Top 10 Best Baby Monitors In 2018 – Keep Tabs on Your Little Ones

The best baby monitors should have a user-friendly interface and a long battery life. Come to think of it: the most probable reason you’re scouting for a baby camera is to keep tabs on the little one as you move around the house. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to look for a device whose functionalities allow you to do that seamlessly.

But that’s not all there is to a baby monitor. Other than the convenient reassurance the device brings forth, it also comes in handy when sleep training the young one.

Hence, wouldn’t it be nice then if you had a baby device to help you know when the tot is acting up and when something is wrong? That’s when a baby monitor becomes a priceless device.

When your child cries for no apparent reason, you can either give into their demands (of being with you) or let them cry to sleep. It may not be the best way to sleep train the infant, but it is very effective. A baby video monitor can, therefore, help you to make a confident decision as to whether the kid is seeking attention while guaranteeing safety always.

That said, choosing the best baby monitors goes beyond looking at the brand and model.

And now, without further ado, here are the top ten best baby monitors on the market at the moment based on user feedback, features, and usability.

10. Xinmaker Baby Monitor


This innovative baby video monitor by Xinmaker sports a high-resolution LCD to provide comprehensive coverage. Its one-of-a-kind monitoring technology offers you peace of mind and a user experience that’s second to none. Plus, it allows you to stream your tot’s room live via Wi-Fi.

It even gets better. The high definition night vision enables you to monitor your baby 15ft all round. In essence, it doesn’t matter the time of day or night; you can always rely on the Xinmaker to get the job done.


The Xinmaker is setting the pace on what a good baby monitor should look like. It even measures the temperature in your child’s room so you can know whether he/she is safe and comfortable. What’s more? It has a transmission range of up to 960 feet, complete with a two-way talking feature. You certainly got to love this model and all it has to offer.

9. HOLABABY P1 Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Baby Monitors

Bring some cuteness and superior functionality into your baby’s room with this monitor. Leverage on its best-in-class HD video recording capability to eyeball your infant in real time. Meanwhile, the integrated microphone and speaker allow you to interact with your child. Use it to talk and listen to him/her.

It also comes with a fantasy ceiling-directed projection backed by multi-color night lights to warm your baby’s room. Besides, the built-in lullabies and nature sounds will help soothe the toddler to sleep.


The P1 may not be one of those cheapest baby monitors on this list, but it’s certainly worth the lofty price tag. It is easy to install to not to mention that you can integrate it with the HOLABABY app to control everything with a single tap. Parents who’ve used it hail the innovative design and the super cool features to fascinate the little one.

8. Baby Delight WI-Fi Baby Monitors

Baby Delight has outdone itself with this model. It is arguably one of the best Wi-Fi baby monitors on the market. By design, it allows you to watch your child inside and outside your home. Better yet, if you’re looking for a long range baby monitor, this is a perfect option to consider.

It comes with a 7 inch HD tablet for crystal clear images. The IPS display gives you an even better view of what’s happening in and around your child. And because the monitor is preloaded with the Baby Delight app, setting it up is a breeze.


Talk of a top of the line baby monitor and this model fits the bill in every way. Apart from keeping your baby safe, you can also take snapshots or videos and share with friends and family. Of course, the fact that it allows you to keep an eye on your tot while on the go makes it stand out.

7. GooDee Video Baby Monitor

One of the best baby monitors in its category, this model is sleek, modish and portable. Its high-quality materials guarantee months of use while the large buttons simplify operation (ready user-friendly). Moreover, you can set it on the Vox mode to see your tot all the time. Essentially, this function activates the monitor when there’s noise in your child’s room.

The GooDee’s footage quality is remarkable as is the sound clarity. And to top it off, this monitor supports night vision technology, thereby adding brilliance to and already outstanding model.


With everything it has to offer, the GooDee video baby monitor makes a creative gift for your first-time parent friends. And, with this device as part of your child’s care plan, you don’t have to worry about his/her safety, day or night.

6. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

Philips doesn’t disappoint its customers. The Avent DECT is super smart, with lots of bells and whistles. It undertakes to comfort your baby with its talkback function, lullabies, and night lights, all while keeping check of heat levels in the room. Be sure to activate the temperature sensor to get a notification when the levels go past the predetermined limit.

