Top 10 Best Baby Carriers Reviewed in 2016

Designed to help parents to carry their babies effortlessly to the park, in the home, and to other social spaces without compromising style and or comfort, baby carriers are among the many must-have accessories that all nursing mothers should own. Unlike baby strollers that are heavy and thus unsuitable for use in public transport, baby carriers are portable, have versatile designs that work in various orientations (front, back, and side, for instance), and are made of smooth and well-padded fabrics that do not irritate sensitive baby skins nor lower the comfort levels of parents. To offer your baby the best experience outdoors, the 10 best to buy are:

10. Yokohama Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Yokohama Hip Seat Baby Carrier - Advanced Lumbar Support, Plus Size Compatible, 4 months+

Featuring a comfortable and stylish hip-seat design that supports babies excellently outdoors, Yokohama baby carrier is also stylish and has a plus size design that accommodates larger babies aged 4+ months old. The seat is detachable to fit larger babies. The advanced lumbar support that it offers orients your baby naturally and comfortably while the luxurious organic cotton used to manufacture it is durable, breathable, and has a smooth and comfortable weave and a plush mesh layer that improves the experience of babies further. Whether you are looking to maximize baby safety and or hold him as close as possible while exploring outdoors, this carrier is one of the best. Straps are padded for optimal comfort while the soft head cover that it comes with protects babies from strong winds and sunlight.

9. Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Urbanista

Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Wrap Suitable for Newborns to 35 lbs

Recommended for securing and transporting newborns and babies weighing up to 35 pounds, the Urbanista from Tula is a recommended baby shower gift that most recipients appreciate. Featuring a comfortable hands-free design that works well on the front and back, it is a versatile travel accessory. The natural cotton used to manufacture it is breathable, non-irritant, and machine washable while its ability to support babies weighing between 15 and 45 pounds works well for parents looking for carriers that can grow with their babies. Forget about the heavy stroller that you battle with often.

8. Líllébaby SIX-Position Carrier

SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby - The COMPLETE All Seasons...

By far one of the most versatile baby carriers in the market, this six-position Líllébaby carrier is ergonomic (360 degrees), perfect for carrying babies and children, and has a stylish turquoise theme with Tokidoki and Unicorno that works well in all seasons. The 100% cotton used to make it is soft, durable, and has a built-in 3D mesh insert that regulates body temperature well to keep babies as comfortable as possible. You also get diverse carrying positions that support babies weighing up to 45 pounds, signature lumbar support that orients babies naturally, and wide 3-inch padded straps that lay comfortably on the body to maximize the comfort of wearers.

7. Veenev Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers - 3 Carrying Positions

Perfect for carrying infants and toddlers outdoors (in parks and social spaces) and indoors (in malls, for instance), this ergonomic baby carrier from Veenev it a top-rated 100% cotton carrier with a light and machine washable body. The three carrying positions offered are invaluable. Construction is sturdy and baby safe while its convenient sling design works well for nursing mothers. At full capacity, Veenev baby carrier holds up to 25 pounds. The wide shoulder straps and lumbar belt support that it comes with relieves shoulder pressure by distributing baby weight evenly while its removable sleeping hood protects babies from environmental elements such as rain or sunshine.

6. Ergobaby Four-Position Baby Carrier

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Lightweight, durable, and with a convenient four-position design with a baby weight range of 7-33 pounds, Ergobaby baby carrier is versatile and has a feature-rich design that buyers appreciate. If you are petite, for instance, and want the best experience outdoors (for yourself and your bundle of joy), it has a low profile design that will never weigh you down nor compromise comfort outdoors. Its ergonomic design orients babies naturally (with spine and knees in a comfortable C-shaped position). Its plush construction (using 100% cotton), on the other hand, does not irritate both the baby and parent while its affordability has made it sought after by parents worldwide.

5. Infantino Flip Front 2

Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier, Black

Featuring a comfortable three-position design (backpack, facing out, and facing in) in black and a comfortable BreatheMesh body that streamlines airflow to keep babies cool, Infantino Flip Front 2 has simplified travel with babies. Unlike in the past when parents carried babies on their shoulders or wrestled with heavy strollers, its lightweight design and its convenience have bettered their experience. Safety is also admirable (tight seams, adjustable lumbar support, and padded comfort straps) while the built in wonder cover bib that it comes with protects your clothes and the carrier from baby spit whilst in use.

4. Mo+m 3 Position Baby Carrier

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This classic cotton baby carrier from Mo+m has a comfortable soft structured design with an ergonomic sling system for easier transportation. The large hood and mesh pockets offered are functional. The versatile three in one design that parents get enable you to carry your babies in three orientations (backpack, hip, and front) while its PSIA Sc.101, ASTM F2236, and Cal. Prop 65 certified design is safe and recommended for daily commute. You do not have to worry about irritating your baby and or compromising his or her comfort levels, as is always the case with most poorly designed models. Mo+m 3 Position Baby Carrier is machine washable and foldable to fit in various types of baby diaper bags.

3. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier, Black:Gray

With this Sash Mei Tai carrier from Infantino, you get a stylish black and gray baby carrier that orients children in a natural seated position or optimal support and comfort. Its flexible design is easy to wear and remove. The extra wide straps that it comes with are comfortable and padded to distribute weight evenly while the admirable lumbar support that it offers and detachable hood that it comes with improves safety.

2. Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black, Small

With this original Baby K’tan baby carrier, you get a comfortable wrap-style accessory that comes individually sized for use by both men and women. The 100% cotton used to manufacture it is not only baby-safe but also comfortable and machine washable. The multiple wearing positions that it accommodates support up to 35 pounds while its patented double-loop design is not only easy to put on but also shift while changing positions.

1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Cotton

Valued in top 10 best baby carriers reviewed in 2016, purchase BABYBJORN Baby Carrier to get a black-themed 100% cotton carrier for babies with a light and adjustable design that fits various body shapes and sizes. To optimize contact and closeness, it is one of the best products to use. Wearing and removal are simple while the foldable neck rest and excellent lumbar support that it offers maintain a physiologically correct position for babies weighing at least 8-pounds and 21 inches tall. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier is machine washable (at 40 degrees) and meets Oeko-Tek standard 100 for safety.

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