Top 10 Best Dog Training Collars In 2018 – Make Your Dog Obedient

A well-trained dog is adorable. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to train a canine to obey your commands. But with dog training collars, you can mold your dog into being a cute, obedient pet. Among other things, it enhances communication between you can the animal. It also ensures that training sessions don’t result in psychological or physical harm to your furry friend.

That said, if you’re scouring the market for the best dog training collars, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the most popular units at the moment.

10. MOGOO Dog Training Collars

MOGOO Dog Training Collars

The MOGOO has everything you’d want to train your canine safely and most importantly, get the desired results. It features an LCD screen and LED backlight, making it usable even at night. Other functions include:

Four Training Modes

Choose between light, vibration, and light as well as static shock stimulation modes depending on the training activity. Plus, you can adjust the vibration and shock modes up to 100 times to suit specific needs.

Long Distance Control

The MOGOO puts you in charge of the training. It boasts a stellar operational range of 330 yards. Essentially it means that you can watch the animal from afar and tell whether he/she is making progress. Best of all, it is water resistant, allowing you to use in all weather conditions.

9. EtekCollar Dog Shock Collar

EtekCollar Dog Shock Collar

The EtekCollar has a minimalist yet professional design. It will fit into any pooch weighing 20 to 100 pounds and is adjustable up to 23 inches long. While it is a new in the market, dog owners love it, and it could as well be in contention for one of the best dog training collars 2018. Its notable features include:

RF434Mhz Technology

The EtekCollar is in a class of its own. Apart from supporting long range operation, it can train up to two dogs at a time. As a matter of fact, that the primary reason most users recommend its use. Meanwhile, the frosted matte material guarantees durability.

Ease of Use

You don’t require prior knowledge to use the EtekCollar. Just turn it on and choose between its four training modes – all at the push of a button.

8. YISCOR Bark Collar

YISCOR Bark Collar

The YISCOR has a sleek shape, is robust and promises nothing short of stable performance. It is super waterproof as well. If you have an aggressive, badly behaved dog, you need to check it out. For less than fifty bucks, you get:

Real Intensity Adjustment

The YISCOR has a functionality to tame even the most aggressive dog. It is the kind of dog training collar that you need to put over your pet’s neck if he/she pulls the leash too hard. Use it to stop your dog from approaching strangers or chasing after cars too.

High Quality

The YISCOR training collar will most likely outlast your canine training needs. It sports a high-quality TPU strap for months upon months of use. And when it runs out of power, just plug it into a source of energy for a recharge.

7. PetAZ Dog Training Collar

PetAZ Dog Training Collar

The PetAZ is one among all the greatest dog training collars available at a price that won’t summersault past your budget. It will light up, buzz, beep and of course shock your pets when their behavior becomes a little wanting. Other than that:

Highly Versatility

The best dog training collar ought to be usable on pets of various ages. You can use the PetAZ on small, medium or large dogs. If you regularly take your furry friend for a walk and want to stay in charge, this is the device to purchase.

Brilliant Performance

The high rating backed by the rave reviews that this dog training collar has attracted can only mean one thing – it works as advertise. And as one user note, if your pooch is of mild behavior, you may never have to use the shock setting.

6. PetSpy Remote Training Dog Collar

PetSpy Remote Training Dog Collar

Stop your dog from staying in the middle of the street or wandering around your neighbor’s trash can with the PetSpy. It will even help curb other vices such picking random items off the ground. Other benefits include:

Keeping Your off Dangerous Situations

The PetSpy offers the fastest way to train your pet. With time, it will ensure that the animal knows how to stay out of danger thanks to the movement sensor. For the best results, ensure that your dog is at least 10 pounds in weight.

Perfect for Off Leash Walking

The PetSpy has an operation range of 1100 yard! It is the dog training collar to go for if you want to give your feline friend real freedom with minimal supervision. And, the power-saving design allows you to keep it on the animal’s neck for hours before a recharge.

5. OU-BAND Waterproof Dog Training Shock

OU-BAND Waterproof Dog Training Shock

Few dog training collars come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Well, that can only tell you one thing –the makers of OU-BAND believe in its quality and are ready to stand by it. And if that’s not reason enough to make you spend your money on it, here’s more.

Expert Approved

Licensed dog trainees recognize the OU-BAND. First-time pet owners also applaud its ability to reduce aggression and foster good behavior. In short, if it has worked for other pets it will most likely work for yours. Check it out!

Epic Customization

You can modify how the OU-BAND works for your dog as its behavior improves or deteriorates. With 0 to 100 levels adjustable levels for static, tone and vibration, finding what works for your canine shouldn’t be much of a problem.

4. Fiddo Electric Dog Collar

Fiddo Electric Dog Collar

If you’re spending hours on end trying to deal with a stubborn dog, the Fiddo will change your life – quite literally. One of the best dog training collars in its class, it has all the functionalities you need to stop your canine from jumping on your guest. Here’s what we mean:

Rugged Design

The Fiddo dog training collar is 100% rain resistant. It will stand up to extreme outdoor play, rain or shine. By extension, that means you can use it virtually anywhere. No more excuses for leaving your dog at home during road trips or hiking adventures.

Seamless Technology

This collar’s transmitter and receiver sync in 10 seconds only. And because of the patented FR 434 MHz technology, it won’t conflict with any nearby devices. You can even use it at night and read results with ease via the backlit LCD screen. What’s more? The Fiddo’s nylon material is quick to dry.

3. Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

The Petrainer is an excellent choice if you’re just starting out with dog training. If you’ve never experienced the new realm of remote training, look no further than this collar. It has a straightforward design making it one of the most user-friendly dog training collars on the market. Its key highlights include:

Three Training Modes

Unlike most collars, the Petrainer has only three modes – vibration, beep, and shock. With such minimalism, it allows you to determine the most efficient option for your dog. And just so you know it has 100 levels of static and stimulation vibration, just like high-end models.

Simplistic Design

The Petrainer seek to make dog training effortless. Its simple design ensures that you spend less time learning how it works and more curbing your pet’s misbehavior. Meanwhile, the stenciled buttons help you keep tabs with your feline in low lighting.

2. PetTech Dog Training Collar

PetTech Dog Training Collar

One of the most popular dog training collars, the PetTech rolls convenience, usability, and efficiency into one if its features are anything to go by. Get it; you certainly love what it has to offer. Some of its perks include:

Fast Response

Just hold the receiver button for five seconds and watch your pooch abandon its misbehaviors. It has a soft beeping sound that will immediately catch your dog’s attention. It is lightweight as well, which means that you can leave it on the animal’s neck until it’s trained.

Long Lasting Battery

A dog collar’s reliability is as good as its ability to retain battery charge. The PetTech runs on a rapid charging battery that provides hours of service. It switches to power protect mode to help extend battery life when not in use.

1. Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar

Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar

Petrainer is a leading brand name, and their PET998DRB model boasts as the best training collar on the market. It can come in handy when you’re trying to perfect small range dog obedience. It tops our top 10 pick due to the following.

300 Yard Range

As stated, the PET998DRB was built with the training needs of a typical household dog in mind. With such a range, it can easily accommodate your stroll to the nearby park or training in your backyard.

Basic, Important Features

The PET998DRB has everything you need as a beginner or an amateur training collar user. These include light, tone, vibration and static modes. That way, you can be sure of the results you’re looking for – all for a price that’s within your reach.

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