The Avent DECT is a good choice if you’re after a long range baby monitor. Its outdoor range stands at 330 meters and 50 meters for the indoors.


The best baby monitors shouldn’t be prone to intrusion. The Philips Avent uses the brand-exclusive DECT technology to guarantee zero interference and 100% privacy. Also, its parent unit will notify you when the power is low or if you’re out of range. And, the best part is that you can recharge the parent unit wirelessly.

5. Beleef Video Baby Monitor

The Beleef baby monitor runs on a Li-ion rechargeable battery to provide up to three hours of screen ON work time. And if that’s not enough time, you can recharge it with a power bank via the Generalmicro USB socket. Better yet, you can set it on the eco mode of all night service.

This model also comes with a long 7ft cable to allow you to place the camera at an angle with the widest view. In the meantime, the sticky shelf enables you to position the monitor on various locations such as the table or wall.


The Beleef baby monitor features a 2.4G wireless digital connection and is a great alternative if you don’t have Wi-Fi access. You can adjust the screen’s brightness manually as well, saving your eyes from the glare while preserving power.

4. UU Infant Video Baby Monitor

If you have a large family, this is one of the best baby monitors to consider. This powerhouse offers picture in picture viewing, enabling you to place four extra cameras around your home. In effect, you can watch multiple kids simultaneously on a split screen from one location.

With such a remarkable performance comes the need for reliable power, right? Not to worry. The UU Infant monitor boasts an integrated 950mAh that lasts up to 12 hours in audio only mode. Now, that’s what we like to call taking dependability to a whole new level.


The UU Infant video baby monitor is steadfast and legendary. It features the 2.4GHZ technology to prevent signal drop out for a range of up to 825ft. And at what it goes for, this is indeed a perfect option if you’re on a tight budget but still, want a premium model.

3. Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is compact and manageable. It is easy to set up and versatile too. In fact, you can leave the noise machine in the baby’s room without activating the monitor, and it will still pick up the little one’s cry. Also, you can turn on the lullabies and other sounds without having to go into the room.

The HB24’s sound and night vision quality are exceptional. The integrated LEDs adjust the level of light in a room automatically, generating a clear black and white footage in low light.


The HB24 baby monitor has a range of up to 960 feet, allowing you to move freely around the house while keeping the view of your infant. Use the talk button to calm the toddler down when he/she starts to cry.

2. VTech DM221 Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Baby Monitors

The top ten best baby monitors list wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this model by VTech. With an incredible range of up to 1,000ft, it offers all the flexibility you need to complete an assortment of tasks in the house knowing that your kid is safe. Did we even mention that it can last for up to 18 hours on a single charge? Well, now you know.

The five LED volume indicators display the level of sound in your child’s room, allowing you to monitor the noise while the receiver is on mute.


The VTech DM221 rides on its impressive technology. It uses the DECT 6.0 functionality to provide clear transmission without interference. It also transmits encrypted signal so you can be sure that you’re the only one hearing your baby cry. In other words, this model will revolutionize how you check on your infant at home.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitors

There’s no denying that the DXR-8 is the best baby monitor on the market. Parents swear by it, due to its ability to deliver what it promises. For starters, it is the first ever model to use interchangeable optical lens capability. Ideally, this feature allows you to customize both the zoom and the viewing angle. More specifically, you can use the close-up lens for your infant and later swipe for a wide-angle to eyeball the bigger toddler.

The 3.5 inches LCD is large, full-color and sleek. The retractable antenna indeed gives this monitor a professional look.


Few models can match the Infant Optics DXR-8’s five-star performance. From the 10 hours battery life to the digital zoom and remote pan, this baby monitor is in a class of if its own. And you don’t have to break a bank to get it; it is certainly within reach.

  • Go for a unit whose frequency is 900 MHz or higher. Such a model is less susceptible to interference and is clearer.
  • Choose a monitor with a “low battery” indicator. As stated, it is paramount to know when the device is due for recharge way in advance.
  • Whenever possible, select a wireless baby monitor. With such a model, you can move from one room to the other and by extension complete more household chores. A unit with a belt clip would be an excellent option.
  • Choose a model with a sound activated light. It illuminates when the monitor detects noise, allowing you to attend to the little one immediately.
  • A baby video monitor always makes a brilliant choice. You can take a moment to see if your kid is sleeping peacefully. Be sure to check on the quality of the footage in low light.

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