Top 10 Best Dental Dog Treats In 2018 – Make Your Dog Happy

Get the best dental dog treats and you’ll never have to complain about his/her disgusting breath – ever again! Yes, dog chews, by design, work by removing tartar and plaque buildup on your pet’s tooth surface.

Even then, that’s not the only reason to get dog dental chews for your canine. Other benefits of dog treats include reducing the risk of dental diseases that could lead to heart and kidney complications. Put differently, a clean mouth means a healthier pet.

Other than that, dental chews are a convenient way to reward your best friend for his/her good deeds. They also come in handy during training. Plus, unlike most treats that get gobbled up quickly, dental dog treats last long relatively long.

And now that we’re through with the basics, here’s a roundup of the best dental dog treats to satisfy even the choosiest of taste buds!


10. Zuke’s Z-Bone – Best for Dog Training

Zuke's Z-Bone

If you have a dog that you want to teach new tricks, you’ll love the Zuke’s Z-Bone. Each treat is soy, gluten, wheat and corn-free, giving your Chow Chow nothing but wholesome goodness. Besides, the mere 3.5 calorie content ensures that your dog won’t be getting plump just in case the training session requires more than a handful.

Meanwhile, the chewy texture will brush your canine’s teeth and at the same time please his appetite and taste buds. And, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s ability to digest the Zuke’s Z-Bone. These chews are digestible, making them an excellent choice for any dog, irrespective of their age.

Other than that, this formula promises to help fight doggy breath thanks to the unique herbs, spinach and apple recipes. By extension, it means that you can enjoy cuddling with your best buddy. It also contains alfalfa, funnel, and parsley to support your pet’s long-term dental health.

One more thing, even though you can feed the Zuke’s Z-Bone to small dogs, they’re ideal for canines weighing sixty to ninety pounds. Be sure to remember that when purchasing. Even better, choose Mini Z-Bone for smaller dogs.

  • Highly edible chews
  • Breakable into small pieces
  • Contains an assortment of minerals and antioxidants
  • Come in a convenient pouch
  • Wholesome ingredients
  • Quite Expensive

9. The Missing Link Dental Chew – Best for Nutrition

The Missing Link Dental Chew

The name says it all – this treat could very well be the missing link between to your dog’s overall wellbeing! Simply put, if you’re in pursuit for a healthy dog treat that does more than just clean your pet’s teeth, then this is it!

For starters, The Missing Link is chock-full of balanced Omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as Glucosamine to give your Chihuahua the supports it needs for stronger bones. In other words, it is the treat to go for if you want to provide your furry friend with nutrients, he/she is missing from homemade or packed dog food.

And the best part is that you only need to give your canine this treat once a day. Other reasons you’d want to get The Missing Link include the ability to boost your pet’s immune and digestive system as well as muscle strength.

Of course, The Missing Link will also clean you doggy’s teeth – it’s a dental dog treat after all! It features abrasive action ridges that help keep plaque in check. Stay-C 50 (a brand-exclusive form of vitamin C) supports gum health as well. The only thing you need to remember is that you need to keep an eye on your dog to ensure that it is chewing the treat before swallowing it to avoid chocking.

  • Super-food nutrition
  • Easy to feed
  • Affordable
  • 14-pack not ideal for a multiple dog owner

8. Milk-Bone Chews – Best for Brushing

Milk-Bone Chews

The Milk-Bone chews speak for themselves. Dog owners love them, and it’s not difficult to see why this is the case. The manufacturer says that these treats are “irresistible” and the positive feedback verifies these claims.

Milk-Bone chews feature a mouth-watering chicken taste that’s highly palatable in 99% of pets tested. What does that tell you? Well, it is a pointer Poodle will love them! Arguably the best dental dog treats for brushing on this countdown they sport a twist design for whole-mouth cleaning action. This formula is all about helping your dog clean even the hard-to-reach places including the back teeth and the gum line.

And as if that’s not enough, the Milk-Bone chews have nubs and ridges to give a cleaning action that mimics the bristles of a toothbrush. It might also catch your attention to know that these dog treats are clinically proven to reduce bad breath and prevent tartar buildup.

