Top 10 Best Cat Litters Reviewed In 2017

If you’re to co-exist with your cat, you’d better get them the correct litter. Yes, cats are adorable, but when they poo or pee anywhere else other than the litter box, things can get a little messy. The best cat litter should at the very least have a deodorizer or mechanism to contain the stench. And, finding the right one isn’t that hard if you know what to look for. We list down 10 of the most reviewed cat litters to help you narrow down your options.

10. Fresh Step 261371 Multiple Cat Litter

If you’re trying to help your furry friend stay “fresh,” you can as well consider this product from Fresh Step. It eliminates odors on contact and neutralizes it before the cat steps out of the box. This patented mix uses fresheners and clump strengths you’d expect from a scoopable litter of its kind. Regarding health concerns, it is safe for you as it is for the cat. And the best part is, its scent dissipates fast so that it won’t interfere with the natural aura in your living space.

09. Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter

There’s something to this formula that has even caught the United States veterinarian’s attention. First off, it is 99.7% dust free, making it the best cat litter after surgery. It is will also track and control odor up to three times better than clay. Besides, its soft paper pellets will protect your pet’s sensitive toes from damage. With Yesterday’s News as part of your cat’s care products, the animal’s defecating or urinating won’t be a stressful experience anymore.

08. Arm and Hammer Clumping Litter

Cat owners hail the Arm & Hammer as “great cat litter with little dust at a great price.” The unique composition backs the claim. Its active ingredient is baking soda, a compound known to eliminate and control odors, even those brought about by germs. The corn fibers will absorb twice the urine, to eliminate the unpleasant smell. It also features a highly developed clumping mechanism to let you empty the box quickly. In simple terms, the Arm & Hammer works as advertised and will certainly offer value for your money.

07. Arm and Hammer Double-Duty Litter

This is the best cat litter if you own more than one pet. Its powerful crystals will destroy feces and urine odors in seconds! It is easy to scoop, clumps well and has a pleasant mild scent. And just as you’d hope, it is 99% dust free so that it won’t stick on your kitten’s paws. It won’t track all over your house too. Nonetheless, you will have to clean the box every day to continue enjoying the freshness it provides.

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06. WORLD’S BEST Clumping Litter

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Yes, this is, well, one of the best cat litters that you can lay your hands on. It offers natural clumping to quickly trap solid and liquids into small clusters that won’t break. In essence, that means getting rid of the waste becomes easier. Because of the light materials used to make it and incredible ability to absorb urine, this is a great alternative if you empty the box on a daily basis.

05. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

If your kitten is just learning how to use the box, this formulation from Dr. Elsey’s will help it stick to the lanes. It contains herbal essence attractant that will keep your cat coming back to the box. All its active compounds are natural, so you won’t have to worry about your family (or your cat’s) safety. And yes, Dr. Elsey’s is scoopable and has a superior odor control compared to most cat litters in its price range. With this formula in your home, you will be free from the nightly game of “find the pee.”

04. Purina Tidy Clumping Cat Litter

Keep your cat and your household free of stench every day, seven days a week with Purina Tidy with the exclusive TidyLock protection. It undertakes to lock away ammonia, fecal odor, and urine. Unlike most cat litters, each 2-part granule of Purina Tidy works individually for a tight clump. Even better, each piece boasts custom-odor fighting ability to give a long-lasting, multi-faceted freshness. With such capacity, this product rightly belongs to the 2017 list of the top 10 best cat litters.

03. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clumping Litter

This cat litter is cheap and has garnered rave reviews across the market. It features a proprietary blend of moisture-activated Micro-granules and heavy duty odor eliminators. It works by sealing then destroying the stench on contact. And as its name suggests, this is an equally good alternative if you own more than one cat. A glimpse across customer reviews paints the picture that most are pleased with its ability to keep away odors for a long as seven days. It “performs beautifully,” says a satisfied shopper.

02. World’s Best Quick Cat Clumping Formula

This cat litter contains a natural derivative for improved odor control. It is the ideal if you own three or more cats. The Quick Cat Clumping Formula is lightweight, soft, and clumps instantly on contact. Its lavender scent is pleasant and inviting to cats. Plus, there’s a lot of litter per unit of weight. Most importantly, it is long-acting and may remain active even after a week depending on the number of cats you have. The best part is, it sell for less than twenty bucks!

01. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter

This is the best cat litter on the market – and the facts confirm the same. It has 10,000 + customer reviews and more than 80% approval rating. If you use a mechanical or sifting box, this is the right product for you. It controls odors naturally with no chemicals or deodorants. With dense nontracking granules, Precious Cat absorbs moisture before it reaches the bottom of the box. Its clumps don’t break and are easy to scoop. The benefits of formula are endless, and you’d better experience them first hand!

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