Top 10 Best Commercial Blenders Reviewed In 2017

Your quest for the best commercial blenders, hopefully, ends here. If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re getting frustrated with your underpowered blender that can barely meet your needs. Better yet, it could be you’re the first timer scouting for a model that won’t disappoint.

Irrespective of which side of the spectrum you belong, we’ve got you covered. We exhaustively evaluate the 10 of the most sought after commercial blenders on the market. Most importantly, we tell you what to expect with each model. To cut to the chase, choosing the best commercial blender has never been this straightforward!

10. Waring Pro Blade Two-HP Blender

Don’t let the size fool you – the Waring Pro blender may be compact but has a remarkable output. It is the kind of unit that you need to whip up smoothies, salsas, dressings and bar drinks in a couple of minutes.

Key Benefits:

Impeccable Performance

The Waring Pro brings has everything you’d want in a commercial blender. It runs on a 2 HP, 1500 watt motor to handle you blending needs with relative ease.

Dual Speed Settings

You certainly want a blender that can give you excellent results irrespective of the ingredients. The Waring Pro comes with variable speed controls and knob so you can use it with an assortment of items.

Robust Construction

With a stainless steel drive, you can bet this blender will last. Meanwhile, the 48-ounce jar offers enough capacity to allow you to make all your margaritas in one, convenient batch.

9. HANMEIUS Multi-Speed Electric Blender

Prepare small to large batches with the HANMEIUS, a blender that promises to take care of everything, from juicing to mixing, grinding and more. It is ideal for fruit smoothies, frozen desserts and can double up as an ice crusher as well.

Key Benefits:

Insane Power

The HANMEIUS is powerful. With a 2800r/min motor, it will break your ingredients in an instant. In fact, it can crush large chunks of ice in 4 seconds, allowing you to make two smoothies in less than 15 seconds.

Effortless Grinding

This blender features six blades with jagged stereoscopic thickened oblique edges to make grinding a breeze while increasing the unit’s lifespan.

Less Noise

The best commercial blender should run smoothly without making much noise. This one is not only silent but resistant to heat too. And because it sports BPA-free construction, its safety is not in question.

8. Glantop® Official Professional Commercial Blender

The Glantop® won’t break! It boasts a robust build and is even in line with CE & RoHS certification. The best part is, it comes with 72 oz jar to cater for the needs of your family or business.

Key Benefits:

Pulse Feature

Possibilities are endless with Glantop® as part of your appliances. The pulse feature allows you to achieve a plethora of tasks including creating fruit smoothies, sauces, and hot soups. It will even crush ice and freeze desserts too!

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FDA Approved!

The FDA certifies this blender as safe to use. The high-grade blades are sharp and efficient. Plus, the Glantop® features a metal connect system for better blades and longer lifespan. One more thing: this machine yields 2200 Watts of performance power.

7. Waring (MX1000XTX) Commercial Blender

This blender’s basic design makes it easy to use. Just remove the clear cap cover, add your ingredients, switch it on for instant results. You can even reduce the pressure during hot food blending.

Key Benefits:

Ferocious Power

The Waring (MX1000XTX) may not be large but has an astounding power to make up for it. It is one of the best commercial blenders if you don’t have lots of space and don’t want to sacrifice the output. As such, it is ideal for restaurants, bars, restaurants, and coffee as well as smoothie shops.

Smoother Consistencies

It doesn’t matter the task at hand; the Waring (MX1000XTX) jar design works to ensure that you get evenly smooth results every time. All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze.

6. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

This blender’s name couldn’t have been more appropriate. It is the unit to go for if you’re after a machine that works silently while giving you the results that you desire. And with a 1.6 peak horsepower motor, this machine will grind, mix, chop, puree, crush and blend.

Key Benefits:

Convenience that you’ll Love

Handiness is the best way to describe this blender. Not only does it fit under most standard cabinets but also easy to clean. It also comes with a recipe book with up to 20 recipes for dips, marinades, smoothies and whole juice dips. That way, you can make most of out your purchase.

