to take advantage of the Control Master function to set cooking temperatures automatically.

Key Benefits:

Hundreds of Uses

The Presto 07039’s ability to give you many delightful moments in the kitchen is not in question. The base is made using heavy cast aluminum and is virtually warp-proof. You can bet that this griddle will deliver expected results for years to come.

Effortless Cleaning

By use, an electric griddle needs regular cleaning. As a matter of fact, you should never use an unclean grill if you’re serious about your wellbeing. Cleaning the Presto 07039 has never been easier because it is dishwasher safe.

6. Hamilton Beach 38546 3-in-1 Grill/Griddle

Hamilton Beach is an industry leader, known for making high-quality kitchen appliances. You can’t go wrong with their 38546 3-in-1 Grill/Griddle, a unit that gives restaurant-like results for all your ingredients and recipes.

Key Benefits:

All-in-One Cooking

As the name suggests, this appliance offers three ways to cook. You can cook, griddle and grill with it. And the best part is, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. If you hold parties at your home often, this would be an excellent piece to own.

Individual Cooking Options

While the best electric griddle ought to allow you to cook at the precise temperatures, the Hamilton Beach 38546 takes it a step further. You can adjust the heat on either side of the griddle. Essentially, this means that you can grill hamburgers on one side and toast buns on the other. How about that!

5. Presto 07030 Cool Touch Electric Griddle

Presto makes a return to our top 10 best electric griddles 2017 this time with the 07030. This one has a generous cooking surface, so you don’t have to worry about making great meals. It will give you the buffet serving that will satisfy even the choosiest of taste buds.

Key Benefits:

Sleek Design

Yes, who said that an electric griddle shouldn’t be a thing of beauty? Your kitchen needs to look attractive too! The Presto 07030 has a glossy appearance and will make a dazzling addition to your countertop.

Easy Food Handling

Using an electric griddle is one thing; however, cooking food to perfection is entirely different. The Presto 07030 has a surface that offers stick-free food handling as well as automatic temperature control. Both features combine to make sure that your food is tasty and evenly cooked. One more thing, the base and the sides are also cool to touch.

4. BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

If you’re an adventurous cook who wants to try out various recipes, this electric griddle from Black & Decker is a perfect choice. It will make almost every other type of crepe batters and even the little scrumptious pancakes.

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Key Benefits:

Pitch-Perfect Handiness

This electric griddle will make waffles enough to feed over thirty guests relatively fast. You can expect nothing short of consistent results with your barbecue. And for your family needs, it will fix egg and bacon quickly, without splashing oil.

Plenty of Grilling Surface

An electric griddle that will allow you to cook for your family needs to have a large surface. With the BLACK+DECKER GD2011B, you can prepare up to eight servings at once! Now, that’s convenience at its best. And for those who may be concerned, it comes with a drip tray for easy cleanup.

3. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

Presto 07211, with cast aluminum, is the best surface to prepare most foods. Apart from heating fast, it also distributes heat evenly. It won’t warp too which means that you can use your griddle over and again with a brilliant outcome each time.

Key Benefits:

Broad Temperature Range

Speaking of grilling an assortment of foods, the Presto Liddle has one of the widest ranges of temperatures among electric griddles. It can automatically maintain temperatures starting from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. With that kind of performance, it will indeed handle all your griddling needs.

Compact Design

The Presto Liddle is small. It will fit on your countertop and cabinet without occupying lots of space. Other than that, it comes with an integrated channel to catch dripping and can fully submerge of easy cleaning.

2. Presto Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle

If you want Presto Liddle’s performance but with a bigger unit, the Presto Tilt ‘n Drain could as well be the best electric griddle to consider. As you may have already guessed, it has a larger cast aluminum surface to grill foods in larger quantities.

Key Benefits:

Tilt ‘n Drain

This is not your typical electric griddle. It boasts a one of a kind Tilt ‘n Drain feature that so that you can adjust it from a level barbecuing surface for eggs to an inclined surface for preparing meals. Just pull its handles outward to change surfaces.

Built-in Backstop Ledge

Handling food is effortless with the Presto Tilt ‘n Drain thanks to this function. And, with an ability to cook up to 12 slices of French toast at a go, this feature is indeed helpful.

1. Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

For optimal practicality, choose the Presto 07061 that can also cook cookies and tortillas. This multitasking electric griddle will change the way you grill for good! No need to shift between appliances when you need to cook a simple meal with it in your kitchen.

Key Benefits:

Easy to Handle

You don’t to be an experienced chef to use the Presto 07061. Just place your food on its extra-large surface, set the temperature and let it do the job. Of course, you have to keep turning your rations to make sure they cook evenly.

Innovative Design

Everything about the Presto 07061 is well-thought-out. From the slide-out drip tray to the master heat control and removable handles, this is a premium product whichever way you look at it. You will love the textured cooking surface too.

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