Top 10 Best Baby Wipes Reviewed In 2017

Wipes should feature highly on the must-have items list of any new mother. Not only do they help keep your child fresh, but also come in handy for quick cleanups when on travel. The best baby wipes ought to be safe for the little one’s sensitive skin and eco-friendly. But, in a market flooded with an assortment of brands, choosing what’s safe for your toddler can get a little confusing. Nonetheless, this list of the ten most sought after baby wipes should get you started.

10. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes

Kirkland is a name to reckon when it comes to baby care products. Their wipes boast the same high-quality and perfectionism synonymous with the company. They are hypoallergenic so you can be sure that they won’t irritate your toddler’s delicate skin. Besides, they don’t contain chlorine, but are encrusted with Aloe and vitamin E to help revitalize the little angel’s skin. Plus, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, these wipes could as well be your best option.

09. HUGGIES One & Done

Of course, HUGGIES has to features in our best baby wipes picks! This pack features remarkable 648 sheets to help keep your infant clean despite going through lots of “messes” every week. Also, because these are three times thicker than regular wipes, you only need one sheet to get the job done. The One & Done wipes have a revitalizing green tea and cucumber scent for a bath-like clean. And, they come in a resealable pack to help keep them fresh.

08. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

These are an excellent choice if you’re looking for wipes that you can share with your baby. They are super thick for a cloth-like clean. They are “free and clear,” which means that they can clean even the most sensitive skin. You may want to know that they are unscented, non-toxic and contain no parabens. In short, the Seventh Generation Wipes provide an easy solution to your kid’s health and cleanliness. Check them out, other parents love and approve their thorough cleaning power.

07. Babyganics Wipes

These are the best baby wipes if you want to clean other parts of your infant’s body other than the bum. They are hydrating and skin nourishing, which allows you to use them for hands and faces. They feature a thick, always moist, soft texture to make cleaning effortless. Reviewing the Babyganics, one happy parent writes “these are the best low toxicity wipes.” In essence, that means you can use them even on the most sensitive areas without being afraid of a skin reaction.

06. WaterWipes Baby Wipes

These baby wipes are on a whole new level – quite literally. They contain a fusion of grape seed extract and purified water, making them the purest wipes on the market. They are ideal for infants with allergies or sensitive skin. The WaterWipes can help prevent diaper rash, and you can use them right from birth. These wipes are so good that they have even scooped the America Seal of Acceptance award. The best way to experience what they have to offer is to try them first hand!

05. Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Baby Wipes

For the second time, Seventh Generation makes it into our top 10 best baby wipes list. If you want the same cleaning power that the earlier option has to offer without spending much, these are for you. For less than fifteen bucks, you get 6,384 wipes to meet your cleaning needs for weeks. And their use goes beyond helping the little one stay fresh. Each wipe is generously sized to handle spills during mealtime, grimy and hands and anything in between.

04. Huggies Natural Care Baby

For wipes promising to offer a simple yet effective gentle clean, you would expect nothing short of exceptional results. These live up to that guarantee if the many positive customer reviews are anything to go by. They meet dermatological standards, are alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. The Natural Care wipes feature a soft layer with triple clean action to handle even the thickest of messes. For those who may be concerned, they are 99% water and contain traces of vitamin E to revitalize your child’s skin.

03. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements rightly belongs to the best baby wipes choices. Yes, these are arguably one of the most well put together wipes you can find on the market. They are formulated with chamomile extract to soothe your tod’s tender skin. The pharmaceutical-grade purified water combined with polypropylene fiber assure a superior clean. Best of all, these wipes are from Nice-Pak Products, a company that been in the baby care industry for more than four decades. A single pack of Amazon Elements contains up to 480 wipes.

02. Pampers Baby Wipes

These best seller baby wipes parade as the number one choice of hospitals and an excellent choice for anyone scouting for a sensitive wipe. They boast the exclusive Softgrip Texture got a gentle clean. With 20% more thickness than regular wipes, Pampers ability to dab your toddler’s skin is not in question. And because they’re dermatologist-tested, you can use them for them for your hands baby and face. Meanwhile, the hypoallergenic construction works to help restore your child’s skin balance.

01. Pampers 7X Refill Baby Wipes

Mothers hail these wipes for their softness, superior cleaning power, and the fresh, pleasant smell they possess. They’re up to four times more efficient than most wipes to ensure that you only use one sheet at a time. The combination of pure water and lotion bring forth a refreshing experience that your baby will love. Each pack contains 504 sheets with an incredible seven refills. Due to their size, these are the best baby wipes to cover the small bottoms of your newborn. The perfume free construction is not only safe for your kid but also helps restore his/her skin’s natural PH.

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