Top 10 Best Bathrobes For Women Reviewed In 2017

Whether you want to perform your morning routine or have just stepped out of the shower, a good robe can help keep you warm and dry. Of course, nothing comes close to a well stitched, nice bathrobe to stay covered between outfits. And when it comes to bathrobes for women, the choices are endless. From short to long, solid or printed you just can’t miss a bathrobe that pleases you while satisfying your needs at the same time. That said, choose the right one for you with this list of 10 best bathrobes for women on the market.

10. Aby Short Women’s Bathrobe

You may be at home, but you need a robe that makes a statement. Merry Style is steadily becoming a favorite and doesn’t disappoint with this dazzling piece available in Angora, Onyx, Crystal and Opal. It notable highlights include:

Astounding Warmth

This bathrobe is incredibly warm, thanks to its 100% polyester construction. It is soft and supple to the skin. This is the type of robe you’d want to keep you warm during long winter nights. And, you can wear it on bare skin or pajamas.

Classy Design

The Aby Short sports an attractive design and will indeed look great on your body. It absorbs moisture, bringing forth charm to an already stylish bathrobe. It retains heat quite well not to mention that the material dries quickly. And so you may want to know, the fabric is anti-allergenic, antibacterial and antifungal.

09. Avidlove Women’s Kimono Robe

If you want to invest in one of the best bathrobes for women, then don’t miss this kimono-inspired Avidlove. With a near perfect rating, it sports a mix of viscose and spandex material for some luxury and lushness. You should check it out because of:


The Avidlove kimono robe can double up as a lounge, sleep or everyday wear. You may also include it in your list of well-thought-out gifts for a bridal shower or wedding night. The trimmed long sleeves and the side pockets, as well as the removable waist belt, make it unique.

Elegant Oblique V-Neck Design

Because you want to look stylish in your robe, Avidlove has made this piece in a way that will certainly give you that look you’re after. Besides, the appearance of the fabric makes this robe appear lush, soft and with a comfortable fit – just as you’d expect from this premium brand.

08. Ekouaer Kimono Women’s Robe

Bring glamor to your morning or quiet times on the couch with this kimono-themed robe from Ekouaer. This knee-length piece features a contrast piping and patch pockets to give it a stylish look while still maintaining the elegance. Its highlights include:

Unmatched Durability

This women’s bathrobe boasts cotton and polyester material. It is double stitched to give you months upon months of use. Meanwhile, the ultra, soft, lightweight and minimalist design makes it wearable by men as well (hint, get him as a gift, and he’ll indeed love it).

Slim Fit

Nobody loves baggy, unfitting, loose bathrobes. The Ekouaer Kimono bathrobe for women is available in three distinct sizes (small, medium and large) so that you can choose what perfectly fits your body. No more sagging or oversize robes!

07. Hellomamma Belted Spa Robe

Here’s one of the best women’s bathrobes that you wouldn’t want to pass out. This quick drying and machine washable piece comes in purple, yellow, pink, white and blue shades to give you a wider choice. And for less than twenty bucks (at the time of publishing) this is certainly one of the best cheap bathrobes for women. Here’s what makes it tick.

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Detailed Design

The Hellomamma has everything you’d want in a bathrobe from two roomy pockets to a belt that ensures it securely remains in place. The waffle check pattern adds flair to this highly rated robe give you, even more, reasons to check it out.

Knee High Sleepwear

This bathrobe only reaches up your knees to allow air circulation while keeping your comfortable. Also, it reduces the amount of warmth when you go to bed so that you don’t sweat too much even during summer nights.

06. HOTOUCH Women’s Bathrobe

The HOTOUCH is perfect for lounging around your house or just after you’ve left the shower. It fits well and not bulky – you can even wear it over light clothes. It could turn out to be a bedazzling gift for any husband out there who wants to sweep his wife over their feet. Here’s what make this robe impeccable.

Ultra Soft

The HOTOUCH takes softness to the next – quite literally. It features 95% cotton and 5% spandex material making it comfortable for nightwear. When you pair it with your favorite lounge clothes or pajama, you get a seductive, warm feel on your skin.

All Season Wear

It doesn’t matter whether it is winter, spring, autumn or summer, the HOTOUCH bathrobe will still come in handy. The self-tie closure at the waistband allows you to adjust it as per the weather so that you can maintain the right degree of warmth.

