Top 10 Best Battery Jumper Cables Reviewed In 2017

Gone are the days when you had to call for roadside assistance to jumpstart your car. With jump starter cables in your vehicle, you can get back on the road within minutes in case the battery drains out. Make no mistake about it, though, not every pair of starters will work for your model. While they’re not necessarily a new phenomenon, having the correct set gives you peace of mind. Check out our list of the battery jumper cables that could turn out to be life savers.

10. Trupoint Jumper Cables

There must be something to these cables with a near perfect customers rating. And indeed there is! Yielding up to 400 amps the Trupoint will jump start any car from V8 SUVs to diesel trucks. They are 20 foot long for convenience and thickly coated to prevent overheating. Plus, the handles have an ergonomic design for a better grip. You even get a nylon carry bag so you can store them anywhere in your automobile. In the meantime, the strong jaws will guarantee a safe connection every time.

Trupoint Jumper Cables

9. Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Cables

Trust Energizer to come up with innovative products. One of the latest jumper cables to hit the market, this pair will work with both side and top batteries. The poles are PVC coated and labeled in red/black for easy identification. You can even use them in temperatures as low as – 40 degrees centigrade. And with a 400 amperes output, you’re never in doubt about their ability to jump start your car. In short, these are good jumper cables from a trusted brand with a promise of providing value for your money.

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Cables

8. ABN 300 Amp Jumper Cables

The best jumper cables ought to be reliable and fast. These can help get your car back on the road even in as soon as 5 minutes. They feature serrated jaws and non-slip rubber coating for superior grip. You can use them in side by side or front configuration thanks to their 16-foot length. The ABN cables also feature high-tension clamps to assure long lasting performance. Once your vehicle is running again, just store them in the contemporary carry case.

ABN 300 Amp Jumper Cables

7. Always Prepared Alligator Clamps

The name says it all – these will always get you going! And they can jumpstart virtually anything from a monster truck to a sedan, fast. Customers seem to agree too. These cables have attracted rave reviews with sentiments such as “a definite must for the car” coming from satisfied car owners. Some notable features include a capacity of up to 400 Amps and robust construction. Because they’re moderately priced, these could as well be the best cheap battery jumper cables.

Always Prepared Alligator Clamps

6. ABN 2 Gauge Parrot Clamps Jumper Cables

These are an excellent alternative if you want longer cables or a pair with higher capacity. There have an output of 600 amps and are 25 foot long. The patented parrot clamps are industry’s first for a secure connection. Besides, the ends are color coated for convenience. The commercial grade insulation prevents heating which by extension translates to durability. To cap it all, the tangle-free design increases ease of operation.

ABN 2 Gauge Parrot Clamps Jumper Cables

5. EPAuto Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables

Making itself to the second half of the 10 best battery jumper cables is this pair from EPAuto. An evidently popular choice, these are advertised as having the ability to handle just about any boosting situation. They’re 20 foot long with a capacity of 500 amps. The clamps are copper plated for seamless conductivity and are astoundingly strong. More than 85% of users (at the time of publishing this) hail these as “great jumper cables for the price.” There are those who like the fact that you can use them in the coldest US cities.

EPAuto Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables

4. OxGord 4 Extra Long Jumper Cables

Don’t let the cheap price tag fool you – these are quality battery jumper starter cables. For starters, they have a TPR outer material, and such can withstand temperature below -35 degree Celsius. Moreover, the dual construction takes the OxGord’s longevity a notch higher. They feature unique clamps with triple polarity identification. With such abilities, these are the best jumper cables to boost a 24-volts car battery in as fast as two minutes.

OxGord 4 Extra Long Jumper Cables

3. Energizer 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

If you have big, diesel-powered vehicle, you need to check out the Energizer 1-Gauge Jumper cables. For than 60 bucks, you can get this excellent pair with an incredible 800 amps capacity. And with a length of 25 feet, you will access the other car’s battery easily, irrespective of how it is parked. The clamps are heavy duty with a tight grip and will work for top and side post. In simple terms, you can as well say goodbye to that dreaded situation when the battery dries out. In the words of one customer the Energizer 1-Gauge Cables are “life changing.”

Energizer 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

2. AAA 4326AAA Booster Cable

While these are not the longest, they are the best battery jumper cables for small cars. They yield a maximum capacity of 400 amps to deliver more power than standard, light duty cables. The AAA 4326 feature clamps with multiple grip options that will even work on flat surfaces. Plus, the pair has a quality rubber insulation, so you won’t have to worry about getting shocked. Based on reviews it has attracted so far, there’s no doubt these cables will work every time you need them.

AAA 4326AAA Booster Cable

1. Cartman 20 Ft Booster Cables

These are arguably the best battery jumper cables you can lay your hands on at the moment. Figures don’t lie, and this has over 900 reviews and consistent 5-star rating by more than 85% of users. The Cartman cables are UL-listed and have reinforced grips for better conductivity and tension. The patented inside tongue design allows double connection with just about any battery. You may want to know that the clamps are resistant to oil, water, and chemicals and thus dependable. Of course, the carry bag provides a convenient way to store them.

Cartman 20 Ft Booster Cables

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