Top 10 Best Baby Walkers Reviewed In 2017

Baby Walkers are becoming increasingly popular as parents seek out safe ways to help their kids take their first steps. In fact, a baby walker brings forth the independence and freedom the little one needs to move about. That means you can attend to other chores and let the toddler learn to walk by him/herself. We’ve rounded up the 10 best baby walkers on the market based on what parents say about them. Pick any model that suits your budget and help your kid move from point A to B with ease.

10. Kolcraft Tiny Steps

This model is built to grow with your child – literally speaking. It converts from a rocker to a behind-walker unit as your baby advances in age. The Kolcraft features developmental toys to keep the young one occupied in either version. The non-skid friction pads hold the walker firmly in place to assure your baby’s safety. The only thing to remember is that the rocker works for kids who weigh up to 26 pounds. Your child must be in a position to support their body weight with his/her legs. Use the walk-behind alternative when the toddler is ready to take the first steps.

09. Baby Einstein Neptune Walker

The Neptune is a super smart walker complete with classical melodies and three languages. It sports a space-saving design and has a durable elliptical frame. It also boasts a host of features to meet the needs of every infant whether he/she is a beginner or can walk without human assistance. The best baby walker ought to be comfortable. This one comes with a high seat back for extra cushioning and support. The best part is, it has a detachable tray so that your child can easily access the floor.

08. Safety 1st Walker

This one comes with 3 toys to keep your baby engaged with developmental activities. Its array of 12 different songs will delight and amuse the infant’s auditory and visual senses. And with up to three different height adjustment positions, you child will develop motor skills faster. This feature also encourages the young one to take their first steps quicker It also means that Safety 1st can align to the kid’s needs as he/she grows. To store it, fold it down and tuck it away.

07. Joovy Spoon Walker

One reviewer writes “this is the best walker we’ve ever had.” Well, the Joovy Spoon speaks for itself, and it’s not surprising it is getting this kind of reviews. It is the ultimate model if you’re scouting for a walker that offers a balance between eating, playing and learning how to walk. It is a walker and a high chair. This means that the little one can use it during snack time and still use it to master how to walk. The Joovy Spoon is alluring in design and is dishwasher safe too!

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06. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings

This model is fun, irrespective of how your child uses it. As a toy, the kid can explore the flood and has a variety of hands-on activities to unravel. It comes with integrated toys from spinner beads to flipping doors and a spinning ball. In its upright position, the Bright Beginnings transforms into an infant walker that stabilizes your child’s first step. Plus, its lightweight design offers portability, whether at home or on the go. It is a cheap baby walker too, in comparison to what it has to offer.

05. Safety 1st Discovery Walker

The Discovery does more than just to help your baby learn house to walk. It comes with five playful dinosaur themed toys to keep the young one entertained. It also boosts your kid’s cognitive ability with the pleasant sounds and lights. The seat is not only generously padded but also machine washable. Regarding safety, the Discovery won’t wobble even on uneven surfaces, thanks to its grip strips. One more thing, it easily adjusts to three heights.

04. Bright Stars Roaming Safari

The Roaming Safari is a strong walker to get your growing tot. It is remarkably compact, making it one of the best baby walkers for traveling parents. The removable toy station increases its versatility, and the wipe-able frame translates to ease of cleaning. One feature that makes this walker unique is its toy tray. Apart from the fascinating dolls, your child can activate the sounds in a snap by spinning the built-in wheel. There’s also volume control functionality. That’s a perfect combination of adaptability and fun.

03. Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Your toddler will love this stand alone walker. The young one can spin and jump while still moving around. The Luv U Zoo features a bright and cherry themed tray that plays music, make animal sounds and lights up at intervals. The pull and tug hanging mobiles are not only fun, but also an excellent way to invoke your baby curiousness. The plethora of its toys supports motor development and hand to eye coordination. The Luv U Zoo could as well be the best baby walker to introduce the kid to various colors, textures, and shapes.

02. Rainforest Jumperoo

It doesn’t come better than the Rainforest Jumperoo. A unit that that has 4,800 + reviews and 4.8 stars rating indeed belongs to the top 10 best baby walkers picks. It comes with everything your infant needs at play time. It has a fun seat and toys in five different locations to keep the child busy all the way round. This walker is safe and comfortable, whether your toddlers stay for a moment or several minutes. There’s also an overhead canopy and soft spring to ensure that the little fingers stay safe.

01. VTech Learning Walker

The VTech supports interactive play while helping your baby develop from a crawler to a walker. Its design presents endless fun and learning opportunities. Your child will enjoy the easy-to-remove panel for floor play or on the run fun. The spinning gears, three colorful rollers, and the five piano keys will certainly stimulate the young one’s learning ability. Not forgetting the telephone handset, the light buttons and shape sorters. The VTech learning walker could as well make a pitch-perfect gift for your friend’s baby birthday.

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