Years of Use

You certainly want a blender that you can use for months upon months. This one is built to last. It quickly powers through nuts, ice, and frozen fruits. It has a shatterproof jar too, allowing it to handle the toughest of blending tasks.

5. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Make tasteful smoothies with this blender from CleanBlend. From detox to green smoothies with spinach, this unit will help you make a perfect mix of various ingredients. It even comes with bowls for preparing dressing and healthy antioxidants.

Key Benefits:

Stainless Steel Bearing

The Cleanblend is nothing like a standard blender. It uses the highest possible quality housing that offers unmatched traction and power. In effect, that means you can make ice-cream, morning smoothies or lunch soup in minutes.

High Performance

Everything about Cleanblend spells out excellence and dexterity. From the motor to high-end blades, this is truly a commercial blender that will pulverize or liquefy any ingredient that goes into it with relative ease. In simple terms, this machine seeks to help you create your blend to match the occasion.

4. Blendtec Total Blender

This is one of the best commercial blenders if you’re looking for a rattle-free blend. It comes with a firm, non-slip base to ensure that it stays in place through the entire blending process. If you like to experiment recipes, this machine could make an excellent choice, thanks to its two-prong blades that spin at 29,000 rpm.

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Key Benefits:

Hands-off Operation

Blendtec makes blending a simple affair. Just select its pre-programmed cycles and watch it go to work. The intuitive digital touchpad controls make usability even more seamless. And top it off, the machine switches off automatically.

Lightweight Design

You don’t have to worry about operational fatigue with the Blendtec blender. Its heavy-duty jar is exceptionally light, so making margaritas, sauces, cappuccinos, and salsas shouldn’t be much of hustle.

3. Oster Pro 1200 Blender

If you host big parties in your home, you need to view the Oster Pro. With 900 Watts of crushing power, this is the ultimate frozen drink blender. In the meantime, the 3.5-inch blade system enables faster chopping of ingredients for smoother results.

Key Benefits:

Smart Settings Technologies

The best commercial blender should allow you to make the most popular creations in a couple of minutes. With a seven-speed setting, the Oster Pro will give you up to 24 oz of smoothies, fast. Of course, the three preprogrammed functions are indeed a plus.

Dual Blade Technology

There is no guess work with the Oster Pro. Its blades grant it the power to blend, chop and grind with precision. The Boroclass glass jar will hold out thermal shock while the sleek, contemporary design makes it a great addition to your countertop.

2. Ninja Professional Blender

If you’re in pursuit of a commercial blender that will allow you to extract vitamins time and again efficiently, look no further than this unit. It brings forth the same agility and quality synonymous with Ninja appliances.

Key Benefits:

Pitch Perfect Performance

This machine is sleek, but it is the bedazzling performance that sets it apart from other blenders in its category. It runs on a 1000 watts motor, making it an ideal choice for tasks such as controlled blending and processing.

Total Crushing Technology

The Ninja Professional Blender pulverizes whole vegetables as well as fruits in second. It will also blast ice into snow quite fast, allowing you to mix your ingredients into smoothies, dips and sauces will little or no effort.

1. Ninja Professional Blender and Nutri Ninja Cups

In only 10 seconds, this incredibly fast unit will give you high quality – consistent results. Are you a first timer? Not problem! It also comes with an elaborate, guide that offers you with the ideas on how to get you started.

Key Benefits:

Large XL Capacity

With up to 72 oz jar, this blender will handle the needs of your entire family when it comes to making smoothies and creamy frozen drinks. The 16 oz Nutri cups with convenient to-go-lids enable you to carry yummy, nutrient-rich juices as you travel.

Easy to Maintain

Just as you’d expect from the best commercial blender, this one assures thousands of blends thanks to the robust construction. And as long as you clean it after every use, you can be sure that the performance will remain at its optimum.

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