The Milk-Bone dog treats don’t fall short on nutrients too. They have a fortification of twelve essential minerals and vitamins including calcium for teeth and bone health. Now, that’s a complete package that will allow your best friend to flash his/her pearly whites proudly.

  • Great taste
  • Excellent cleaning action
  • Highly effective
  • Provides up to 63 calories per treat
  • Certified by the veterinary oral health council
  • Not ideal for young dogs

7. PEDIGREE Dentastix – Best for Large Dogs

PEDIGREE Dentastix

Get your 22+ pounds doggy the Dentastix and he’ll love you for it! These dog chews feature an inviting chicken taste and aroma that your Labrador will find hard to resist. Best of all, the x-shape design and the chewy texture combine to ensure that your canines’ breathe stays fresh. Just remember to provide your pet with clean drinking water after giving him/her these treats.

Each pack comes with 32 sticks. Since you’ll only give your dog one treat a day, it means you’ll have a whole month’s supply – all at a price that won’t leave a hole in your wallet! Apart from the exclusive assortment of ingredients meant to satisfy large dogs, the other thing that caught our eye was the buzz around Dentastix.

Indeed, the numbers are overwhelming, a clear indication that these treats deliver what’s on the label. Most dog owners hail the fact that the sticks are pliable, chewy and affordable. Some say that they’re the best dental chews for dogs more so if he/she is a picky one. Furthermore, Dentastix is a product of Pedigree, one of the most trusted names in pet care world.

  • Up to 80% efficacy
  • Special texture
  • Smells great
  • Relatively soft – ideal for old dogs
  • Not for dogs with food sensitivity

6. ARK Naturals PRODUCTS Brushless Toothpaste – Best for a Sparkling Clean

ARK Naturals PRODUCTS Brushless Toothpaste

This brushless toothpaste by ARK Naturals is like a protein bar for your dog! It is the treat to go for if you cannot keep up with the demands of brushing your pet or if your tight schedule just doesn’t allow you to do it! You could use it to train young pups as well.

On the outside, the bar features fresh flavors of vanilla, chlorophyll, clove, and cinnamon. And, that’s the very reason it does a remarkable job of cleaning your dog’s breath. The ridges are also a plus since they help intensify the abrasive action.

On the inside, the ARK Naturals brushless toothpaste packs a complex of active ingredients that help control tartar and plaque. It also prevents the spread and growth of bacteria, thereby keeping your Rottweiler’s teeth stain free.

Bonus – even though this dog chew is sufficient on its own, you can combine it with Ark Naturals Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque Zapper for better results. Now, that’s what we like to call triple-cleaning action!

  • Great for destructive chewers
  • Works for younger dogs
  • Breaks easily
  • Perfect for dogs with tummy troubles
  • Pocket friendly
  • Food-based ingredients
  • No calorie count on the label
  • Don’t last long

5. WHIMZEES Natural Grain Dental Dog Treats –Best for Medium Sized Dogs

WHIMZEES Natural Grain Dental Dog Treats

Moving on with our top 10 best dental dog treats countdown and in comes the WHIMZEES. For starters, the treats in this variety pack are available in three different shapes. In effect, the unique hollow space and form allow your medium-sized dog teeth to grip and chew the treat with relative ease. In the meantime, the long-lasting chew offers a comprehensive clean up of tartar and plaque.

While your pooch may not know it, the WHIMZEES are GMO-free. They’re low in fat and contain no grain, artificial flavors or gluten. More specifically, they feature a blend of healthy veggies. Think of them as the best vegan treats you could get for your best friend.

Of course, the vegetable composition means that the WHIMZEES are highly digestible. Other than that, they’re a healthy option if your dog has sensitivities and allergies. In fact, the few ingredients are the primary reason most dog owners love these treats. The bonus? Well, you can pop them in your freezer so that they can last a couple of minutes if your canine can’t seem to them slowly.

  • All-natural
  • Available in larger packs
  • Special veggies-based texture
  • Unique, easy to identify package
  • Quite expensive
  • You have to get a larger pack for two or more dogs

4. Natural Balance Dental Chews – Best for Premium Quality Nutrition

Natural Balance Dental Chews

There dental chews by Natural Balance are more than just dog treats. They’re the only option in this roundup with added vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, to support your Mastiff’s immune system. How about that! Plus, giving these treats to your canine is like feeding him/her on a kibble-only diet.

