Top 10 Best Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scales Reviewed In 2017

You’re more likely to meet your fitness goals if you accurately measure your food. Among other benefits, it will help you count calories and serving sizes. In essence, it teaches you portion control and prevents you from eating more that you planned. However, the real quest to watch the amount that goes through your mouth starts by getting the correct food scale. We bring you the best digital multifunction kitchen scales to boost your pursuit to stay healthy.

10. Olive & Kline Multifunctional Digital Scale

The Olive & Kline kitchen scale will give you exact measurements for your ingredients in grams and ounces. Its large LCD will display weight in seconds, making it easy to calculate calories and portions. The stainless steel scales enables it to handle a substantial amount of weight from one ounce to five pounds. Because of its ability, this machine is ideal for measuring large ingredients. The best part is, it only takes the press of an intuitive button to get it working!

09. 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale

Now, you can measure your ingredients “1byone” with this scale with a range of 1gram to 11pounds. Don’t worry if you’re not exquisite with your metrics. This machine with convert all kinds of units whether you want them in milliliters, grams, ounces or pounds, thanks to its electroplating technology. Other functions to look out for include fast calibration, overload indication and auto shut off. The 1byone kitchen scale promises to bring you closer to living a healthy lifestyle.

08. Elec3 Kitchen Food Scale

This is one of the best digital multifunction kitchen scales if you’re after simple, straightforward operation. The Elec3 delivers essential and reliable performance without the whistles and bells of a standard food scale. It comes with four built-in high precision sensors to give you accurate results in no time. You can even measure your ingredients in a container explicitly using the tare function. The anti-fingerprint technology ensures easy cleaning and low maintenance costs. And thanks to its space saving design, storage is never a problem.

07. Smart Weigh CSB5KG Digital Food Scale

If you’re on a tight budget, this is the best digital multifunction kitchen scale to purchase. Just place up to 11 pounds on this machine and keep track of result via the vibrant LCD screen. It features a removable bowl with a spout to for weighing liquids. And when you don’t need to use the bowl, the large platform will serve your needs with unmatched precision. This unit has a 10-year warranty. That, in essence, shows that its manufacturers trust its quality and overall performance. Be sure to view it.

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06. Vont Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

Digital multifunction kitchen scales, by their use, can be hard to clean. As a matter of fact, when scouting for the best food scale, you’d better check if it’s easy to clean. Thankfully, the Vont has a stainless steel body to not only make cleaning super easy but also bring flair into your cooking space. Use to it for your baking and cooking needs, and it will never disappoint. After all, users love it for its solid performance and durability. And just so you know, it can measure up to 11 pounds of ingredients.

05. Etekcity Multifunction Food Scale

Etekcity is a brand to reckon, and this unit’s best seller status confirms it. It combines flawless measuring ability, sophisticated functionalities, and contemporary design. It comes with a tempered glass bowl and strategically placed touch sensitive buttons to allow you to select your settings. It even has auto zero functions for compatibility with other containers. Regarding its weighing ability, the Etekcity can measure as little as 0.05 ounces and as much as 11 pounds.

04. Etekcity Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl

If you deal with lots of liquid, this could as well be the best digital multifunction kitchen scale for your needs. It features a large 2.15-liter bowl for easy measuring and stirring. You can even prepare, thaw and wash the ingredients in the bowl after measuring. Apart from accurate results, the other outstanding feature of this scale is the integrated temperature sensor and an alarm timer. These two functionalities allow you to accomplish more chores with less clutter on the countertop.

Note – you can detach the bowl to measure non-liquid foods.

03. DecoBros Kitchen and Food Scale

DecoBros boasts a smudge proof, stainless steel exterior to ensure that your fingerprints don’t ruin its sleek look. It is the best option if you like your kitchen scale spotlessly clean. And it scores considerably well went it comes to what it can accomplish. This is perhaps one of the few units that can measure 0.1oz of ingredients. Despite the flat platform, the DecoBros does an excellent job indicating the volume of water and milk. If you’re a pastry chef, you need to check it out.

02. Etekcity 11lb Multifunction Kitchen Scale

Etekcity continues to make an impression this roundup. One of the most innovatively designed digital multifunction kitchen scales on the market, this without a doubt a premium product. It comes with features such as a responsive backlit display and volume measurement. You also get to convert your units fast or reset the scale to zero at the press of a button. Make this unit part of your kitchen appliances, and you will never have a problem getting your portions correct. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice cook, it has the simplicity and practicality you require to create a healthy meal.

01. Ozeri Pronto Kitchen and Food Scale

The Ozeri Pronto is easily one of the best digital multifunction kitchen scales in 2017. Judging by its 10,000 + reviews, it offers nothing short of value for your money. It is compact, appealing, easy to clean and intuitive to use. It will give you measurements in pounds, ounces, and grams. Shoppers say it has a long battery life that can last for up to one month even with everyday use. The Ozeri Pronto lightweight design provides easy storage and portability. All that for a price that won’t hurt your wallet!

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