Top 10 Best Digital Sound Level Meters Reviewed In 2017

At times, noise levels can get to intolerable degrees. We all want to live and work in environments with lesser noise. Better yet, you certainly don’t want to contravene noise pollution laws in your area. It is during such times that digital sound level meters can come in handy.

Among other things, the decibel meter will help you determine how loud noise is. That way, you can know which measures to take so as to create the right ambiance in your living space or place of work. Below, we review the best digital sound level meters to help bring you closer to a quieter, more endurable environment.

10. RISEPRO® Decibel Meter

The RISEPRO is an excellent tool that promises to check, monitor and control the level of sound in any environment. And because of its ability, you can use in a variety of places including home, industrial or business premises. For less than thirty bucks, you get:

A Broad Range with Astounding Accuracy

The RISEPRO can measure ranges from 40 to 130 decibels. It has a frequency range of 31.5 to 4 KHz. It also happens to be one of the most accurate sound level meters on the market. At +/-1.5dB, you can be certain to get the exact results.

Dual Ranges

It may catch your attention to know that the RISEPRO comes with dual ranges divided into 40 to 100 decibels and 60 to 10 decibels. In essence that takes the accuracy a notch higher. It is fast too, with a frequency weighing time of 125mS.

09. Proster Noise Meter

Proster has a frequency range of 31.5 to 8 KHz. It runs on a powerful 9V battery that gives it the ability to last for up to 50 hours. It could as well be the one of best digital sound level meters for commercial use. It also features:

An Integrated Microphone

Don’t have any doubts about the Proster’s ability to detect the level of sound accurately. It comes with a built in ½ inch electric condenser microphone that has incredible sensitivity to detect even the slightest change in sound.

Impeccable Calibration

You can tell how efficient a decibel meter is by checking its calibration. This one can calibrate relatively fast thanks to an internal oscillator. There’s also a data hold function for sound level management.

08. COLEMETER Noise Meter

A highly rated device, the COLEMETER delivers what it promises. This is arguably one of the best decibel meters for quality sound control in your baby’s room, office, automobile or factory. But that’s not all that it has to offer. It boasts:

A Compact, Lightweight Design

Using a sound level meter should be a straightforward process. The COLEMETER is small and weighs less than one ounce. In fact, it will fit into your arm which means you have more control over its functionality.

Ideal for Loud Areas

While you can use the COLEMETER at home, it also performs exceptionally well in very noisy places. If you’re a safety engineer or work in industrial factories, you will love what this meter can accomplish. The large LCD is indeed a plus.

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07. Tacklife Digital Sound Level Meter

One happy shopper describes the Tack life as “a good, inexpensive sound meter.” That tells you that it makes an excellent option if you don’t have too much money to spend. It features in our top 10 best digital sound level meters because:

It Picks the Highest Reading

The Tacklife decibel meter comes with a hold function to give you the highest possible reading in any environment. It means therefore that you can figure out the best possible measures to reduce noise level depending on the environment.

It Shuts off Automatically

This meter will turn off within fifteen minutes of no use. It also has a low battery indicator so you can know when to recharge it. And with a frequency range of 32.5 Hz to 4 KHz, you can be sure it will monitor noise levels accurately.

06. GeorTek Sound Lever Meter

Enjoy the handy versatility and simple operation with this decibel meter from GeorTek. It sports a minimalist design and is practical for a host application from factories to music studios and airports. For your money, you get:

Intuitive Operation

The GeorTek features an optional fast/slow reaction rate. In essence, this means that you have control over its response rate. You can set it on FAST mode for louder sounds, and the slow setting if the sound is what you’d consider average.

Iconic Resolution

This meter can detect sound as low as 0.1 decibels. That translates to nothing short of incredible reliability. With the GeorTek you can never go wrong with your measurements. Talk of a premium device that gives precise readings!

05. GeorTek Mini Sound Level Meter

A smaller version of the sound level meter we’ve just reviewed, the makers of this unit had the user’s comfort in mind. It can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and even comes with a manual or automatic shut off. While it is a cheap digital sound lever meter, it doesn’t fall short of functionalities. It caught our eye because:

It Gives Precise Readings

The GeorTek Mini will give you accurate readings over a frequency of 30dBA~130dBa. It will reduce the effects of wind noise too. You may consider using the calibration function to reduce error and get more explicit noise value.

Is Flexibility

The best digital sound level meter should be usable in various environments. In other words, it should be highly adaptable. On that front, you may want to know that you can use the GeorTek Mini to measure noise engineering, health prevention, and quality control just to mention but a few.

04. Dr.meter MS10 Digital Sound Level Meter

If you have sensitivity to a particular frequency or volume ranges of sound, you may want to check out this decibel meter. It comes with Min and Max level records which can be helpful when trying to decide which environment has a tolerable sound level. Some of the features that make it outstanding:

30dBA ~ 130dBA Measuring Range

While this may not be the lowest measuring range out there, it does tell you something. Such a range is an indicates that the MS10 is ideal for noisier places. And the best part is, those who’ve used it before say it does a legendary job in louder surroundings.

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Large LCD Screen

Determining noise levels with a decibel meter is one thing. Accessing the results is entirely different. Considering that most units go off after a few minutes, you certainly need to view the readings fast and clearly. And that’s where the MS10’s large LCD screen comes in.

03. Extech 407730 Digital Sound Level Meter

Extech is a trusted brand, and it’s not surprising that their unit appears among the best digital sound level meters. The 407730 boasts dexterity that few models can match. It can handle everything from monitoring workplace machinery to installing alarm and audio systems. But there’s more to it:

Fast Responding Analog Bar Graph

You don’t have to wait for minutes to get your reading. The Extech 407730 responds in seconds while giving you accurate measurements. It even has a windscreen to keep distortion to its bare minimum. Plus, you can mount it on a tripod for convenient, hands-free readings.

User-Friendly Settings

The Extech has everything you’d want in a sound level meter. You can choose between manual and automatic ranging as well as A and C weighting. Other functions include max hold functions, ability to record sound values over time and max hold buttons.

02. Parts Express Mini Digital Sound Level Meter

If you’re a budding musician, this gadget will come in handy if you want to judge applause level. One of the most sensitive decibel meters on the market, it performs way better than most high-end units. Besides, more than 80% of its users say it works as advertised. Be on the lookout for the following features.

One Hand Operation

Because of its compact design, you don’t need a lot effort to use this device. It supports handheld measurements and could very well be the perfect model if you’ve never used a digital sound level meter. It can also fit in your pocket comfortably.

Extra Convenience

At times you want to measure sound for an extended period. You, therefore, want to place your meter at a strategic position for the best results. During such incidences, just mount the Parts Express on a regular stand a leave it to do the job.

01. BAFX Products® – Decibel Meter

This is the best digital decibel meter, hands down. A top seller model, it has 400 + reviews to its name and an impressive 4.5 stars rating. We look at some of the reasons it is one of the most sought after digital sound level meters in the market.

Sensational Performance

The BAFX Products® is not only inexpensive but also offers a wider range than other meters in its class. It has a range of 30dBA~130dBa and can even cancel wind noise to give you more accurate readings.

2X/second Sampling Rate

This decibel meter is fast. It will give you noise level readings in seconds. With such a speed, it can come in handy when you want to determine noise levels areas such your baby’s sleeping room or theaters.

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