Top 10 Best Dry Dog Food Reviewed In 2017

When you bring a dog into your home, choosing good food for him/her that you and your wallet will love takes time. Even so, it’s pleasant if you know where to start. That’s the reason we’ve selected the best 10 dry dog food for your canine to try out. As you may be already aware, what goes through your dog’s mouth determines the pet’s overall health. A high majority of dog owners vouch for the food below, for their nutritional value and affordability.

10. Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food

Let your pooch enjoy real organic chicken, the main ingredient in this formula from Organix. It also contains quinoa, a grain with chockfull of nutrients and high levels of dietary fiber. Plus, it carries traces of flaxseed to supply your dog’s body with omega 3 fatty acids. Feeding your furry friend with this dry food frequently leads to healthy skin and coat. The Organix meets the standards set by the Oregon Tilth, and all its ingredients are from the United States.

09. Purina Pro

Purina isn’t dubbed “Pro” for nothing. It is rich in antioxidants to nourish and boost your dog’s immune system. It contains DHA for vision and vision development. Because of its unique formulation, it is the best dry dog food for senior pets (seven years or older). The Purina Pro is highly digestible and provides a maximum protein to fat ration to help your pooch maintain muscles mass. Its main ingredient, as the name suggests, is a shredded blend of rice and chicken.

08. NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food

If you own a sick or large dog, this is the dry food to buy. It contains high-value proteins such glucosamine and chondroitin to help larger dogs maintain their frame. It also has phosphorous and calcium for healthy bones and joints. The amino acids and vitamins complete a pack of goodness. NUTRO adult dry food features a blend of farm raised chicken, balanced fiber, and whole grains. Your dog will not only enjoy this food, but also benefit from a better digestive system that rapidly absorbs nutrients.

07. Hill’s Science Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science promises to help make your dog happy with this dry food. And, looking at what it has to offer, that’s indeed the case. A good percentage of veterinarians hail it as the best dry dog food for a healthier pet. It has adequate doses of minerals, lamb, and salmon. All of its ingredients are natural and clinically proven to contain antioxidants. There is no artificial colors or chicken by-products. For a meal that’s supposed to keep your pooch in the healthiest state possible, the Hill’s Science dry dog food is, without doubt, a winner.

06. Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food

Rachel Ray knows what’s best for your dog. The recipe used to make this dry dog food says so! It is one of the very few dog meets that contain wholesome veggies and a mix of seafood. Other ingredients include beef, minerals and a host of vitamins. There’s even a jumble of carrots and peas to support digestion and perk up dog’s ability to fight diseases. And, the Biotin and Zinc sulfate will help keep unhealthy fat in check while ensuring that your dog’s organs function optimally.

05. Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The makers of this meal understand that dogs prosper in healthy fats and protein. That’s why Merrick Grain Free dry dog food offers a balanced nutrition of whole food sourced locally. This is the best dry dog food for pets of all ages, from pups to large breeds. Its nutritional content seeks to support your furry friend’s overall health. Merrick Grain comprises 70% meat and fish to help build and maintain lean, healthy muscles. Buy this award-winning dry dog food and help your pet foster strong joints and hips.

04. Purina Beneful Originals

Purina Beneful is an organic option to fill your dog’s bowl with healthy goodness. With real ingredients such as accents of vegetables, chicken, and beef, your best friend will feel great about feeding. It comes in a variety of flavors to give a broader choice even for picky eaters. Each recipe in this dry dog food provides the nutrients required to keep his/her muscles packed. Purina Beneful is crunchy and tender to ensure that your dog is excited about every meal. It is cost friendly too!

03. Diamond Naturals Dry Food

Diamond Naturals features a healthy blend of ingredients to keep your dogs happy and muscular. It is the best dry dog food if you want to take your pet’s performance to the next level. And the best part, its recipe meet the needs and preferences of all dog stages and level of activity. It contains human grade meat and natural digestive enzymes. Diamond Naturals has an excellent palatability for optimal health and an active life. What’s more? The crispy kibble helps reduce plaque and tartar.

02. Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food

The Wellness CORE is specially formulated to meet the needs of adult, nonreproducing dog aged one and above. This means you can feed it to your pup, and pregnant or nursing mothers. It meets AAFCO nutrient profile for adult maintenance. With a 38% protein matter and 48% carbohydrate content, it is way above average in nutritional value in comparison to most dry dog food. And just so you may know, it contains salmon oil, chicken, turkey, vegetables, and fruits. Yummy!

01. Taste of the Wild

The over 7,000 dog owners who recommend this formula couldn’t be wrong. Taste of the Wild is the best dry dog food for your money. It is made with roasted meats and supplemented with veggies and fruits. The natural antioxidants deliver the protection your pooch needs to stay disease free. Meanwhile, the garbanzo beans, peas, and flaxseed bring a protein-boosting effect to the meal. And because it contains no grains, Taste of the Wild is suitable for all life stages. As shoppers note, it will bolster your pup’s energy levels. Taste of the Wild is a blend that “your dog will really like” in the words of a happy user.

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