Each treat boasts the Fresh and Clean Formula complete with aromatic ingredients such as parsley and spearmint for fresh breath. Besides, the delicious blend of flavors brings forth an incredible taste that your furry friend will love.

What’s more? The treats undergo rigorous tests (nine tests to be precise) at Natural Balance labs to guarantee safety. That way, you can rest assured that what you’re feeding to your dog is indeed healthy and safe. You might also be curious to know that these dog chews are clinically proven to get rid of tartar and plaque deposit.

The Natural Balance dental chews are remarkably soft with uniform consistency. Thus, their ability to give your dog a “complete teeth cleaning” is not in doubt. There isn’t a lot of crunching too, which translates to less waste. Some users say that these are somewhat a food treat than a dental treat.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to digest
  • Grain-free
  • Comes in different sizes for small to medium dogs
  • High calorie content

3. GREENIES Petite Dental Chews – Best for Tail-wagging Flavor

GREENIES Petite Dental Chews

The GREENIES promise to give your dog a reason to smile – quite literally! They’re deliciously good and irresistibly tasty. Best of all, these chews contain a host of natural vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. They’re highly soluble and easy to digest as well. Now, that’s what we like to call a mouth-wowing treat that will keep your dog’s breath fresh while promoting its oral health at the same time.

As the name suggests, the GREENIES are ideal for small dogs, weighing 15 to 25 pounds. Veterinarians recommend them for home oral care, thanks to their ability to control plaque and tartar.

Other than that, the feedback that these chews have to their name is ah-mazing! One of the most sought-after dog treats on this compilation, the GREENIES have got people talking, and for good reasons. Fans hail their affordability and efficacy. In fact, one satisfied buyer says that says that these are the “crack cocaine of dog treats!”

Sure, there’s got to be something to these chews that have got dog owners coming back for more – after all, numbers don’t lie!

  • Incredibly powerful
  • Weight –friendly – few calories
  • Naturally flavored
  • Provide balanced nutrition
  • Not ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs

2. Virbac C.E.T. Chews – Best for Large Dogs

Virbac C.E.T. Chews

The Virbac C.E.T. could very well be the best dental dog treats if you’re looking for something with exceptional cleaning power. Even though they may not have a mix of nutritious ingredients, their capability to give your canine friend a decent dental clean is next to none. We could describe them as the “ultimate dog’s mouthwash.”

The Virbac C.E.T. chews are one of the very few in the market with Dual-Enzyme system. This exclusive cleaning action not only eliminates but also kills plaque-forming bacteria. And as if that’s not enough, these treats combine abrasive action and natural antibacterial activity to keep bad breath in check.

The Virbac C.E.T. chews are a brilliant choice if you’ve been dental cleaning your dog under anesthesia due to the unique complex of ingredients. It is worth noting, however, that these are not your ordinary chews. It is therefore essential that you seek your vet’s advice before giving them to your canine more so if it has any special condition. Nonetheless, the Virbac C.E.T. is a “miracle product” in every sense of the word according to one of the users.

  • Fights calculus
  • Highly effective
  • Not as tasty

1. Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews – Best for a Brilliant Clean

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews

Closing our best dental chew for dogs is this product by Oravet. A relatively new entrant into the market, these treats caught our attention for a couple of reasons. First of all, they’re the only chews on the market with Delmopinol HCL, a compound with impressive ability to inhibit bacterial activities. The substance works by forming a preventative barrier around your pet’s teeth to keep tartar buildup at its minimum over the years.

The Oravet is malleable and of high-density. Therefore, it softens quickly and scrubs away any existing plaque. It also offers a dual cleaning action to support your dog’s oral care. The manufacturer recommends it for dental care therapy when it’s not possible to do the manual brushing.

While the Oravet may not be one of the cheapest dental treats in this collection, one pack can last for a month, thereby offering value for your money. We also love the fact that it is easy to feed. These treats are perfect for dogs weighing 10 to over 50 pounds (you only need to read the label to ensure that you’re choosing the correct package for your pet). For the best results, be sure to give your best friend one chew every day.

  • Offers protection from periodontal diseases
  • Reduce halitosis
  • Highly palatable
  • Expensive


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