05. TowelSelections Women’s Bathrobe

Bring the Turkish grandiose into your bath or bedroom with piece hailed as one of the best bathrobes for women if you’re scouting for something cuddly. It features a shawl collar and two front pockets to hold things. Plus the assortment of colors from red to green and blue yonder give a wider variety to pick from. Other than that, here’s what you get:

Perfect for Large Women

If you’re having a problem finding a bathrobe that can handle your body size, you may want to view the TowelSelections (extra-large fit). With dimensions of 43 inches (length), 20.5 inches (shoulders), and 51 inches (chest this robe will also accommodate someone who weighs substantially more.

Soft and Fuzzy

Yes, this women’s bathrobe presents a perfect way to cuddle in November winter. It has the weight to allow you to sit for a cup of coffee on the porch. Users love the love sleeves to keep the arms warm even with a smaller fit.

04. Turquaz Linen Bridesmaids Bathrobe

Those who’ve worn it say it is soft, airy and with the perfect length. With such a description and impressive ratings to back it up, this could be one of the very best bathrobes for women for the showers at college. It is perhaps the robe you’re been looking for to cover your body when going to the pool. Here’s why it features in our favorite picks.

Consummate Elegance

Bathrobes for women need to look modish, and if you have a sense of style, you’ll like this well-designed kimono spa robe. Everything about it from the soft waffle to the light inner lining spells coziness and exceptional comfort. It is airy, and the length is just perfect.

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Tailored for your Needs

The Turquaz will suit the needs of any woman looking for something to wear at bedtime or early in the morning before hitting the shower. Its vibrant colors make it a great robe for brides, bridesmaids or for attending bridal parties. With this bathrobe, the opportunities are endless.

03. Ekouaer Women’s Viscose Knit Bathrobe

Ekouaer makes it to our best bathrobes for women list for the second time with this short, viscose robe. Sultry and practical, this is the robe you want to wear when gracing a big event. Choose from navy polka dot, black and gray. It will help you strike a signature look by:

Drape Beautifully Over your Body

The Ekouaer Viscose hits mid-thigh, has a removable belt at waist, an inner tie, and three-quarter sleeves to make you look stunning at the spa. And, it boasts an eco-friendly mix of spandex and nylon to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Exquisite Fabrication

While this bathrobe is attractive to the eye, the soft viscose upgrades it to an indulgence. The on-seam pockets and the classy embroidery make it an excellent choice for a wedding night and a great gift for your soon to be married friend.

02. TowelSelections Hooded Terry Bathrobe

Rock the Hooded Terry for less in this 100% Turkish cotton robe. A highly absorbent piece, this robe is nothing short of a quality classic and worth every buck. Besides, it has a 4.6 stars rating with over 200 reviews which is quite remarkable. This is what you should expect:

Five Star Hotel Robe

Yes, that how good the Hooded Terry Bathrobe is. It is a high-quality robe that is significantly loose to keep you feeling comfortable. It is an all day wear robe that can be used by men and women. If you frequent the spa, this is the piece for you. You will never have to run in your car again to put on some warm clothes.

Rugged Design

The Hooded Terry is built to last. It has a double stitching line to keep it firm and close to your skin to conserve your body heat. While some fans think it is relatively thick, a majority of them agree that the weight is tolerable and nothing much to worry about. View it, and make a choice between lavender, deep sea, linen and Victoria blue.

01. TowelSelections Women’s Robe, Teal Green

Trust TowelSelections when it comes to making robes worth pursuing. This teal green themed piece is arguably the best women’s bathrobe if what it has to offer is anything to go by. Its shade is, without a doubt, lovable, and the contemporary style is one you can hold onto for years to come. Here’s why it tops our list.

Laudable Absorbency

With this robe, you don’t have to worry about drying off. It has a high absorbency rate, nearly twice than any bathrobe on the market. It is soft, plush and ultra warm. Most importantly it is inexpensive but still, offers what you’d get from more expensive robes.

Supreme Quality

Most users agree that this robe is of high quality and a good option if you can’t afford the high-end pieces. From the material to the ability to maintain body heat, this robe is pitch-perfect. Perhaps, the only to experience what is it has to offer is to get one for yourself.

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