Top 10 Best Breast Pumps In 2018 – Efficient, Quiet & Compact

Breast pumps are various in the market, and it’s not surprising that moms find it confusing! But, the size of the market aside – the importance of choosing the best breast pump cannot be overstated. In fact, an excellent breast pump could draw the line between a stressful breastfeeding experience and a robust, satisfying supply of milk to the young one.

Having said that, which is the best breast pump on the market? To answer this question, we have reviewed the top 10 most sought after pumps based on several factors such as affordability, acoustics, efficiency, and performance. In other words, we have done the hard work to make sure that selecting the best pump doesn’t have to be confusing anymore. The reviews are unbiased and are meant to act as a buying guide.

Ready to get “pumped?” Come with us as we take you through the top 10 best breast pumps in 2018.

10. Zerlar Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pumps

Zerlar Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast PumpsCollect milk with ease using this breast pump from Zerlar that features a lightweight design and a large 100 ml capacity. If your kid is anywhere between the ages of 9 to 10 months, this could as well be the pump to go for because of its moderate suction ability. The Zerlar Silicone breast pump is made using 100% Food Grate silicone and is BPA free which translates to the safety of use. It may catch your attention to know that this pump has a space saving design and will be an excellent option if you travel a lot.

The Bottom Line

The Zerlar Silicone is a moderately priced pump for those who may be on a tight budget yet one of the most efficient pumps in its category. If you’re scouting for a cheap breast pump without compromising on quality, this is the unit to go for.

9. Swing Breast PumpsSwing Breast Pumps

Are you a mom who pumps occasionally and looking for a compact, single electric breast pump? If so the Swing Breast Pump from Medela would make a smart choice for your needs. With the 2-Phase Expression Technology, this pump is designed to generate more milk in less time. It comes with a clip and neck straps to ensure you pump quickly particularly when on the go. Also, the Swing Breast Pump features a strategically placed drawstring bag to make sure that its components remain clean and organized.

The Bottom Line

The Swing Breast Pump is not only innovatively designed, but also brings to the fore an incredible performance despite its size. And because of its suction that mimics the baby natural sucking pattern, you’re guaranteed of a comfortable pumping. This is an electric breast pump (runs on four AA batteries) which means you can use it anywhere!

8. Evenflo Single Breast Pump

Evenflo Single Breast PumpEvenflo is one of the most popular brands in baby products circles, and you can bet on the quality this breast pump. It features an innovative valve that offers consistent suction for an efficient and comfortable milk expression. It can be operated with one hand which translates to ease of use. With the ABS surface, you can be sure that the Evenflo will pump the milk without skidding on your skin.

The Bottom Line

Are you scouting for a small breast pump that will fit it your purse and works like high end and bigger models? Look no further than the Evenflo Single Breast Pump. It is small, convenient, handheld and diaper-bag ready. Now, that’s convenience right there!

7. The First Years Double Breast Pumps

The First Years Double Breast Pumps

This breast pump is fast, efficient, quiet and compact. It features a remarkable 8 adjustable suction level settings so that you can pump at ease and comfort based on your body’s response. The First Years is also compatible with the Soft Flexi-fit breast shield of a perfect and tight fit. It supports quiet operation so that you can pump discreetly without attracting the attention of those around you. And with the unique, yet ergonomic handle, you will only require one hand to get the job done.

The Bottom Line

The First Years breast pump is without a doubt one of the best double electric breast pumps on the market. It allows you to pump at a speed that your body can handle and even comes with two 4oz GumDrop bottles to store the milk. It is lightweight and will fit into your tote bag while leaving space for other items.

6. Spectra Baby Single Breast Pumps

Spectra Baby Single Breast PumpsThe Spectra is touted as one of the most advanced hospital grade breast pumps on the market. It features a closed system to ensure you and your child remains safe. It has a timer so that you don’t pump more than the required time. The night light enables you to pump during late hours, and the Letdown mode sets the pumping rate at a pace that’s adjustable to your body. All these functionalities combine to give you everything you would require for double pumping.

The Bottom Line

The Spectra Baby Single Breast Pump offers powerful suction yet so comfortable you’d hardly notice the performance. If you’re looking for a breast pump that’s quiet and a superior maximum suction, this is the unit to go for. And, it might catch your attention to know that this pump comes with a rechargeable battery.

5. Medela Pump Breastpump Starter Set

Medela Pump Breastpump Starter SetThis unit is advertised as having the ability to pump milk in a way that mimics a baby’s natural nursing pattern. It works by stimulating the breast for faster sucking and consistent flow of milk. The expression face allows a “let down” of milk for slower sucking to remove milk. This is perhaps one of the few breast pumps on the market that offer adjustable speed and vacuum control. That way, you can choose the most comfortable setting.

The Bottom Line

The Medela Pump Breastpump Starter Set is arguably one of the best designed breast pumps on the market. It features the 2-Phase Expression® technology which is proven to produce more milk in less time. What does that tell you? This breast pump could as well make it to our list of top 10 best breast pumps in 2018 judging by its features and functionality.

4. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast PumpThe Philips Avent boasts an ergonomic handle as well as host a host of other user-friendly features including a simple design, easy clean up ( all parts are dishwasher safe), one hand operation and few parts that are easy to assemble. It comes with a soft cushion that has up to five textured petals to stimulate the flow of milk. Unlike most pumps that are operated when leaning forward, the Philips Avent is designed in a way that allows you to sit upright when pumping.

The Bottom Line

The Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump is an excellent option for stay at home moms in search of a unit that’s can be used for pumping multiple times every day. Coolest thing? It is compatible with all Natural and Classic AVENT bottles which further translate into versatility and value for money.

3. Spectra S2 Baby Single Breast Pumps

Spectra S2 Baby Single Breast PumpsWith a remarkable suction ability of 300mmHg, this breast pump from Spectra is programmed to work at a speed and rhythm that doesn’t hurt your body. It features digital controls, touch buttons, and a flexible design to make every mom’s pumping experience swift and comfortable. Just like the Spectra model we reviewed earlier, the S2 is battery powered for reliability and continuous pumping. This pump will automatically switch to expression mode for a slower suction pattern and maximum flow of milk.

The Bottom Line

The Spectra S2 Baby Single Breast Pump is for moms who want to feel confident that they own an efficient, powerful breast pump that supports their pumping preferences. It is the pump to go for if you’re in pursuit of a pump that incorporates a host of features intended to make life easier.

2. Medela Pump On the Go Tote Breast Pump

Medela Pump On the Go Tote Breast Pump

The Medela On the Go Tote comes with integrated bottle holder to reduce the likelihood of spills and a tuning storage pocket to help the mom organize pumping sessions. With a double pumping kit, this pump promises comfortable and efficient pumping. It comes with a cooler bag, four breast milk breasts, and contoured ice pack – pretty much everything you need to pump while on the go. How about the size? Well, this pump is small for convenient and discreet pumping.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a breast pump that can be used anywhere, the Medela On the Go Tote should be the one. Made with the same precision and innovation that Medela is known for, this pump assures premium performance that few units can match. And did you know that it is FSA eligible? Now you know!

1. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pumps

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pumps

Medela Harmony features 2-Phase Expression technology for maximum suction and an ergonomic handle to ensure that the mom pumps comfortably. All its part are BPA free not to mention that it is compatible with all PersonalFit breast shields. Because of its exceptional performance, this unit could make an ideal complement to the Medela electric pump.

The Bottom Line

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is one of the most sought after pumps for a good reason. It is easy to use, draws significant amounts of milk in less time and sports a compact design for portability. If you’re looking for a breast pump for occasional use, this unit perfectly fits the bill.


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