Top 10 Best Dental Dog Treats Reviewed In 2017

Your dog, just like yourself, can suffer from periodontal disease and it’s not something you want to ignore. Dental disease in dogs can cause lost or broken teeth. Your pooch may also lose appetite or end up with damaged internal organs. Dental dog treats are an excellent way to maintain your furry friend’s oral health. Amid the many brands, we review the best dental dog treats on the market. Now, you’re a click away from keeping your dog oral health healthy.

10. Twistix Vanilla Mint Dental Dog Treats

Twistix Treats is a formula made with your dog’s oral hygiene in mind. They are tasty and will remove plaque and tartar quickly. With these as part of your pet’s care products, your dog’s breath will always remain fresh. These treats use the co-extrusion technology for triple-action cleaning power. Twistix’s active ingredient is sodium hexametaphosphate, a compound that stops the growth and spread of bacteria. Because these dental dog treats have no gluten, sugar or salt, they’re safe for your dog’s overall health.

09. Kirkland Dental Chews

These treats come in a shape that imitates a dog toothbrush. Their profile allows them to reduce the intensity of tartar and plaque from different angles. They are digestible, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Due to their two-sided shape, they’re the best dental dog treats for pups or sick pets. The Kirkland chews feature a “paw grip” handle to match your dog’s natural, inherent chewing style. These chews are available in a pack of 72 treats to last your pooch for at least two months.

08. Natural Balance Dog Treats

With unique groove and a pleasant flavor, your dog will enjoy these treats and remove tartar and plaque in the process. They are clinically proven to reduce bad breath too. You can give them to your canine daily as long as the animal is not less than 25 pounds. Natural Balance conducts nine tests on its treats, so you can be sure that these are of premium quality and safe for your dog. The customer approval rating is impressive, giving you, even more, reasons to get these treats for your pet.

07. Zukes Z-Bone Dog Chews

These are the best dental dog treats if you’re looking for a formula that will do more than just clean the teeth. Not only are they delicious but also loaded with wholesome peas, turmeric, spinach and apples for fresh breath. Zukes Z-Bones is rich in alfalfa, fennel, and rosemary. Plus, they come from a company whose motto is to keep your dog healthier and happier. Just make sure you supervise as he/she eats these treats. You certainly don’t want any piece getting lodged in your animal’s throat.

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06. PEDIGREE Dentastix Dog Treats

These treats from Dentastix have an exclusive chewing texture that allows them to stay in your dog’s mouth for long. The patented X-shape reaches the gum to help improve your animal’s overall oral health. You can include them in your pet’s snack and get the same results. But, just as the name suggest, they’re suited for small to medium dogs so you may want to check your canine’s weight before use. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away the fact that these are premium dental treats that your dog will love.

05. Blue Buffalo Dog Bones

The Blue Buffalo dog bones are irresistible and highly digestible dental treats that you’d want to use on your dog. They’re perhaps one of the very few formulas with ingredients that help support your animal’s joint health. These are the best dental dog treats for growing, teething pups because of the flavorsome ingredients used to make them. As a section of previous users notes, they bring forth a chewing pleasure and are comfortable to the stomach. And the 27-ounce package means value for money.

04. Checkups- Dental Dog Treats

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your furry friend, look no further than the Checkups, dental dog treats. These contain chondroitin and glucosamine to promote oral hygiene. And, yes, just like the Zukes Z-Bones, they have more to offer other than keep tartar and plaque in check. With a mix of heart-healthy vitamins such as A, C, and E, the Checkups will also boost your pet’s immune system. They will work for dogs with 20 + pounds in weight.

03. Milk-Bone Brushing Dog Treats

These could as well be the best dog treat for large dogs. They are for pets with a weight of up to 50 pounds. The Milk-Bone treats clean like a toothbrush and presents an easy, everyday oral care solution. It may catch your attention to know that they boast an incredible 22 essential vitamin and minerals. With such an assortment, you can rest assured that your pet will maintain healthy teeth and bones even in old age. Besides, the oral health council approves them for tartar control.

02. PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats

One of the most reviewed dog dental treats in 2017, these will reduce tartar accumulation by 80%. When used as part of everyday care routine, they will lessen the risk of heart disease by half. In the meantime, the unique active ingredient system helps keep bad breath at bay. Plus the patented shape ensures that the entire gum line stays clean. To distinguish the PEDIGREE Dentastix from other dental dog treats, be sure to look for the patented x-shape.

01. GREENIES Dental Dog Treats

Dog owners like The GREENIES dental dog treats. Most users say their pets can’t resist the flavor and that they work as advertised. They offer a deep, gentle clean to leave your dog handle. And because they contain soluble ingredients, they’re easily digestible. Get your dog the GREENIES and make his tail wag in happiness!

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